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And only now am I starting to question what I’m doing with me life.

AndyBlack: Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a great week so far. I wanted to talk to you about something we all experience daily and something that has driven me and many of my contemporaries away from the connectivity and use of social media. Trolling, Baiting and ultimately Blocking. Now, many of you know that there is a large element of the online community that thrives entirely on negativity and trying to goat others into reactions. Accounts with this attention often say something awful followed by “block me” as a way of receiving validation of their rudeness from the party they are attacking. This isn’t an isolated concept in human life but is increasingly more prevalent on social media sites that we all use daily. I have been attacked as has my wife and even my parents and family by many of these “fan” accounts without regard for the actual human hurt that it may elicit and in response I have done the thing we are all used to doing, I “blocked” them and moved on with my day however as time goes on I found myself having less and less interest in even signing ON to social media as the daily activity of reading some aggressive and upsetting diatribe about my life as they perceive it or my family and then hitting that “block” button has become too tedious. By the fall of 2016 I no longer even was signed into IG on my phone. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and PLEASE understand this isn’t meant as me preaching to you to “unblock everybody” because if someone is hurting and attacking you you need to do what you see fit to escape their derision and I UNDERSTAND the concept of blocking someone who is causing you harm in any capacity BUT I want to try something. I want to come back to social media, I want to trust you again. I want to be friends again like we used to be. I want to know that you won’t come here to hurt me and I want YOU to know that I won’t hurt you. I want our army and our family to be connected in humanity and love. So, having said all of that I have unblocked every account from my social media, I am laying it all out there. I want to come back here and post and be active and connect with you guys. I’m giving you my trust🖤