andrew burnett

When Icons Collide:

Carol Burnett, Woody Allen, and Julie Andrews take a break during rehearsals for Lyndon B. Johnson’s Inaugural Gala, Washington D.C., 18 January 1965.

In her published diaries, Lady Bird Johnson recalls the Inaugural Gala as a singularly star-studded affair:

Richard Adler, director of the show, had accumulated such a galaxy of stars that it forced two Broadway shows to close down for the night. Carol Channing came down from Hello Dolly! to be one of the emcees, and Barbra Streisand from Funny Girl to sing. Dame Margot Fonteyn from England’s Royal Ballet flew in from London with Rudolf Nureyev, who now looks like one of the Beatles. Alfred Hitchcock turned out to be the lion of the evening. And Woody Allen, that forlorn, undernourished little comedian, stopped shooting a movie in Paris and flew across the Atlantic for about five minutes of jokes….Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett sang a wonderful medley of musical comedy songs ranging from Naughty Marietta to My Fair Lady, and Harry Belafonte won everybody with “Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore’.” (223-24)

Not a bad line-up of party entertainment…and don’t you just love how Julie rocks those 60s knee-high suede boots and knit jumper dress!


Johnson, Lady Bird. A White House Diary. Austin : University of Texas Press, 2007.