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It’s not really about a baby, it’s about baby making. 😘

“Also, maybe in a couple of episodes time, there may be a jump ahead in the curve and maybe setting themselves to that job at hand(x)

Although I am most excited about the possibility of a Richonne baby, in due time IF it happens, I think a lot of people are missing the bigger  point of that interview.  Or at least what Andrew was insinuating boldly stating after he answered the question of the idea of having a baby.   He was unashamedly promoting the baby making not necessarily THE baby.

Let me repeat that again….. Andrew Lincoln was fangirling about Richonne sex in 712.  Let’s not miss the forest for the trees.

*And the interviewer misconstrued Andy’s comment about a time jump.  Andy was referring to the “sexxx” a few episodes ahead,


“This is American Gods, and we are all obsessed with Melissa McBride. So how much do you love her and why? And do you love her more than me? I don’t think you do.”
                                    - Bryan Fuller asks the cast of The Walking Dead at SDCC 2016


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My Reaction on The Walking Dead:

When I saw Rick kissing Jessie, I was like:

When I see Jessie’s family, I’m like:

When I see Richonne moment, I’m like:

When I read that Andrew Lincoln is for Richonne, I was like:

When I see Caryl moment, I’m like:

When I read that Norman said Carol and Daryl are in love and they are waiting for the right moment to say what they feel, I was like:

When I think that Carol could die, I’m like:

When I think that Glenn is already dead in the comic and maybe he can die on screen too, I’m like:

Everytime I watch an episode of The Walking Dead, I’m like:

Everytime I have to wait for the next episode or season, I’m like:

Andrew said I have a nice camera. Yes. He did. Aksjsoahaa, okay, I’m sorry. This fangirling has to stop. But well… it’s not like everyday I fangirl okay. My favourite picture of the day. The quality and Andrew Lincoln. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE QUALITY PEOPLE. Let me tell you girls out there. Andrew looked waaaaaaaay gorgeous in real life. Dem eyes, purfect. I’m kinda sad we didn’t get to talk much, probably next time huh. Love watching you played the game earlier. Funny how I was screaming for your name as Norman was in the game. I must have great faith in you. Hahahaa, have fun tonight with Norman. (Ps: Can someone please teach him how to get a twitter and tell him how sad my mum was when she saw this picture, it makes me happy MUAHAHA bye love ya)

Andrew Lincoln, Grove audio commentary: “Can I just say I know I’m supposed to talk smack about Melissa but she is the single greatest actor I have ever worked with. Am I allowed to swear? (SG & DH give him ok) She’s a fucking alien. She’s so good. Seriously, remember the first time doing a scene in S1 at the camp. she says two things to me. It was so real, so disarming and brilliant, I said to Jon Bernthal who the fuck is that? I’m so thrilled you’ve written this incredible journey for her. I think she’s one of the strongest. She’s one of our secret weapons on the show.”

Scott Gimple: “not a secret anymore. I watched S1 from home and it was the same reaction. Who was that? From a character standpoint, the thing that is most exciting about her character is seeing characters change and for her to be here from where she started, it was a remarkable thing. “

SG mentions that he had a hard time cutting this episode. A lot of cuts were made mostly for time. Andy gets distressed over Lizzie killing Mika. “Oh my god. That’s so fucked up. I just can’t watch it.”

Denise Huth: “it’s just do sad for all of them, obviously, but for Carol who went through everything with Sophia and spent so much time trying to protect these kids and feeling her utter disappointment of her own failure.”

SG: ” the performance Melissa gives here is astounding.” (Talking about the scene where they come across Lizzie having killed Mika and Carol plays off like everything is fine and breaks down after Ty and Lizzie walk off) Denise and a Scott praise Mel’s multilayered performance between the forced smile and the breakdown that follows.

DH: “she’s amazing”
SG: “it’s one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen”
Andy: “she’s so amazing, man. So amazing.” (Sounds like he is crying at this part)

SG: when you’re writing something for people. And you know they have super powers, it give you super powers to deliver them material that you know they can do. There’s a weird relationship to fanfiction. Fanfiction on the internet is always based on passion. It’s the same here, just a lot more expensive. Oh man, if I had a dream where I can write for Melissa Mcbride.”

DH: “this episode would be a tough episode to be the first episode that anybody ever saw of the show but I think it’s kind of the perfect episode if you’re only going to see one because it’s the whole story, the tragedy, the zombies and all of that. The ugliness of what you have to do then you have this scene of just utter grace and forgiveness between two human beings who only have each other left. Im 100% confident our girl is safe in the hands of gimple and andrew sums up what we all feel so well. The haters can fuck right off because the other ship can carry on with the delusion gimple is king be##yler, when the truth is not only has he wrote some of caryls best moments but loves writing for our girl!