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When Andrew Conley was 17-years-old  he strangled his 10-year-old brother, Connor, to death. He then handed himself into the police and told them  “I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it’s called Dexter, and it’s on Showtime … I just feel like him.” He explained that he and his younger brother had been wrestling in the living room of their home in November of 2009, when he decided to strangle him. He then dumped his body in a wooded area. He was sentenced to life without parole.


“It’s always been interesting and intriguing to people… those dark places. The Villain is always interesting. The guy that gets away with things we only dream up in nightmares. It’s appealing in a very special way.” - Mads Mikkelsen

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TV Shows

Supernatural (Dean/Jensen especially, but Misha & Jared depending on my mood) -since end of 2012

Dexter (especially Michael C Hall) - since 2013 I think?

Sherlock - since Jan 2012

Red Dwarf - oh god since I was a child like 15 years ago?

Chuck (I haven’t got much if any of this show on my blog simply because I don’t where you fans hide) - since last year

Game of Thrones - since last year (still need to read the books! So really only a fan of the series atm)

Doctor Who (not series 8 so much, although I do enjoy Peter Capaldi) - since I was a kid. Chris and Matt are my favourite doctors.

Black Books - since ages ago

Green Wing - only recently (Stephen and Tamsin are brill)

My Mad Fat Diary - since it started

Broadchurch - since it started (David’s better as DI Hardy)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - since recently (Andy Samberg and Terry Crews tho)

IT Crowd - since it started


Eddie Redmayne - since 2011

Logan Lerman - since 2010 (although haven’t fangirled over him for ages)

Paul Rudd - idk when but I always loved him in Friends (can’t wait for Ant-Man)

Andrew McCarthy - since 2012

James Spader - properly since last year

Christian Bale - more so since last year

Matt Smith - as the doctor but also 

Matthew McConaughey - more so recently

Simon Pegg

Matt Damon

Jessica Lange (so gutted she’s left AHS)

Robert De Niro

Demi Lovato - since 2008/9?

John Mayer - since 2012

Coldplay - since I was 7?

Panic! At The Disco - since 2013 I think

The Wombats - since 2012

Tears For Fears - since I was kid I think

Lucy Rose - since 2012

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - more so recently

Foals - since 2011/12?

Charlie Simpson - since 2011 properly

Palma Violets - since 2014

Dog Is Dead - since 2013

and others - The Killers, Bon Iver, TDCC, The Doors, Led Zeppelin etc.


Seann Walsh (I don’t use this tumblr that much haven’t got him on here yet because small fandom also) - since 2013 properly

Lee Evans (Need more posts!!) since I was 7

Jon Richardson

Greg Davies (definitely my favourite at the moment!!)

Stephen Merchant

Simon Amstell

Dylan Moran

Bill Bailey

(from Mock the Week - Dara O’Briain, Ed Byrne, Hugh Dennis, Chris Addison)

Miranda Hart (and her show Miranda)

Tom Rosenthal 

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Three Murderers Inspired by Dexter

Mark Twitchell: The canadian aspiring filmmaker lured John Brian Altinger to his murder garage by pretending to be a woman in the dating site Plenty of Fish. He murdered and dismembered him, dumping the body parts in several sewers. It wasn’t his first try; he had abducted a man in the same way before but he had managed to escape. Twitchell had made a short horror film with the same modus operandi as the murder and police found a document he authored called “SK Confessions”, a sort of journal that described his progression into a serial killer. After he was found guilty in 2011, he kept watching Dexter in jail.

Andrew Conley: He was 17 years old and had been thinking about murder for years when he finally followed the steps of his fictional idol and strangled his little brother Conner (10) during 20 minutes, until he was sure he was dead. He later compared his cravings for murder to wanting a burger and revealed he fantasized about killing his father.

Steven Miles: The 16 year old british teenager stabbed and dismembered his girlfriend Elizabeth Thomas (17) in his bedroom to emulate his favorite character. He later claimed that he had an alter ego called Ed that demanded him to kill someone. He received a 25 year sentence in 2014.


Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the past couple years that I have completed. The mediums range from acrylic paint on canvas (or shoes), to sharpie on paper, to sketching pencils on paper, to prismacolour pencils on bristol paper. Some of these were comissioned pieces, but the majority were all inspired by these incredible musicians or characters.

If you love music and fan art as much as I do, you can take a look at my tumblr page or follow me on Instagram or twitter (@ccbouz). I post progress updates of my artwork, and sometimes I also do video tutorials as well. I may also have some high quality prints made this summer to sell. 

If you like my art, and are curious as to what I will be doing next, here is my tentative summer to do list:

  • Something Queen (because I am seeing them live in Toronto this summer!!, perhaps some sort of a Freddie tribute)
  • Florence + the Machine (I just love her)
  • John Lennon
  • More Bowie
  • Definitely some U2, they are such an inspiration to me
  • Arcade Fire (I’ve become even more obsessed with them since the Ottawa concert this winter)

Sorry for the long post, I just felt the need to share my latest art repertoire with everyone, and I also hope that perhaps some new people will see my art for the first time! :) And I want to throw in a thank you to all my followers that have liked my art ever since my very first posts, you guys keep the inspiration flowing.