andrew covalt

HI Nick,  

My name is Andrew Covalt and I am a giant fan of your work.  I found your Marble Hornets Explained videos to be invaluable, as I jumped on the MH series last summer and was a little to late to follow all the tweets, etc.  Since then, I check at least once a week to see if you have a new upload.  Your work is fantastic.  Anyway, I’m writing because I was listening to your recent hangout with Nyx and was thrilled to hear that both of you are fans of Courage the Cowardly Dog!  I was the Background Supervisor and Color Supervisor on all four seasons.  At the time, I didn’t get a lot of feedback from fans (perhaps because they were under 10 years old) and never really knew how people felt about the show.  Actually, it kind of felt like people preferred Dexter and Powerpuff Girls and were … aware of Courage.  It’s great to hear and see so many videos recently from people giving praise to CCD.  

I just wanted to thank you for carrying the torch, not only for Courage but for horror in general.  Keep making videos and I’ll keep watching them!!  Thank you!

Andrew Covalt


YOU WORKED ON COURAGE? And you’re speaking to ME?

I am honored to know you’ve seen even a single one of my videos! Sir, your work on the show is nothing short of masterful. Courage is a golden classic of Cartoon Network and animation history, and I sent a personal email to Cartoon Network back when The Fog of Courage came online a couple of years ago as part of the fan push to get the show another run under John Dilworth.

Keep doing whatever excellent work you’re doing–you are a gift to animation, and if we get another chance to bring the spirit of the early 2000s back to the field, I’d love to know what project you joined. 

Thank you for this awesome message!