andrew and anya


The voice you hear on the radio broadcasts in the mind of Tyreese is actually the voice of Andrew Lincoln, in his natural accent. What we are hearing, most likely, is not reports about the zombie outbreak, but sadly, radio reports about the Rwandan genocide.

“At least 68 citizens of the republic have been killed in four deadly attacks along the main coastal district. The group has continued their campaign of random violence, moving across the countryside unfettered with the republic’s military forces in disarray … There have been troubling reports of cannibalism having broken out in refugee camps along the republic’s transportation corridor. And despite the string of victories by rebel forces, there are disturbing reports of increasing the brutality of their tactics including the wholesale destruction of villages, burning down local prisons, targeting of civilians, and even the widespread mutilation of children and young mothers.”


So here’s where you make a choice. What if you could have that power? Now? In every generation, one Slayer is born, because a bunch of men who died thousands of years made up that rule. They were powerful men. This woman…is more powerful than all of them combined.

I don’t think that Andrew was ever particularly evil. I think he just wanted some excitement in his life and Warren’s Trio gave him that. I also think that seeking refuge in Buffy’s household suited him more as then he was in an exciting environment without being the bad guy.

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BtVS for the meme friend! :)

Also asked by @buffysummere

Top 5 favourite characters: Buffy, Anya, Andrew, Spike, Jenny
Other characters you like: Faith, Giles, Dawn, Wesley, Snyder
Least favourite characters: Riley, Xander
Otps: Buffy/Faith, Giles/Jenny, Dawn/girls
Notps: Buffy/Riley, Xander/Cordelia
Favourite friendships: Dawn and Tara, Spike and Dawn
Favourite family: Dawn and her lesbian moms
Favourite episodes: Tabula Rasa, Conversations With Dead People, I Only Have Eyes For You, gonna stop there for now
Favourite season/book/movie: 6
Favourite quotes: “Make your choice, are you ready to be strong?”
Best musical moment: Giles and Tara’s duet
Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest: Chosen
When it really disappointed you: Anya’s death
Saddest moment: Buffy’s death. Season 5 leading to that. Season 6 leading out of that….
Most well done character death: Buffy?
Favourite guest star: Marti Noxon in OMWF
Favourite cast member: Eliza Dushku
Character you wish was still alive: Tara
One thing you hope really happens: People stop hating on Dawn
Most shocking twist: Buffy’s death partway through?
When did you start watching/reading?: October 2014 (easy to remember because it was the end of my longest relationship wheeeee)
Best animal/creature: So many! Gonna say Clem.
Favourite location: The Magic Box
Trope you wish they would stop using: the nice guy, romanticization of abuse
One thing this show/book/film does better than others: exploration of depression
Funniest moments: Giles and Oz’s joke lines are my favorites
Couple you would like to see: Buffy/Faith
Actor/Actress you want to join the cast: It would have been cook to see how Fred/Amy Acker interacted with the scoobies
Favourite outfit: Buffy’s season 3 finale look?
Favourite item: The scythe?
Do you own anything related to this show/book/film?: Comics, DVDs, action figures, Anya fan art
What house/team/group/friendship group/family/race etc would you be in?: Jenny’s technopagen chat room
Most boring plotline: Riley/Initiative
Most laughably bad moment: phallic Doublemeat Palace demon
Best flashback/flashfoward if any: The Mustard backstory in Helpless
Most layered character: Buffy
Most one dimensional character: Riley
Scariest moment: The Gentlemen
Grossest moment: gnarl
Best looking male: ask the straights
Best looking female: Buffy
Who you’re crushing on (if any): Jenny
Favourite cast moment: Alyson+Alexis=<3
Favourite transportation: the RV
Most beautiful scene (scenery/shot wise): The final scenes of season 5 </3
Unanswered question/continuity issue/plot error that bugs you: Why does Riley exist?
Best promo: The ones I’ve seen are all pretty silly
At what point did you fall in love with this show/book: I don’t remember exactly. I was kind of numb watching it to get through my breakup. I’m not certain at what point that shifted to really loving it.