Charles Pétillon  floats a cloud of 100,000 balloons inside Covent Garden

If you’re in London, there’s an amazing installation currently on display at Covent Garden (South Hall) until 27 September 2015.

“Heartbeat” was created by French artist and photographer Charles Pétillon and is part of his ongoing balloon series entitled, Invasions. It’s his first ever public art installation outside of France. Via Twisted Sifter

The balloon invasions I create are metaphors’, explains Charles Pétillon. ‘their goal is to change the way in which we see the things we live alongside each day without really noticing them. with ‘heartbeat’ I want to represent the market building as the beating heart of this area – connecting its past with the present day to allow visitors to re-examine its role at the heart of london’s life.‘

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Fitblr Friday: Getting Started pt. 1

For the next couple of weeks on Fitblr Friday we will be covering one of the hardest aspects of working out: Getting Started.

For many of us, our identities in relation with our bodies have greatly impacted not only the workouts we desire to do, but also the workouts we have tried and haven’t found to be beneficial in the ways we would like. Creating a workout program that is safe, effective, and something you can commit to is difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be. The first step that many people miss is creating realistic and effective goals that fit the individual person. You don’t need a personal trainer to create realistic goals for yourself. All it takes is knowing your body, your body’s limits, and having an end goal in mind. Workout programs you can find online or hear about, aren’t necessarily translatable to all people or to every lifestyle, so finding one that works for you is essential to reaching the goals you dream of achieving.

So how does one start in creating goals you can stick to?

The first step is making sure your goals are realistic, attainable, and effective. I know that personally, over the last couple years, I have struggled in creating goals that weren’t realistic simply because I based my goals off other body types. Basing goals off what other people look like is counterproductive to creating and maintaining a body you will be happy in. For example, even though I might desire to sport the girth that Chris Evans has in Captain America, his Super Soldier Serum isn’t exactly accessible in this universe and I have to take into account that my body is undergoing its own physical transition and suffers from its own illnesses. This is why creating realistic goals is so essential.

Important questions to start off asking yourself are:

  • What time can I afford to spend working out?
  • What kind of energy do I have to use in a workout?
  • What limitations does my body currently have?
  • What can I realistically accomplish physically when taking these factors into account?

In these upcoming weeks, Charley and I will be working on helping you set realistic and attainable goals that align with your lifestyle. Your homework for this next week is to create a set of healthy goals that take into account:

  • your current/future responsibilities:

  • any physical/mental limitations that might impact your program
  • any pre-existing basis you already have for comparing your body/progress to anyone else.
  • Current access to workout equipment (can you afford a gym or are at home workouts your first step?)
  • Personal room you need to allow yourself in order to maintain your other self-care, sleep, eating, social life, and personal habits

Keep in mind that working out is a long time goal. Physical changes do not happen overnight. Initial results always come first in an improved mental state and more energy. Working out is a great addition (and a VERY important one) to improving one’s overall mental state. Self-love takes time and one way to practice self love is taking care of yourself in the way you deserve.

Remember that you don’t have to workout everyday to meet your goals or improve. This is key when setting realistic goals. Having a simple, consistent work out a couple times a week will give you steady results and allow you to maintain other responsibilities while not maxing out your energy.

If you’re new to this, I highly recommend planning out two to three workouts a week for the first few weeks. Remember that each workout in the beginning is a new milestone to take you to even better places.

This week, we encourage you to submit your personal goals for us for review, guidance, or simply to show us how excited you are about starting! Let us know if you want us to keep track of them on our personal blogs for comparisons later or if you want our help defining your goals and making them fit your lifestyle.

Thanks for reading Part 1 of our Getting Started Segment! Stay tuned for Part 2: How to Find and Maintain Motivation. Our next segments will cover proper diet and some great workouts!

-Charley and Andrew



Jacqueline Rush Lee is an Anglo-Irish artist who has worked experimentally with the book form for over seventeen years. She is interested in the aesthetic of the book as an intimate, cultural object with latent histories of use and meaning. Working conceptually, and experimentally, she employs a range of practices to transform the book’s formal and conceptual arrangement through which the physicality and the context of the books have been forever altered. Recognized internationally in her field, her artworks are featured in magazines, books, catalogues, blogs and international press.


Random Pose Set!!
only 2 poses.

◇ Models:
Il Woo & Euna by me

Please use a male sim and select friendly-hug to a female sim.

If you want to use Andrew’s pose player
如果你想使用Andrewpose player

Step 1.
Key in…
testingcheats true
testingcheats true

Step 2.
for male poses
please click on “Pose by name” and enter: a2a_friendly_T_hug_succeed_x
請點擊你的人物並點選”Pose by name”輸入: a2a_friendly_T_hug_succeed_x

for female poses
please click on “Pose by name” and enter: a2a_friendly_T_hug_succeed_y
請點擊你的人物並點選”Pose by name”輸入: a2a_friendly_T_hug_succeed_y

☆ Notice:
It’s better if the sims are not standing too close or use the poses on one sim at a time.
Otherwise their heads might be turning to different directions.
使用pose player的話…建議不要讓兩個人物站得太靠近,或是一次只用在一個人身上

◆ If you use my pose to take photos please tag kiruluvnst !
◆ 如果有使用我的動作拍照,請記得標註 kiruluvnst 唷 !

◆ Please do not re-upload, or re-edit.
◆ 請勿重新上傳、打包或修改我的作品

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.
◆ 感謝所有cc製作者

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 Splashed Watercolour Paintings By  Tilen Ti        

Watercolour paints have a fantastic way of capturing vital energy and ghostly shades of color that no other medium can, and Tilen Ti, an artist in Singapore, has become an expert at using watercolour paints to their fullest potential. The animals in his vibrantly colourful works seem to come to life on the page.

Ti focuses primarily on various tropical birds though he’s also painted more mundane creatures like cats and snails as well. He sells his paintings on Etsy, so be sure to check him out!  Etsy | Instagram | Tumblr | Deviantart

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Franck Bohbot’s  Evocative  Chinatown

Franck Bohbot is a photographer specializing in capturing public spaces, street scenes, architectural sites, and environmental portraiture. Originally from Paris, France, he moved to New York City in 2013. His series ‘Chinatown’ portrays the neighborhood with an off-beat approach from the typical bustling ‘cliche’ to a silent and absent direction.

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