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How do each of your OC's dress? Emo? Sweatpants? Onsies? Boho Chic?? Hot Topic tees?? I MUST KNOW~~~

maya - really simple clothes, mostly darker colors, grays or blues, usually dresses nicely 

andrew - black or red clothes altho he does experiment sometimes w various colors?? smth that holds on to his body well enough since he has super speed powers lmao

avery - always sweats and hoodies. seeing him in smth other then that is cryptid, maybe he’ll wear jeans sometimes

isabelle - really fashionable clothes, she looks good with every color, she always does her best to pick out a nice outfit!!

yuki - white tank top and black sweats, nothing else lmao

alice - always super feminine clothes, usually rose gold, she loves pink and pastels

cameron - a hoodie and jeans, nothing too special, also tries to keep the clothing on the darker side

aurelie - formal clothing, beige colors, or blacks and whites

Andrew holding on to Neil’s clothing is my Fave Thing™ so let’s just expand on that 

  • he still always grabs at Neil’s hoodie, esp the neckline
    • what a gr8 way to get Neil’s attention bc he doesn’t have to bother with words and also? Now Neil’s looking him? double win.
    • (also this is #content for a whole other post but consider, if you will, selectively mute Andrew.  nonverbal Andrew. thank you for ur time)
    • triple win actually bc then it’s easy to tug neil closer for a kiss. Nice.
  • he grabs Neil’s clothes almost all the time, like when they’re sitting next to each other on the couch or in a booth, just to remind Neil that he’s there and to remind himself of the same thing
  • sometimes he just hooks a finger in Neil’s collar and sometimes his whole fucking hand is just splayed across Neil’s chest. 
    • He does the whole arm-around-the-shoulder thing when they’re chilling together at home and his arm wraps so far around Neil his hand is resting against Neil’s chest, under his shirt.
  • Neither one will say it but it makes them both feel safe. Andrew can feel Neil’s heart beating steadily and Neil feels the warm, solid weight of Andrew’s hand holding the scarred mess of his skin together. 
  • once when they’re in a big crowd and they’re trying to move quickly Andrew almost gets separated from Neil but nope. he hooks his fingers in the back of Neil’s sweatshirt. Can’t lose him if he’s got a handful of his shirt.
  • Andrew has also been known to hook his fingers thru Neil’s belt loops when they’re walking in a crowd
  • picture this please: Andrew, exy badass, no one has seen him smile ever, stoically silent and judgmental At All Times. and more often then not he’s walking on the court with one fist balled up in the back of his boyfriend’s jersey. adorable.

headcanon eden’s twilight is actually a gay club and neil just doesn’t notice because 1) he doesn’t swing and 2) most of the time he’s there he’s pretty preoccupied

Can we talk about the fact that when they went to the cabin Andrew literally brought an empty bag for the booze they bought and Neil was like ‘damn I hope he put his clothes in Kevin’s bag’

Like there are two options for this that are both fucking funny. Either Andrew shoved his things in Kevin’s bag and took up half of Kevin’s space or Andrew just stole clothes from Aaron and Aaron knew by that point to bring extra clothes because Andrew’s too lazy to fucking pack.

I feel like he throws his toothbrush and deodorant in Kevin’s bag and is like “I’m packed” and Aaron packs extra clothes so he won’t run out halfway through the trip.

So a lil doodle based on this text post (why is my idea of high fashion denim jackets and pastels? idk but pls take it anyhow)

also a little bit  earlier:

(Andrew locked him out of the Maserati until Neil changed into something less awful)

-You know how we all lose our shit whenever Neil kisses Andrew’s neck? Now imagine Andrew kissing Neil’s neck.

-It happens the first time when they meet each other after a month of being apart cos of their new team schedules.

-Andrew had been like the sharp edge of a glass the whole time, cutting everyone who annoyed him

-Just cos Neil wasn’t there to dull the edges

-Neil on the other hand was obvs a Mess™

-Like he’s anxious most of the time. The only time he feels right is when he’s on the Court or if he’s talking to Andrew

-They both hate the fact how dependent they’ve become on each other. Hate it more than the plague. They know it’s dangerous. Letting someone in. Letting one person know all your secrets. Missing someone. These kind of feelings aren’t for them. Then why can they not stop thinking about how long they’ve not seen or kissed the other?

-Neil knocks on Andrew’s door after that terrible month.

-Andrew is clothed in black and he’s wearing sweats. Some part of Neil’s heart clenches.

-Andrew is shook™ when he sees Neil but obvs he has a reputation to maintain and just asks, “What are you doing here?” I love my little asshole

-And Neil replies, “I’m not even surprised that’s your first question.”

-And he shoulders past Andrew and enters the flat.

-On the TV a rerun of one of Neil’s matches is going on. Andrew switches it off.

-“What’s wrong?”, Andrew asks. He can’t understand why Neil’s here. Can’t believe why someone would come to see him when they’re not invited.

-But Neil is looking at him with his blue eyes.

-And his eyes are so alive Andrew wants to rip them out so that Neil stops looking at him like that

-And Andrew hates the burst of feeling in his chest

-Wants to carve it out of his fucking chest

-And Neil starts walking towards him

-And Andrew is as still as stone

-And Neil’s hands are threading through his hair
Yes or no?
Yes.”, Andrew replies.

-And then they’re kissing. It wouldn’t matter if the world was burning but the thing is, their world is burning. Burning with everything unsaid and everything they aren’t feeling

-And Andrew breaks the kiss

-He’s not felt this much in so long

-And his head drops down on Neil’s shoulder

-And Neil’s rests against Andrew’s

-Neil’s neck is right there. So Andrew turns his head by a fraction and touches his lips to it

-And Neil just stops

-Cos this is so much more than they had bargained for. This is crossing boundaries and signing treaties. This is Andrew, a man who fought so hard for this nothing, who would burn the world for the man in front of him, even if it destroys him to the very core, kissing his neck. It wasn’t supposed to be this. But it is bliss.

-And Neil breathes out “Again.”

-And Andrew complies.

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hiii!!! i absolutely adore your blog!! xx your writing is amazing and you always develop such beautiful headcannons! ok so like, hc where andrew wears neil's clothes all the time and they're too big for him but he literally doesn't care. the foxes all notice and nicky is the only one to say anything but andrew just stares him out of it and doesn't reply. neil kinda wants his clothes back but he much prefers andrew wearing them! just andreil sharing clothes hc because it's so fucking cute

Thank you!!! So much!!! Honestly the fact that you like my writing means the world to me! I changed this up a bit (only a little bc it was so perfect Ily) but it was such a pleasure to write honestly I’m sorry it’s so short but I think it works.

  • Neil’s clothes are ratty and too-big and they’ve got tons of holes
  • He doesn’t really look in the mirror that often and even if he did he’s that kid who just throws on random shit and goes out without brushing his hair or spending more than two minutes on his appearance
  • So in no way is he paying attention to his appearance at all
    • Aside from the part of him that is constantly nagging him about being recognizable and looking so much like his father and telling him that his scars ruined his face and how could Andrew love him when he looks like that?
    • I promised not to be angsty with this damnit
  • But Allison was that girl who stayed up late perfecting different ways to do her eyeliner okay so she takes this as a personal slight
    • Andrew was the kid who always looked fine as shit and wore a lot of navy blue and he had a scarf phase you can’t deprive me of this
  • So she invites everyone to a bonfire and Neil is calm until he realizes she’s pouring gasoline on his clothes and then it’s too late
    • Nicky thanks her
  • The next day she takes him out shopping and they don’t come back for the majority of the day
  • At first, Neil tries to just wear the clothes he was wearing at the bonfire out of spite, but it mysteriously disappears while he’s in the shower
    • Who would do such a thing??? Certainly not a short blonde criminal justice major! No sir.
  • And that’s when it starts
  • Neil’s new clothes are soft and contain a reasonable array of colors
  • And they also include quite a few new sweats, comfortable yet still stylish
  • Of course, Neil gravitates towards those, but he soon runs out of clean sweatpants
  • There’s literally one left before he has to do the laundry again
  • But that??? Goes missing as well???? And Andrew had put their clothes in the wash apparently so Neil is stuck with really tight-fitting jeans and yoga pants
  • He walks out with the latter clinging to his ass and sees Andrew walking on the hems of his pants
  • He can feel Andrew’s gaze on him
  • Safe to say, no one else sees Neil in the pants or Neil at all for the rest of the day
  • But Andrew actually really liked wearing Neil’s clothes
    • They’re really comfy okay???
  • And Neil finds that he really likes Andrew in his clothes, so it’s a win-win situation
  • And so Andrew ends up wearing one of Neil’s sweatshirts to the foxes’ weekly movie night
  • It would hardly be noticeable really, because as of right now his sweatshirts are just everyone’s generic “I-have-the-name-of-a-state-you’ve-never-been-to-printed-on-me” sweatshirts
  • Except it’s a couple inches too long and a couple colors too bright for Andrew to wear
    • (I know it’s ooc but you will have to pry Neil in pastels from my cold, dead hands okay fight me)
  • Nicky look’s like he’s about to burst into flames he’s so happy his kiddo is growing up and wearing colors but Andrew fixes him with a pointed glare and just rolls up his sleeves to display his armbands
  • So Nicky, in a rare moment of self-preservation, shuts up
  • It’s Allison that says anything really, and it’s to brag about her clothing choices being “boyfriend approved”
  • Andrew flips her off and Nicky is crying this is a beautiful moment
  • I’m crying you’re crying we’re all crying
  • Let these kids be happy

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do you think you could draw andreil in autumn clothing? im craving the colder weather already ;__; (i love your art and your blog btw!!! <3 ) (oh bonus points if theyre actually wearing each others clothes, maybe? :0c )

i love this request!!! ive havent dressed up andreil so!!