andrew eldritch is not a goth

You probably think this tweet is about you.
  • me: Ho, ho! Andrew Eldritch, you crazy ass narcissist!
  • Andrew Not Goth: Really?
  • me: What?
  • Andrew Not Goth: That's still fun? Calling *me* a narcissist? Who is your president again?
  • me: Um...
  • Andrew Not Goth: Your American president? The president of your United States of America?
  • me: Ba-
  • Andrew Not Goth: No.
  • me: -raaah
  • Andrew Not Goth: Nooo.
  • me: ckkkkkkkkkkkkKkkkKKKkkKKK
  • Andrew Not Goth: NOOOOOOooooOO00OOoooOOOO
  • me: Obama.
  • Andrew Not Goth: Nobama. It's that tweeting bloated poisoned corpse of Joffrey Baratheon. Still fun? Is it? Still fun to call me a narcissist?
  • me: Nothing's fun anymore.