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Omniverses 1 (Los Angeles To The Astro-Infinity)
Ammon Contact
Omniverses 1 (Los Angeles To The Astro-Infinity)

“Omniverses 1 (Los Angeles To The Astro-Infinity) by Ammon Contact

I was going thru my cds and pull out a cd by Ammon Contact, their instrumental album ranges from some downtempo, to hip-hop, to trip-hop, with a few vocal guests.  Personnel: Fabian Ammon (drums, strings & samples), Greg Malone (electric bass & guitar), Carlos Nino (percussion), Andres Renteria (trap drums), & Matt Pszonak (all other recorded instruments).  This cut I was feeling so much that I decided to share with you all, if you’re into the whole west-coast beat-gen scene well this is right up that ally with, the bassline really drives this track.

Every Friday I spin records at one of L.A.’s greatest bars, Footsie’s in Cypress Park. This Friday Jimi Hey will be joining me in musical mayhem and it’s Friday the 13 and a full moon to boot so come on out and let’s get weird!! This week’s flyer is by Daiana Feuer. You can follow her tumblr too: explorsion
Review: Nick Waterhouse celebrates 'Holly' in concert in Hollywood

When singer and Gibson hollow-body strummer Nick Waterhouse introduced one of his songs as “the B-side to a 45” during his record release party, you’d have been forgiven for briefly thinking the entrance to the American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood may have opened into another decade. Well, at least at first glance.

Played a show last week…