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Reblog with how you got introduced to Book of Mormon!

Hello! So I reblogged this post asking people to share their stories on how they got introduced to Newsies. And as said from a lovely follower (hi @ramieverse​!), the Book of Mormon fandom is getting bigger and blossoming.

And so I also want to pose the same question to everyone: how did you get introduced to Book of Mormon? (musical only please!)


I’m not sure how Simon gets dressed in the morning without Susan there to tell him what to do. 

Also, Susan sleeps cuddling a giant stuffed animal. 

anonymous asked:

Wth is AK even talking about in that EW interview? LL was the truest hero of them all? Um no. And b/c we saw her become a hero? We are watching them all become heroes! Especially Oliver! It's his hero origin story! I know she's dead and shouldn't care but what he said is so insulting to Oliver and the various members if the team. Especially given what crap her training arc was. He's so wrong. Why do they let him speak about Arrow anymore? He's barely involved anymore& he always says stupid stuff

Oh Nonnie… Andrew Kreisberg has a love affair with Laurel Lance and Black Canary. She is his precious unicorn and ain’t nobody gonna tell him different. It’s okay. We are all entitled to a personal preference. Given that they just killed his fave…

Pausing to high five Guggie and Wendy

I think I’m going to cut Andrew a little slack. Laurel can be his truest hero. It’s fine. She’s still dead.

Here’s the thing though. Laurel completed her hero’s journey. Oliver still has not completed his. That’s the problem in an origin story. When you become a fully realized superhero the origin story is over. I do happen to agree with PART of what Andrew is saying. Laurel died a hero. 

Now, I may have a beef with the direction her trajectory took, but that doesn’t change the ending of the story. Laurel raised Sara and that destroyed the one thing that could save her life. Essentially, Laurel traded her life for Sara’s. That’s heroic. She also CHOSE to suit up as Black Canary one last time to stop Damien Darhk. That’s heroic. She also told Team Arrow Black Canary will always be her choice. That’s heroic.  So, I”m comfortable saying Laurel died a hero. Her whole season story arc was leading up to this and the writers came through on that end. At least in my perspective. I do believe there is more to the story to finish out, especially on the Sara side of things, but I’m good with who Laurel was when she died.

And in Andrew’s defense I don’t think he was saying Laurel was the BEST hero among them. He clarified his statement immediately after he said “truest hero.” Andrew was simply speaking in terms of “origin.” When we met Oliver he already had all the skills.The flashbacks  backfilling everything he went through. Whereas with Laurel it was more A to B to C type of progression.  We started from scratch with Laurel. To Andrew that’s a “truest” progression. Personally, I think he’s splitting hairs a bit and ignoring that Oliver didn’t come to us as The Arrow, but rather as the The Hood, but whatevs.

If you look at the course of Laurel’s story, especially over the last year and a half, it’s clear the writers stopped investing in this character. So… Andrew is still invested. That’s fine. The LL fans get Andrew. We get the rest of the Arrow writing staff, INCLUDING the show runners Wendy Mericle and Marc Guggenheim. Andrew is busing running THE FLASH so all his love and adoration for Laurel Lance did bupkis to save her in the end. Katie can go prance around as Black Siren on E2 and fulfill Andrew’s comic fanboy needs and give the LL fandom a final thrill. It still doesn’t change anything. Laurel is still dead and all the post mortem platitudes in the world aren’t going to change that.

  • *setting is probably a pub somewhere, arrow and flash creators meeting up before s4*
  • guggie: you know what, olicity is so amazing. felicity has her own villain, she will actually have three of them. she is with oliver, and I will even cripple her, and give her an even more complicated storyline
  • kreisberg: man, you have actual comic book characters on the show. actual badasses. you have the green arrow. you have speedy. you have the freaking black canary man. why not concentrate on them?
  • guggie: shut up man, you have a telepathic gorilla and a shark-man.
  • kreisberg: viewers loved it! they love it when you honor the canon.
  • guggie: fuck that shit man. I just really hate laurel. she's boring.
  • kreisberg: you know that you are the one who actually made her boring?
  • guggie: whatever, I don't want her anymore. I think I will kill her off.
  • guggie: hey, you know what. why don't you take her? she can be on flash for all I care.
  • kreisberg: THAT IS WHAT I'M GONNA DO.
  • *everyone is happy*
The thing about Laurel is — for people who are concerned that she’s going from zero to Black Canary — just because you put on a costume and a mask and run around doesn’t make you anyone else’s equal. She gets stabbed, she gets her ass handed to her, but the thing that’s amazing about Laurel is she just keeps coming and it doesn’t matter how many times she gets knocked down to the mat. And believe me, she gets knocked down to the mat, but she keeps coming back and she won’t be stopped.
—  Andrew Kreisberg on Laurel Lance (as The Black Canary) [x]

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