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How Grey’s cast is changing through the years…

Look, we denied it for several years because we didn’t want players to feel pressure, we didn’t want to kick off a witch hunt, we didn’t want people trying to guess who was who.  But yes, our organization has spoken with gay players in the National Hockey League, gay staff members, gay media members.
—  Patrick Burke, co-founder of You Can Play, says that the NHL is ready for gay players

Hadn’t seen this before! My boys 😍

matthumphreyimages Tom Burke & Andrew Scott, backstage during ‘Design for Living’ at The Old Vic
One of my favourite backstage portraits of these two talented young actors when they worked on the brilliant production of 'Design For Living’ with Lisa Dillon. They had adjoining dressing rooms, which I wanted to somehow feature, but was struggling with the angle so had to jump up onto Andrew’s bed. I realised I was actually standing on his pillow, which they were laughing about. They had a very jovial light hearted energy - something I was also keen to capture. 🔻

Source: Matt Humphrey Instagram