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any headcanons on The Magician's english cousin Andrew? (the Rayman series is made in France, so it is unique if you look at it that way)

ok so

  • i hc the glade’s language to be a mix of french, pig latin and that cute gibberish they used in revolution, so andrew being able to speak english is actually very unique!
  • andrew actually knows about earth? very probably
  • very very probably, the dude is a meme machine.
  • while the magician is actually quite shy and scared or a lot of stuff, he’s a reckless bastard. often because he doesn’t even realizes how scary stuff can be
  • picture wander from wander over yonder. that’s p much him. an overly happy baby who doesn’t understand what’s so bad into asking a local villain if they prefere mayo or mustard with their sandwich
  • he wants to be called uncly andly by rayman
  • gosh he loves rayman so mucH look at this tiny ray of sunshine.
  • also loves playing with his hair, often showing up in different hairstyles

^ andrew

best case scenario: it’s nothing.
he dropped his bag to help someone out,
it got moved out of the way,
he’ll turn up and start bitching about tears and dirt stains,
you’ll tell him to shut the hell up, even though he won’t listen,
he never listens,
and you’ll hang on to every word as he keeps talking.
(this is unlikely. he wouldn’t set that bag down,
wouldn’t abandon any of his things even if
the world was burning)

next best scenario: someone stole it.
he’ll be battered and bruised,
because no one got that bag without a fight,
and you’ll tell him what a fucking idiot he is.
he’ll make some joke,
he always does,
and you’ll remind him again of how much you hate him.
he’ll remind you of how much you don’t.
(this is slightly less unlikely, but be realistic—
he wouldn’t give up any of his things even if he were burning)

okay, next best: he ran.
“best” is a relative term here,
“best” implies it’s anything good but really your chest
has never felt so fractured and the ground is tilting and everything is
maybe he ran. is that why he asked you to let him go?
why he insisted he be set free?
(this is even less unlikely. it borders on likely, be honest.
he’d throw all his things to the wind if he felt like he was burning)

next best: he was taken.
you know he’s perched on a throne of lies,
buried in his own secrets of a past he tried to torch.
he isn’t safe, he never was, never was going to be,
no matter what you had to say about it.
stopshakingstopshakingstopshaking thisisn'thelping—
you hate him. you hate him so much. you hate
that you hurt for him.
(this is likely. this is very likely.
he’d never let his things go unless you were burning.)

worst case scenario: he’s dead.

—  if you were really amazing you wouldn’t have let him go // es

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Andrew kissed him like this was a fight with their lives on the line, like his world stopped and started with Neil’s mouth.