In this week’s wrong-day-for-the-name episode of Overwatch Wednesdays, the gang tackles Overwatch’s new (now not so new) map, Eichenwalde! There’s drama, there’s excitement, and there’s blink-182 telling you that you’re gonna get laid tonight. Yes you read that right.

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New Swirling Psychedelic Illustrations by James R. Eads

Exploring ideas of human connection and our relationships to nature, illustrator James R. Eads (previously) paints multicolored, psychadelic scenes that seem to pulsate with swirling patterns. Eads says his work is heavily inspired by music, and indeed the LA-based illustrator is constantly cranking out gig posters for the likes of the Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews Band, and Iggy Pop. Seen here is mostly a collection of person work from the last year, some of which are available as art prints. You can also follow him on Instagram.

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