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Trying to Make Friends at College Like
  • Person: Hi!
  • Me: Hi!
  • Person: Tell me a little about yourself.
  • Me: I am haunted by the fact that some of my favorite musicals will never see Broadway stage but for some reason we felt the need to give Cats and Spongebob a stage this year. What right do they have over Hunchback of Notre Dame? Or Dogfight? What about Daddy Long Legs? FREAKING HEATHERS? How about the fact that Deaf West Spring Awakening got two months while Chicago is still running after twenty plus years? *eye twitches*
  • Person: *smiles politely and slowly backs away*

every time i remember andrew is a student i cant stop laughing
this tiny asshole has to do homework, he has to do exams and turn up to classes
what if he misses the class??? he has to ask other students for notes??? my heart goes out to the poor soul who has to partner up with this dick, GROUP PROJECTS WITH ANDREW MINYARD, everyone Hates him, his professors are afraid to tell him hes missed three deadlines, would he miss deadlines??? this kid has an eidetic memory he doesnt forget deadlines,,, is he a diligent student??? does he get all of his work done asap or does neil find him at 3 am doing 4 different essays and running on red bull and ice cream??? oh my god andrew giving a presentation, the most half assed yet thorough presentation uve ever seen,, DOES HE GET LOST IN HALLWAYS SURROUNDED BY TALL PEOPLE??? (im also 5 feet and this happens to me All the Time) does he have to wait until corridors are clear before he can leave class to avoid getting absolutely trampled???

Teacher, Teacher (Biadore) - Ch. 1

A/N- Hey guys, Red again, just a quick note, PLEASE send prompts of Drag queens you would like an appearance. ANY feedback is good! I would appreciate feedback! Thank you so much again

T/W- Swearing

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Love, Rosie!Au . Tfc ??

i have not watched this and the plot seems. surprisingly specific so i’ve adopted Various Little Parts of the plot for andreil bc i love aus where they’re friends as kids. even if i could have chosen another pairing. i don’t care. i know what i’m doing. anyway this is really long OOPS

  • they’ve known each other forever. neil doesn’t know a world without andrew in it, and andrew doesn’t know what the world is without someone who can find immediately the most dangerous situation and make it worse. neil is oblivious to everything, but andrew is his only constant and he’s sure he likes that. andrew knows why he’s by neil’s side. it doesn’t change anything.
    • and then it kind of does. neil drinks, for once, and then he’s hanging on andrew’s side because andrew’s safe and he can only drink if he feels that kind of safe. and there’s talking, and laughing, and andrew’s even almost smiling, and neil’s happy. and then there’s a dare or a bet and they’re not there anymore. they’re on the roof and andrew smells like smoke and home and-
    • then neil doesn’t remember.
    • he just knows something’s changed, because there’s something different between him and andrew, but he doesn’t know what he did. he’s uncertain, which he has never been about andrew, and that kind of fucking sucks

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The Next Chapter- Chapter 8: Jughead

Okay so I’m sorry for not updating in forever but I was away on a school trip for ten days and I am super jetlagged and just really dead and out of it right now. I will try to update more often now that I’m back but no promises. On a different note, thanks so much for so many readers and reviews and just everyone that’s even just considered reading this fic, it means a lot. Also big shoutout to one of my best bros @dawnlemon who is my co Riverdale/Bughead obsessor and definitely motivates me to write this fic, so thanks fam. And you should all check out her Riverdale fic as well, its really good!! So that’s it enjoy this update, it’s all Bughead fluff :)

“Please, Juggie! It’s the first college party of our lives, we’ll regret it if we don’t go!” Jughead looks down at Betty’s wide, pleading, bright blue eyes and finds it hard to say no.

“Really, Betty? It’ll be just like any other high school party except with more alcohol and grinding and less ‘oh shit, my parents came home early.’” Even as he says it Jughead knows the outcome of this conversation.

“Okay, what kind of parties did you go to?” Betty teases him and bats his arm lightly. “I promise that if you go we only have to stay for an hour or two, then we can leave and watch Titanic, or any other movie you want.” She looks up at him under her eyelashes and bites her lip. Jughead ignores the tightening in his chest and glances down at his feet, an idea sparking in his mind.

“Okay, but on one other condition.”


“We go to this party together.” Betty looks at him in confusion, her brow furrowed. “I mean, you go with me, as my… my date?” He almost whispers the last part, nervous that he’s overstepping. Betty’s mouth falls open as she stares at him.


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ok this came to me when i was rereading the part where Neil draws fox pawx on his notes and also because im a self indulgent loser who actally studies architecture so hear me out

Neil always draws stuff randomly and he just does it for the heck of it

but then Nicky sees his notebook full of sketches of the foxes


  • dan and matt laughing
  • renee and allison sitting by the bleachers
  • then nicky sees a sketch of himself with a bunch of magazines around him
  • he wasn’t crying shut up
  • kevin in gear 
  • kevin in his bed reading history books
  • and a lot more kevin
  • but then andrew
  • andrew’s were just so detailed and there were doens of them and 
  • fuck
  • nicky has to share this

so word got around that Neil is actually amazing and Nicky has pictures as proof

afterwards Renee and Allison came p to him to talk about the palmetto Architecture and Design Program

Neil was hesitant at first but decided to try and make a portfolio 

his portfolio consisted of sketches of people when wymack fond out that Neil submitted a portrait of him he did not smile at all and some artworks of Wymacks apartment, abby’s office, the court you fucking junkie then some floor plans that he came up himself

due to being on the run for most of his life, he’s been to dozens of houses and apartments and condos and practically anything a person can live in so his designs were spot on

  • there were enough windows and they were all properly placed
  • the doors were as well
  • the dimensions of the rooms were the standard sizes
  • he just tried to remember all the houses he’s been to without trying to remember his mom
  • safety precautions were all considered because thats what his mom always checks first before moving in
  • and basically he’s just got it all down 

and when the university staff heard of it they were ecstatic because there havent been any athletes who took up Architecture (its very time consuming and so fucking exhausting trust me) so Neil would be like a trial

but he wasn’t failing

he was actually at the top of his class ??

Kevin helps him with History of architecture and quizes him during night practices (one mistake = an hour extended practice)

Nicky helps him with the finance side of things, the cost of the materials and whats trending and whats not

Matt is basically just someone he can rant to whenever he’s feellng too stressed and matt lets him vent out bec he’s such a nice guy and an awesome friend

Renee gives him tps on how to talk with his professors in order to understand what needs to be done and just helps him with taking to people tbh bec Neil doesnt talk to anyone who wasnt a fox 

Allison was the voice of honest opinions and he’d show her his work for her to critic on (why the fuck did you think that putting a leather couch in a walk in closet was a fucking good idea?)

and andrew just helps him remember all the laws and provisions in designing structures and also stays up wth neil when he needs to finish a plate or project thats due the next day

and the exy world heard of this they were all impressed


how could he manage?!

some exy players could barely handle simple courses..

and he took up Architecture?!?!

and basically everyone just stares at Neil in awe when Neil graduated with honors while at the same time being the captain of the Foxes

in the crowd you can hear Nicky’s shameless cheers and Dan and Matt’s proud tears for their son

wymack wasnt crying there was a fly in his eye


♚ kate daniels series → villains → roland

There once was a man who had lived through the ages. He had been a builder, an artisan, a healer, a priest, a prophet, a warrior, and a sorcerer. At times he had been a slave. At others he was a tyrant. Magic fell and technology reigned, and then magic rose again, and still he persevered, ancient like the sand itself, driven through the years by his obsession for a perfect world.

Drabble fic totally inspired by this post (X) and image:

Neil puts the ad out in a moment of drunk desperation. 

He is absolutely no good at art, so he figures if he screws up he can always tell his teacher that it’s supposed to be that ugly because it’s a painting of the fucking devil. 

But then Andrew Minyard turns up at the door. 

Andrew Minyard is anything but ugly.

Andrew Minyard is the very image of Lucifer himself.

The light hits him just right as he steps into the room so his hair is a halo of gold fire. His eyes flash, endlessly deep and warm and entirely deserving of the title “Morning Star.” Neil is no artist, but for a second he wishes he was. 

“Hey,” Andrew says, “I’m here for the ad.” Neil nods slowly and gestures toward the stool in the center of the room. His model idly strips off his shirt, then slouches into his seat like a king on a throne. Pretty in-character as the King of Hell, then.

Neil hisses a breath through his teeth. 

Okay, he can do this. 

He hasn’t spoken to Andrew since last semester, when they’d shared a textbook in the back row of classics class. because Andrew never bothered to buy the book, and Neil liked the running commentary he added to every lecture about phallic symbols throughout history. 

Neil grips his very phallic paintbrush and tries to focus. 

Andrew notices his distraction. Eyebrow raised, he sneers, “Aren’t you gonna paint me like one of your French gargoyles, Josten?”

Neil snorts, “Clever. All that mythology we studied and you don’t know the difference between gargoyles and demons?”

 “Not much of one. Demons look prettier-” And there, something flashes across his face, “- But they’re both monsters underneath.”  

Neil starts to put paint to canvas and sighs lowly. The boy who had made him laugh over the Punishment of Prometheus was too hardened to be pretty and hardly a monster. He wonders if Andrew even realizes that day was the first time Neil smiled all year. He kept smiling all four months that Andrew stuck to his side. Then finals happened, the class was over, and Neil never saw him again. Until now. 

Nearly an hour passes before Andrew moves, and even then it’s a minute shift in the set of his jaw. He slowly starts to relax under Neil’s gaze. The difference it makes is - incredible. Andrew Minyard In Repose is a thing to behold. Ten minutes later Neil is absorbed in his art, fingertips buzzing with the urge to get it right, to print Andrew, loose-limbed and lazing, in perfect detail. 

He doesn’t even notice Andrew leave the stool until he’s breathing in his ear, “Fuck, Neil, that looks like a potato with limbs.”

Neil feels himself flush all down his neck and nearly snaps his brush in half. “Pretty true to life, then.”

Andrew grins. He hooks his chin over Neil’s shoulder and slides an arm around his waist. Neil feels  Andrew’s hair tickling his cheek. Andrew grabs his painting hand and guides a few brush-strokes with a real artist’s precision. 

“You paint.” Neil realizes, surprised, and he finds himself melting back into the boy behind him. 

“Nothing so ambitious as Satan.”

Neil’s hand twitches under Andrew’s. He’s not sure if he should be annoyed or not. Another few lines of paint and he decides not, because his picture is already vastly improved. He lets his hand go limp and feels the buzz in his fingers return, spreading hot, white static all where Andrew’s touched him. 

“You’d look good with a pair of wings,” He says, and he means for them to add it to the painting, but Andrew huffs a laugh.

“I’m much more suited to horns.” Andrew butts his temple against Neil’s, then lets his head dip down to hover over his throat. “I’m much too attached to my vices to ever give angel wings a go.”

Neil’s pulse thunders in his chest. Andrew can probably feel it. “Which particular vices?”

Andrew grins, wicked and amused, ducking his head to skim his mouth along Neil’s neck. “Carnal pleasures, mostly.”


Andrew bites down roughly, right under the jut of his jaw, and Neil’s hand jerks, ruining all of their work. He drops the brush and lets his head tip back. 

“Tell me no,” the devil whispers, too tempting to resist.

Neil moans. “It’s been a yes since your first dick joke, dickhead.”


Neil fails Art 101. 

-  -  -  -

(big thanks to @allison-reynold for reading through this for me and letting me know it didn’t suck :p)