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My thoughts on the Autumn trailer

Is that Josh??

Ooh Sam where’s Tom??

I love Rashid already he is soft


Jez why are you suffering my poor child

Lily looks damn good in those green suits

Hi why is Scott back isn’t he DEAD (is it a hallucination??)

I’m super glad that Mickey and Jez are still together and Mickey hasn’t “disappeared” like significant others sometimes do

Why does Dylan have his pouty face on MY SON IS NOT ALLOWED TO SUFFER ANYMORE

Is Ethan wearing green to symbolise his inner Hulk


Didn’t Lily and Iain break up at some point

Is Connie blackmailing Ethan??

Who’s this Irish guy he’ s cute I hope he sticks around

Okay so Lily and Iain get back together cool

So David and Dylan are going to France and get married and adopt a refugee son it’s canon

Who’s wedding are Lily and Iain at?  

Why is Louise still a character she’s just due and annoying and biphobic as hell

Tldr: Jez and Mickey will suffer, Ethan will suffer, Dylan will suffer but the cinematography was nice??

Casualty S31 E44 - One

Bloody hell, what an episode!

I have to confess, I’m not someone who usually pays any attention to cinematography, or anything behind the scenes really.  I’m a casual watcher, who just likes to be entertained, and hopefully to like a handful of characters (and even better to be a little in love with one or two ;-)).  However, knowing how this groundbreaking episode was filmed in one single shot had me watching with my eye very much on the construction of the episode, more than the basic story/acting.  And my goodness, did it take some skill and coordination to pull off!  On that one aspect alone, it was an outstanding episode, and thoroughly worth my time.

Of course, to film an entire episode in one shot by it’s very nature means no re-takes, and any acting fluffs have to be naturally glossed over, just as with stage acting.  And I think that for some of the characters, they did exceptionally well, and really showed their acting chops.  Many of the guest cast too.  Some other characters perhaps didn’t fare so well, but that’s just how it goes (and to be honest, there are certain cast members whose acting abilities I’ve always called into some serious question!  Regardless, I don’t like to use these reviews to rip actors apart, only characters, so I shall say no more about it.)

What I will say is that I feel that a couple of the characters didn’t ring true in this episode, and I don’t think it’s related to the acting, more the writing.  For example, I know Jez has been through a lot, and I know that his experience in this ep was traumatic, but I felt his reactions to be somewhat overblown for the character that he has thus far been, it all felt a bit off.  SImilarly, Duffy’s interactions with the two teenaged girls shadowing her just all felt a little forced too.

I kind of think the COTWs were almost irrelevant this week - or perhaps that was just the way I was viewing the episode.  But I will take the extremely rare stance of defending Louise when she broke that band chap’s drumsticks.  I’d have done that hours earlier!!! 

Ethan#’s throwaway line that killing the man who had killed his child would not make him feel better.  Is this the last we’ll hear of the denouement of the Ethan/Cal/Scott Ellison?  Better not be taking a leaf out of the Holby writers books, Casualty writers.  To gloss over a massive thing like that is just a teensy bit of an insult to fans…

And I did wish that Diamond had got her comeuppance.  Being puked on just didn’t cut it for me!

Final assessment - A+ for choreography!

So now, we’ve had the last episode of the current season.  I hope it’s not too long a wait before it’s back, there’s a reason this show is still going strong after so many years, and I’m going to bloody miss it for the next couple of weeks (or however long).

In 2 weeks it’s August and casualty will be on a break for the olympics!

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