andrew clay

Me explaining Andrew Jackson’s quest to the precidency
  • Andrew Jackson: I want to be prez
  • John Quincy Adams: same
  • Henry Clay: yeh
  • Andrew Jackson: I am a common man. We should let everyone vote.
  • Voters: Lets vote for Jackson
  • Henry Clay: shit, he might win
  • John Quincy Adams: he musn't. Clay, take one for the team
  • Henry Clay: What's in it for me?
  • John: Secretary of State?
  • Henry Clay: Ey guys, I'm dropping out so, vote for my hommie John!
  • Voters: I mean I guess
  • John Quincy Adams: *wins*
  • Andrew Jackson: You little shits-_-

February 9th 1825: The ‘Corrupt Bargain’

On this day in 1825, the disputed presidential election of 1824 was resolved when the House of Representatives elected John Quincy Adams as the sixth President of the United States. No presidential candidate in that election won a majority of Electoral College votes and so, as specified in the Constitution, the decision came to Congress. Despite Andrew Jackson winning a plurality of the popular and electoral vote, the third candidate Henry Clay agreed to transfer his electoral votes to John Quincy Adams, which handed Adams the presidency. Clay was then made Secretary of State, which Jackson and his legions of loyal supporters criticised as a ‘Corrupt Bargain’. Adams, son of the second president John Adams, served only one term as president, as he was handily defeated in his re-election bid by Jackson in 1828. Jackson capitalised on the vote of the ordinary man, fuelling anger over the 1825 agreement; this period is thus characterised as one of ‘Jacksonian Democracy’. Jackson pursued several aggressive policies as President, including a violent ‘Indian Removal’ programme, threatening military action against South Carolina during the Nullification Crisis, and attacking the national banking system.

Guns N’ Roses Slayed The Troubadour On Their First Reunion Warm-Up Show!!!

Via The Whole Fuckin’ Internet (lol) | April 4th, 2016

Don’t need much more introduction. Just watch these videos and cry for not being there!!! :’‘‘‘‘‘(

Band enters the stage - Plays first song ‘It’s So Easy’

‘Welcome To The Jungle’

The Who cover ‘The Seeker’

Compilation of ‘Paradise City’ - ‘Mr. Brownstone’ - ‘It’s So Easy’

Photo Credits: Andrew Dice Clay and Instagramer @ohshititsmadison

Presenting the third annual all-comics issue of Lumpen magazine, including comic work by groundbreaking local and international artists. This issue has a loose theme of “Radio” which correlates to the launch 105.5 WLPN, which is a brand new non-commercial radio station based out of Bridgeport that will showcase underground and innovative programming and feature distinctly curated music from a variety of genres as well as cultural commentary, not unlike the variety of comics and artists in Lumpen magazine.

With comics by:

David Alvarado, Sharmila Banerjee, Nate Beaty, Ben Bertin, Kevin Budnik, Andy Burkholder, Jessica Campbell, Danielle Chenette, Mark Connery, Krystal Difronzo, Margaux Duseigneur, Edie Fake, Sarah Ferrick, Leif Goldberg, Keith Herzik, Andrew Holmquist, Clay Hickson, Lyra Hill, Emily Hutchings, Juliacks, Blaise Larmee, Sarah Leitten, Ben Marcus, Marieke McClendon, Ian Mcduffie, Max Morris, Paul Nudd, Onsmith, Jason Overby, George Porteus, Grant Reynolds, Eric Rivera, Aaron Renier, Joe Tallarico, Mike Taylor Matthew Thurber, Tim Tvedt, Two Tone Comix, Lale Westvind, Gina Wynbrandt, Leslie Wiebeler, Mickey Zachilli

There will also be an art exhibition including many contributors to the issue on Friday, October 9th from 7-11pm at the Co-prosperity Sphere (3219 S. Morgan St. in Chicago)

Copies of the magazine and refreshments will be available at the opening.