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Music Meme: 1/7 Albums > Aim And Ignite by fun.

“I feel like we’ve accomplished everything that we’ve sought out to do, I didn’t even have specific goals. If I did have a goal I thought that I wanted to be somewhere in the realm that The Format was in when we broke up so I wouldn’t feel like that time was wasted on a getting fans type of level, and then for us to go out and do this tour that we’ve been doing now in the United States, and its a headlining tour, and to be playing a lot of the same rooms that we were doing on the very last Format tour and really only having like a few hundred less people per show, sometimes its just like right on par with that. I know that there are certain shows that we didn’t sell out on the last Format tour that we’re selling out with this tour.”

  • Me when first joining the fun.dom: okay wait, is that Andrew or Jack? What do they even do?? Are they even members?
  • Me now: If you listen closely to the background vocals for Be Calm you can obviously hear that the voice harmonising with Nate belongs to Andrew. It's not very clear cause the vocals are soft but you can tell it's Andrew cause it's softer and it's just different.
Fun. Fan Things

- Jumping the Shark = Headlights ?
- To All the Girls I’ve Slept With
- When Nates pants were so tight you could see his boxers rolled up on his legs
- When Nate told Colbert he doesn’t wear underwear or socks
- Jack’s red striped shirt
- Andrew’s jean jacket
- Doing hours of research trying to figure out what jail dinner really meant but never quite figuring it out
- Nate’s (fake?) glasses
- The juggling poster
- Jack’s labrinth piercing
- Aim & Ignite album art changing lives
- All the beautiful fan tattoos
- The heartbreak on 2/4/15 reading the note from the band
- Trying to cope with the possibility of never getting another album or concert
- Nate’s dancing around stage
- When they played at the White House
- Nate talked about the next album in a Rolling Stones interview and then it never happened so there are probably partial fun. songs floating around right now that we don’t know about and that fucks me up
- Will Emily & Nattie
- Trying to accept the fans that only liked We Are Young, Some Nights, and/or never included the period
- Bad fun. puns
- The Bubble Song, What the Fuck, Stitch Me Up, C'mon, etc etc etc
- Their standing up for gay rights before it was a popular platform to take
- Donating to the ally coalition and other gay support charities with every ticket purchased
- Hammer hands
- Nate saying “what the fuck is that???” in the middle of answering a question in an interview
- Endoplasmic reticulum
- Performing with Queen
- The band drawing each other
- Nate’s live stream interview
- Eat shit and die, motherfuckers.