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I love how all posts about goalkeepers fit both hockey goalies and football keepers.

Like, a post about a goalkeeper way outside his crease? 

Does Manuel Neuer think he is a midfielder again?

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Or did Ben Bishop decide that it was “adventure time”?

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And a post about a goalkeeper annoyed on the bench?

Was Carey Price pulled out?

Or is Iker Casillas mad at his defenders everyone?

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And a post about just a pure, perfect, adorable goalkeeper?

Is it Marc-Andre Fleury?

Or is it Marc-Andre Ter Stegen?

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Anyways, who cares, goalkeepers are the best

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5 favorite footballers based on their character:

1. Jonas Hofmann

2. Marco Reus

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3. Marc Bartra

4. Steven Gerrard

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5. Fernando Torres

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5 favorite footballers purely based on look:

1. Erik Durm

2. Leon Goretzka

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3. Xabi Alonso 

4. Lars Bender

5. Sven Bender

5 favorite goalkeepers:

1. Roman Bürki

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2. Iker Casillas

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3. Gianluigi Buffon

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4. Bernd Leno

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5. Marc-André ter Stegen

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3 favorite bromances / friendships:

1. Gerlonso (Steven Gerrard & Xabi Alonso): still going strong until today

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2. Durmann (Erik Durm & Jonas Hofmann): or what they used to be

3. Reumann (Marco Reus & Jonas Hofmann): or the cute interactions they used to have

Also: Hömmels (Benedikt Höwedes & Mats Hummels), Gernando (Steven Gerrard & Fernando Torres), Gigi Buffon & Iker Casillas, Schweinski (Bastian Schweinsteiger & Lukas Podolski).

3 favorite national teams: 

1. Germany

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2. Spain (used to be, but now not anymore)

3. 🤔🤔🤔

3 favorite clubs:

1. Borussia Dortmund

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2. Borussia Mönchengladbach

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3. Liverpool

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The signs with Spain nt players


Aries: Jesus Navas
Taurus: Thiago Alcantara
Gemini: Andres Iniesta
Cancer: Diego Costa
Leo: Santi Cazorla
Virgo: Cesc Fabregas
Libra: Sergio Ramos
Scorpio: Juan Mata
Sagittarius: Marc Bartra
Capricorn: Isco
Aquarius: Iker Casillas
Pisces: Gerard Pique


Aries: Marc Bartra
Taurus: Sergio Ramos
Gemini: Isco
Cancer: Andres Iniesta
Leo: Iker Casillas
Virgo: Diego Costa
Libra: Juan Mata
Scorpio: Thiago Alcantara
Sagittarius: Gerard Pique
Capricorn: Cesc Fabregas
Aquarius: Jesus Navas
Pisces: Santi Cazorla

Best Friend:

Aries: Juan Mata
Taurus: Cesc Fabregas
Gemini: Thiago Alcantara
Cancer: Gerard Pique
Leo: Isco
Virgo: Santi Cazorla
Libra: Jesus Navas
Scorpio: Iker Casillas
Sagittarius: Andres Iniesta
Capricorn: Diego Costa
Aquarius: Marc Bartra
Pisces: Sergio Ramos