andrenni arts

so I made my friend leucoray collab on some art with me. when she asked what I wanted to do licensetoshred came up and I wanted Leuco to draw them…and what better ref did I pick for her than the summer camp one?? We gave Derick some Sailor Jupiter boots in a minty color to match their hat…which was left out so we could see the fabulous hair. 

licensetoshred keep rocking that AWESOME body of yours C: (and sorry for the heels. neither of us knew what sort of shoe to put you in.)

leucoray did the linearts and I  ( @andrenni ) did the coloring. and yet we both for got the earrings in the ear showing…

if you are seeing this pic off of Leuco’s account please note that the individual pictured prefers They/Them/Their pronouns

So hyenapr1nce may this post: 

In a new environment, the first thing I do is sniff everything. 

and I wanted to try drawing it. Its not the best pose wise but I thought it adorable none the less. Dawit is SO CUTE. I just wanna snuggle their big self. (SRS Dawit is like 6'10" he’s a FOOT TALLER THAN ME. and I’m p tall around where I am. just want him to cuddle me. ;w; ) 

Hyenapr1nce, I hope you don;t mind me giving him those clothes. I didn’t know quite what to put him in.

since I’m not giving you my RP blog name I thought I’d at least post art of it here so you can see it. C8 LOOK AT THAT HORSE!! it’s called a Black Forest Horse. All of the animals need names.