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Hot Pepper Gaming had its last episode today and I wanted to write something personal about it. I had this joke that I would always say when somebody talked to me about the channel - that it was sort of silly how the most successful thing I’ve ever done was the dumbest idea I’ve ever had. Classic self-deprecation, but the more I said it the more I realized just how important this dumb idea was to me.

Myself, Erin, and Jared started HPG half as a joke and half as a creative outlet to sort of prove that we knew what we were talking about. When we began, we were all lower-rung creatives working predominantly at Maker Studios - a YouTube multi-channel network. My only claim-to-fame at that point in my creative career was that I had something small to do with the Harlem Shake becoming a thing, and I really, REALLY didn’t want that to be the only accomplishment I had in my life.

I approached Erin about the idea, who called up Jared to join up with us. With a borrowed camera, $20 worth of craft supplies, and a weekend of work, we had shot the first three episodes of Hot Pepper Gaming. We planned to post weekly for a couple months regardless of if it gained traction or not, but on the first episode we were already growing faster than we could follow.

It’s sort of a funny thing how collaboration works. I remember being completely fine with filming Hot Pepper Gaming on a white background, but Erin’s simple suggestion that we use a yellow backdrop meant so much to the branding and style of the channel that I don’t think we would have succeeded without it. Erin, Jared and I all had something to contribute to the project, all of which combined together to create something much bigger than the sum of our parts. And because of this we were able to travel around the world, interact with fans, and sit in rooms with people we respected not only as their creative equals, but later on as their dear friends.

There’s so many great stories that I’ll post whenever I get nostalgic about Hot Pepper Gaming, but for now I just wanted to say something small that I think might describe my feelings better than me droning on about this will. We used to film Hot Pepper Gaming out of Erin’s old apartment, and after the first shoot we decided to grab dinner at a bar next door. I remember us all sitting at the bar, eating pub burgers and toasting to whatever the hell we just did, in our post-pepper andrenaline-rushed euphoria. I remember one of us asking hey, what if this actually does well, and then us all shrugging and laughing.

I’m currently on a flight back from Montreal, Canada, where Jared and I participated in Square Bowl, a yearly charity event that this year supported Doctors Without Borders. We were sitting on a balcony of an apartment in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, watching the sun set over a park that was freshly-covered with snow. He and I talked for a while about how we were raising money for an important charity with a group of friends and creative collaborators we loved; and how so many of them we knew, specifically, because we had hurt them with hot peppers.

I don’t know what I would say to 24-year-old, fighting-tooth-and-nail-to-create-stuff-and-have-people-care-about-them Vernon if I had the chance, but to think about myself then and see myself now is surreal. I owe so much to this dumb little project, and I’ll never forget it.


Always Mine - Chapter 6


A/N: Here is chapter 6! It is part two of episode 4 from season 7. I just want to thank everyone who has shown this story love and support as well as showing me support. It truly means the world to me!

Rick ran right past Negan and Katherine into the house. Katherine’s’ heart was racing. She was hoping Carl didn’t actually kill one of Negan’s men. That would just mean Negan would retaliate and no one wanted that.

“Your people sure are fucking stupid.” Negan hissed as he pulled her along into the house. When they walked in, they saw Carl pointing a gun at three of Negan’s men.

“Carl, Carl, put it down.” Rick pleaded. Carl glared.

“No. He’s taking all of our medicine. They said only half our stuff.”

“Of fucking course. Oh-ho. Really, Kid?”

Carl glared at him. He noticed for the first time Katherine was there. He saw the way Negan had her wrist in his grasp and he clenched the gun harder.

“You should let her go and leave before you find out how dangerous we all are.”

Katherine’s eyes widened. Did he really just threaten Negan? She knew Carl was just trying to help and protect everyone but all he was doing was putting them in more danger.

“Well, pardon me, young man. Excuse the shit out of my fucking French, but…did you just threaten me?” Katherine swallowed hard . “Look, I get threatening Davey here, but I can’t have it. Not him, not me.”

With a burst of andrenaline out of fear of her brother getting hurt, Katherine pulled her wrist out of Negan’s grasp. She ran over to stand next to her father, missing the way Negan scowled.

“Carl, Carl look at me.” Carl locked eyes with his sister. “Just put it down.” The two siblings kept their eyes locked on each other. Carl’s hand had slightly loosened when Negan suddenly grabbed Katherine’s wrist again and tugged her backwards. She winced at the grip on her wrist.

“Don’t be fucking rude, Katherine.” Katherine saw the angry look in his eyes. It had suddenly hit her that she had broken the rule he had given her before they came to Alexandria. Him using her full name confirmed and the look in his eyes told her she was in big trouble.

“We are having a conversation. Now, boy, where  the fuck were we? Oh, yea. Your giant, man-sized balls. No fucking threatening us. Listen, I fucking like you, so I don’t want to go hard proving a point here. You don’t fucking want that. I said half your shit, and half is what I say it is. I’m serious. Fuck, do you want me to prove how serious ? Again?”

Carl looked at his father who was giving him a pleading look. His eyes flicked over to his sister who was giving him the same look.

“Please,” she mouthed silently. Carl exhaled sharply before lowering the gun. Rick immediately took it from him with  a sigh.

“You know, Rick this whole thing reminds me that you have a lot of fucking guns. There’s all the guns you took from my outpost when you wasted all my fucking people with a shit-ton of your own guns, and I’m bettin’ there’s even more, which adds up to an absolute fuck-ton of guns. An as this little emotional outburst just made crystal fucking clear. I can’t allow that. They’re all mine now.”

Katherine’s eyes widened as Negan continued. “So tell me, Rick, where the fuck are my guns?”

Rick lowered his gaze to the ground before turning around and leaving the house. Negan looked at Davey.

“Davey, have the future serial killer here show you where her fucking room is. Pack up all her clothes and put them in my truck.” Davey nodded as Negan pulled her out of the house.

She wanted so badly to argue and say she could pack her own things, not that she wanted to, but she knew Negan was mad at her and she didn’t want to add onto it.

She stayed silent as they stopped in front of the garage where they kept all of the food and weapons. She saw Olivia already standing there.

“I…figured you were coming.”

“Show him where the guns are, Olivia.” Olivia nodded as she stepped back.

“The armory’s inside.”

“You run the show in here,” Negan asked, pulling Katherine around to his front and letting go of her wrist in favor of wrapping his arm around her waist. Rick scowled slightly.

“I-I just keep track of it all, the rations, the guns.” Negan nodded.

“Good. Smart. Don’t let me fucking stop you. Take her out, boys. Show ‘em the goods.” Negan’s men all walked inside, Olivia following. Rick moved to follow but Negan stopped him.

“Wait, wait, wait. While they’re at it, I just want to point out to you that I’m not fucking taking a scrap of your food. Slim pickin’s in here. And I can’t be the only one to notice that you got a fucking fat girl in charge of keeping track of rations, can I?” Katherine couldn’t help but scoff at the way he described Olivia. “Either way, you starve to death, I don’t get shit, so for now, you get to keep all the food. How ‘bout that?”

Rick looked up from the ground.

“What do you want me to say?”

“I don’t know, Rick. How about a fucking thank you. You think that might be in order? Or is that to much to fucking ask?! What do you think Kitty Kat, is that to much to ask?” Negan laughed not even bothering to wait for Katherine’s answer, not that she would give one. “Ohh. I know we started off on the wrong foot, but what can I fucking say? You forced my hand, Rick. But it’s like I’ve been trying to tell you, I’m a very reasonable fucking man as long as you cooperate. Are you cooperating?”

“What’s it look like?”

“Oh-ho-ho. I know what it fucking looks like. But what I really want to know is if we’re gonna find all the guns back there or if maybe you got a few fucking just waitin’ for their moment…just like my Lucille.”

Katherine’s eyes moved down to the bloody bat that her father was still holding. She zoned out while a memory hit her.

Henry! You can’t do that silly.”

The little boy laughed as Katherine helped him pick up all his food off the table.

But why Ms. Katherine?”

Katherine giggled and put the plate back on the table with the food now cleaned up.

Because the table isn’t hungry, but you are so eat your lunch.” She tickled his side, making him squeal with laughter. Katherine laughed as a knock sounded on the daycare door. Standing up, she wiped her hands off before walking over and opening it.

She smiled seeing a middle aged woman standing there.

Hi, can I help you?”

She noticed the hospital gown on the woman. It wasn’t abnormal for patients to come down and visit. Some times spending time with the children made them feel better.

I’m um, I’m looking for Katherine?”

“That’s me.” She took notice how the woman’s eyes widened slightly and looked her over. Katherine squrimed slightly, a little uncomfortable. She felt like the woman was sizing her up. She cleared her throat and gave a small smile. “Can I help you with anything?”

“You don’t happen to know a Negan, do you?”

Katherine furrowed her eyebrows slightly as she nodded.

I do. He’s my boyfriend. May I ask why?”

The woman’s eyes sarted to water as she gave a bitter smile.

It’s nice to meet, you Katherine. I’m Lucille. Negan’s wife.”

Katherine remembered that day like it was yesterday. She had felt like someone had punched her in the chest. Her and Negan had been together for almost two months at that point and she had felt so stupid for not realizing Negan was married. There were times when they would be at her apartment and he would get a call before immediately leaving. Sure she’d always ask him where had to run off to but he would always tell her it was work related or he would kiss her and take her to bed before she could even ask more questions. He was a master manipulator.

He knew just what to do to get what he wanted.

“You know what today is, Rick? Today is a fucking banner say. Yes, it is. I think this little arrangement we have is gonna work out just fine.”

Katherine stood by Negan’s side, watching as his men walked back and forth, their arms loaded with all their guns. She watched as Daryl walked past them. He looked so broken and in return, it broke Katherine’s heart. She had never seen Daryl this way before.

“Hold up.” Negan said, taking a a hand gun out of one of his men’s arms. “Let’s see if you’ve been taking good fucking care of my guns.” He cocked the gun and pointed it at Daryl. Katherine’s heart started to pound in her chest. She was relieved when he let Daryl pass, instead raising his arm and shooting a window.

She let out a silent sigh of relief.

“Feels good. Sounds good! Oh, I do believe Lucille’s getting’ a little jealous. What between these guns and my little Kitty Kat over here.” He pulled Katherine to him. Katherine and her father kept their eyes on each other, not wanting to feed into Negan’s games.

They continued to watch as all the guns were loaded in the truck. They all turned their heads when they heard muffle crying. Arat was pushing Olivia out of the garage.

“Arat, we don’t do that unless they do somethin’ to fucking deserve it.” Arat stopped and handed him over the notebook that Olivia kept inventory in.

“Yeah, we went throught the inventory. Guns in the armory, guns they had around the walls, they’re short. Glock 9 and a .22 Bobcat.”

Negan’s face turned serious as he looked up at Olivia.

“Is that true?”

“We had some people leave town. Those guns probably went with them.” Rick quickly said, trying to difuse the situation.

“So Olivia sucks at her job. Is that what you’re fucking sayin’?”

Rick quickly shook his head.

“No. No, I’m not sayin’ that.”

“There should be a full fucking accounting here, right? Top to bottom. Am I right?

“No. I mean yes. The inventory is correct.”

“Good. But not so good, too. You see, what’s in here…isn’t fucking there. You’re two handguns short. Do you know where they are?”

Katherine swallowed hard. She said a silent prayer that Olivia did in fact know where they are so this mess could get cleared up as quick as possible because the look on Negan’s face right now, was scaring her. It was the same look he had the night he killed two of her friends.

“No. I…”

Negan sighed and looked at Rick.

“That’s disappointing, Rick. I thought that we had a fucking understanding. But this…well, this shows that someone’s not on board and I can’t have that.”

He turned to Olivia and stepped closer to her.

“I don’t enjoy killing women. Men, I can waste them all the live long. But at the end of the day, Olivia, my dear this was your responsibility.” Olivia whimpered and Katherine’s heart was once again racing.

'He can’t kill her’ she thought. This was the one thing she had been hoping they would avoid and now because some idiot took two guns without anyone knowing, Olivia’s life was in danger. Katherine could kill whoever did it.

“Look, we can work this out,” Rick said, stepping forward.

“Oh, yes, we can. And I’m going to, right fucking now.” Olivia whimpered again as more tears fell from her eyes. Katherine’s heart broke. Olivia was one of the sweetest people she knew. She didn’t deserve to die for someone elses screw up.

“This was your job, and you screwed up. Keeping track of guns? That shit is fucking life and death.” Negan turned to Rick.

“You go find those fucking guns for me, Rick. I’ll be keeping Olivia here company. Arat, grab her.” Arat grabbed Olivia by the arm while Negan grabbed Katherine’s wrist again and pulled her along.

“You can’t kill her.” Negan looked down at Katherine. They were outside while Olivia was inside making lemonade for them, Arat standing guard.

They had been away from her father for almost ten minutes and they had yet to find the guns. She knew Negan was serious about killing Olivia if he didn’t get those guns and she didn’t want that. She didn’t want anymore of her friends or family to die.

“Not only can I, Kitty Kat, I fucking will if necessary.”

Katherine shook her head and stepped towards him.

“Negan, please. They’ve already lost so many people. P-please don’t.”

Negan looked at her, his intense gaze making her squrim slightly.

“And why should I fucking do what you ask? You disobeyed me today.”

Katherine swallowed the lump in her throat.

“I-I was just trying to help back there. I didn’t mean to break your rules. I-I’m sorry.”

Negan smirked and pulled her into his chest. One arm wrapped tightly around her waist while his other hand gripped her chin and lifted her gaze to meet his.

“Your friends need to learn. They need to learn that I am fucking in charge now and there are consequences for their stupid mistakes.” Katherine held in her tears as best as she could.

“Please Negan. Please don’t kill her.” She didn’t want to say what she was about to, but what else was there to do? “I-I’ll do anything.” She been hoping to never get into this situation but now here they were and she was prepared to do anything he wanted in order to keep her friends and family alive.

Negan’s smirk grew into a full toothy grin. His tongue poked out between his teeth as he spoke.

“Is that fucking so?” Katherine tried not to tense. She slowly nodded. “Ya know, I remember you saying that when I was gonna have your daddy chop your little future serial killer brother’s arm off and I didn’t fucking take you up on it. But now I think I will. So, what do you fucking got for me, Doll? And it better be fucking good.”

“W-whatever you want.”

Negan smirked. Those words were music to his ears. He let for of her chin in favor of cupping her cheek. Katherine felt him rub her cheek with his thumb. She would have found it nice if hadn’t been for their history. He bent down close so Katherine could feel his breath hitting her lips.

“You’ll do anything?”

Katherine hesitantly nodded, not liking the look in his eyes. But there was no turning back now. She was doing this for Olivia and everyone else in Alexandria. Sherry’s words came back to her.

A happy Negan means nobody gets hurt.”

Negan got closer to her, their noses bumping into each other.

“I’ve been thinking about getting another wife.” Katherine felt her heart stop. In reality, she should have known that would probably be what he wanted. But it still took her off guard. “And I think my Kitty Kat would be perfect for it. You already know what I like, what I don’t fucking like. You’d be the perfect wife, Doll.” He gave her a villainous grin.  “Yea, yea I fucking like that idea. I’ll spare your little friend if you agree to join me in holy matrimony.”

In truth, she didn’t want to be his wife. She didn’t even want to be near him. But she also didn’t want Olivia to die. And who knows, she’d probably make him more angry if she refused. She then thought about what her friends and family would think. Surely they’d understand she did it to keep them all safe.

“Tick-tock Kitty Kat. The offer only stands for two more minutes.”

Katherine took a deep breath, willing herself not to cry.


Negan grinned.

“Good fucking choice, Doll. Consider your friend spared.”

“Negan!” Negan looked over Katherine’s shoulder to see Arat standing there.

“What?” He stood up straight while Katherine looked down at the ground.

“They found something.”

Katherine’s eyes widened as she choked on a sob. It would be her luck that they find the guns right after she just agreed to be one of Negan’s wives.

Negan smirked.

“Good.” He looked down at Katherine, seeing a tear run down her cheek. He had just got two more guns and a new wife. This day was turning out to be better than he thought. “Let’s go get our guns, Kitty Kat then we can go home and I can go over the rules and shit for being my wife.”

Katherine sniffled as Negan wrapped his arm around her shoulder’s and they made their way back out to the truck.

After getting the guns back and making sure everything was loaded, they all headed back towards the front gates.

“Hell of a place you got here, Rick.”

Rick nodded, looking at Katherine who hadn’t said anything since they found the guns. In fact she hadn’t even looked at him since then. He immediately thought Negan had done something to her but there was no way Negan was going to let him ask her about it.

Seeing something out of the corner of his eye, he looked behind Negan. He saw Michonne standing in the abandoned shack that was just inside Alexandria’s walls. Clearing his throat, he looked back at the man in front of him.

“Give me a second.”

Negan looked him over and gave a small smirk.


Rick sighed.

“Please, can you just…give me a second?”

Negan didn’t say anything which Rick took as a yes. Katherine didn’t look up as her father walked away. She was to filled with shame and embarrasment to even look at him right now.

“What do you think? Should we tell your daddy about our fucking union or do you think he’s had enough for one day?” Negan chuckled. Katherine bit her tongue, not wanting to lash out at him. She just settled for shaking her head. “Yea you’re probably right. Fuck, we wouldn’t wanna add any more wrinkles to that face now would we?”

Katherine felt so sick to her stomach. She kept her eyes closed and tuned everything out in an effort to keep the contents of her stomach where they were. She had hid from this man for almost a year. She had never wanted to see or be with him again, yet she had just agreed to become his wife. If she had waited a few more minutes, she wouldn’t have even had to answer because they would have found the guns. But now there was no turning back. Now that she had agreed, she knew Negan wouldn’t let her back out.

She hadn’t realized how long she had zoned out for until Negan squeezed her shoulder. Snapping out of it, she heard him laughing.

“Jesus, even in the fucking apocalypse you still space out?” Negan shook his head. “Say goodbye to your fucking daddy, Doll. We’re going.” She looked up at him as he unwound his arm from her waist. She immediately took the opportunity to run to her father. Rick immediately wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

“I love you.” She whispered, squeezing him tight. Rick squeezed back just as tight.

“I love you too. I’m gonna get you out of there, okay. I promise.” Katherine nodded, more tears falling. She heard a throat clear and a hand on her arm, pulling her out of her dad’s grip.

“Well wasn’t that fucking sweet. But we gotta get going, Rick. I’ve got plans to make.” He smirked down at Katherine who glared at him. He just laughed and led her over to the truck they rode in on. Katherine got in and sat in her seat as Negan walked back over to her father to grab Lucille.

She watched as he said something to him before walking back to the truck. Once he was in, he looked at Davey who was in the drivers seat.

“Let’s go Davey. I’ve got a wedding plan.”

Katherine closed her eyes as the truck roared to life and they started driving back towards The Sanctuary. She didn’t know what to expect now that she had agreed to be Negan’s wife. Would it actually help her to keep him from killing her friends and family? What if she did something to piss him off and he attacked her friends and family for revenge.

The only thing she did know, is that she had just agreed to marry Negan and now her life was never going to be the same.


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Fear. It comes in many forms. Spider, water, small space and sometimes extreme height. You never understand why people love to put themselves in gravely danger for the sake of andrenaline rush. So when your boyfriend and your bffs came up with idea to ride T-Xpress, you never thought the day you want to cut ties with them has arrived. Shit…

“Come on, babe. It will be fun, I promise in the name of HOLLY”.

You couldn’t help but to glare at him and retorted, “Hell NO! I’m not gonna ride that stupid gigantic impossible ride!!”.

“Even Hobi agree to ride this, don’t you, Hob-ah?”, Namjoon replied and nudged Hoseok’s shoulder who still in daze, scanning the ride.

Only a soft mumble of “yes” came out of Hoseok and you knew it by then, they were plotting something evil. When you mean ‘they’, it meant Yoongi and Namjoon because Hoseok hates rollercoaster as much as you do. There was no way he agreed to this unless your ingenious boyfriend blackmailed him.

Suddenly your evil mind geared up to get even with your petit boyfriend, although he was taller than you by 14cm.

“Fine” and you could swear that yoongi and namjoon’s ears perked like dogs when you said that.

“on condition, I will ride with Namjoon and you, sweetheart with HOBI”. You just couldn’t help but to smirk at his shooked face as he glanced to Hoseok who looked like his soul already left his body.

“Please don’t let me ride with y/n ever again. I thought she was going to rip my hand apart”

“I would rather have my hand tore apart than have Hobi screaming at my ears every fucking seconds"

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What Matthew would be like whilst your fucking in public

the scenario i imagine most is sitting at a really expensive fancy restaurant on like a friends double date kinda thing with another couple, and ud be wearing this pretty fab shoulder less black dress with the new pair of black louboutins he bought u as a gift, and you would be pretty damn aware of the fact that hed been staring at you all night ever since you put the dress on and left the house, his eyes following the way u sway your hips slightly to tease him, bending over pretending to drop the keys right in front of him to push his limits, but the tight black suit pant hed be wearing would not make it at all easy for him so hed have to take his blazer off and hold it in front of his crotch as you enter the restaurant hand in hand, him getting frustrated as he realizes its gonna be a long painful night for him and already cant wait to leave, unbuttoning the top couple of buttons on his shirt, which you would carefully place your hand under and graze your nails lightly over the hot skin while whispering into his ear telling him which set of his fav lingerie you’re wearing as his hard on significantly grows. and fast forward to the other couple arriving, youd be a massive main and once again graze over his inner thigh slowly getting higher and higher to his crotch until he starts to move underneath you trying to stay calm, as you start to unbutton his pants palming him lightly over the thin fabric of his boxers as his hard on would now be throbbing and even though he wanted you to stop more that anything in the world he wouldnt do shit bc hed LOVE shit like that and the whole andrenaline pumping through both of you that they might catch on at any moment but thank GOD the table cloths are long enough and youd be sitting in a closed up booth in a remote corner of the restaurant, before grabbing your hands and excusing yourself to go grab something from the car as before pushing you into the back seat with him for an intense and angsty quickie. woah this was long im sorry i got carried away oops

Who should you fight: UHA edition
  • Hades: you're so dead that it's not even funny.
  • Charon: WHY. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? He is our socially ackward child. Wanna fight him? You monster. Anyway, he is a Death God and his magic is powerful so you will lose. Also: his husband is the God Killer.
  • Cerberus: You must have a dead wish. He will rip you intenstines and use them for decoration. But yes, fight him if you want. He could use some distraction from parental duties.
  • Zelios: fight him. He is the Guardian of Tartarus, but why not?
  • Cain: dead. You're dead. He is psycothic.
  • Abel: </b> You should totally fight him, you might have a chance of wining. But finish before Cain appears. Because he WILL appear.
  • Malachi: fight him.
  • Theo: another psycothic child. He will rip your spinal cord for fun.
  • Ambrosius: fight him. You will probably lose, but you won't die. I hope.
  • Nikias: the youngest one, but don't let that distract you. He was created to fight.
  • Persephone: she might look sweet and innocent, but she will transform you into a poisionous tree.
  • Alexion: God Killer. Really. Do I need to say anything else?
  • Blaine: you could fight him, it's not as if he could defend himself. You, coward.
  • Leon: His name means Lion. Like, really. It will be fun to see you try.
  • Ayo: Fight him, please. The kid totally needs it. He will beat you ass, but at least he will have fun.
  • Holly and Keros: </b> THEY ARE BABIES, YOU MONSTER.<p/><b>
  • Noe: </b> why would you do something like that?
  • Kat: </b> she is the only female second-in-command. Made inmortal ny Hades after fighting in a war. She is able to cope with Cain's temper tantrums. Badass is her second name. Do you really want to try?
  • Demetrius: </b> you might think you have a chance because one of his arms is artificial. Well, in his own words "I don't know how to teleport but yes how to fry your innards". Also, Nikias and Hades will be pissed. Nikias for fighting his hubby and Hades for breaking the arm.
  • Adrian: </b> he will send you flying to the other side of the room with a power blast. He will then feel really bad about that and will ask for forgiveness.<p/><b>
  • Sept: fight him. He will be too busy keeping up with Theo's demands to actually harm you</b> <p/></p>
  • Lucifer: </b> Hello? Lucifer? Lord of Hell? Traitor to Heaven? Do you even have a brain in that head of yours?
  • Thorn: </b> Do you really want to try?<p/><b>Jaques:</b> fight him, but he will probably take away your guns and give you a speech about how irresponsible you are.
  • Akin: </b> fight him and Hannibal will use your head as decoration.
  • Hannibal: </b> You are SO DEAD. Anyway, if you harm him Akin will hunt you down.
  • Lea: </b> Godess of curses and battle strategy. She will kick you ass so hard that you won't even have time to cry.
  • Raven: </b> he is one of Lucifer's generals. He even fought Michael. But if you want, why not? Fight him. Go big or go home.
  • Dania: </b> yeah, why not. Fight her. You will probably lose anyway.
  • Bali & Wednesday: </b> they are the guardians of Gehenna. But if you want to try... anything for an andrenaline junk.
  • Alaric: </b> Hoe, don't.
  • Stanton: </b> bye, dear reader. It's been good you know ya.<p/>
  • Deveraux: </b> You will be too horny to try anything.<p/></p>
  • Xenon: </b> Bitch, please. He is an Atlantean God. One of the most powerful panteons to ever exist.
  • <p/> <b>Dorean:</b> yeah, fight him. He is not a warrior, it's not like he will he able to harm you. But Xenon will go for your ass.<p/></p>
1st Advent Imagine

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Your P.O.V.

Joker and I weren’t the type of people to follow rules. We couldn’t even do a normal thing without breaking the law. That’s exactly what was going on. There was a big concert in Gotham city because Coldplay was coming and we decided to sneak into the concert. Why? Because we could.

The gates were open and the excited fans were allowed to go inside the huge stadium. Joker and I were still in his car and we were waiting for the perfect moment. “We’re fucking crazy” I giggled as I thought about everything we had done together. We must have broken some kind of a criminal record easily. “That’s why we go well together baby” Joker told me happily. He was wearing a black hoodie and he would cover his easily noticeable green hair with the hood. I was also wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. We would try to sneak in the crowd and then go with the flow. In the end we could get out normally because no one would care anymore. Of course if someone saw us that would be another story. Let’s just hope everyone would focus on the band instead of us.

“We could have jumped on the stage from a helicopter and make a big entry” He thought out loud and grinned. I looked at my maniac boyfriend. “Let’s just enjoy things for once okay?” I smiled and caused him to roll his eyes. “Fine” He whined and then got out of the car. So did I and I kept close to him. Instead of going through the main entrance, we would sneak in through a window. We had broken it last night so we could enter easily. We walked past the big human crowd and got on the other side of the stadium. Excitement and andrenaline pumped through my system and I felt like a rebel.

Joker just grabbed the window frame and put it on the ground. “I can’t believe it’s so easy” I muttered and looked inside. The window belonged to an office. “Ladies first” Joker nodded and smiled. I looked into his blue eyes and giggled. “You’re so cute” I let him know before jumping inside. He came right behind me and then we were inside. Now we had to find a way to the halls and sneak through guards to get ourselves seats. Joker opened the door carefully and looked around.

“It’s clear” He told me and so we walked out. We were in a big dark hall. We couldn’t see any guards because they were all where the fans were, making sure no crazy people would get here. They were doing a very bad job. After a couple minutes we heard loads of people and I knew we must have gotten under a spectator. Joker opened another door and that’s when I saw stairs. They were guarded, but the guards faced us with their backs. He turned to look at me and I nodded. Then we walked in and hurried up the stairs, giggling like teenagers.

The guards either didn’t notice us, or did and trusted that we had tickets. Fools. Soon we sat down in the backrow corner. We saw the stage easily from here. It was perfect. “See? It wasn’t that hard” He said happily and wrapped an arm around me. I looked at him through my shades. “Cover your pretty eyes boo, it’s easy to notice you” I told him and poked his nose. He sighed but still cracked a smile. Then he grabbed his black sunglasses and put them on. Just then the warm up band came on the stage and we could enjoy a big concert together without paying for it and getting a thrill of it.

I loved this man and how we did things.

When you get attacked by fans at the airport (You x EXO Kris)

Hello errrbody~ Haha it’s been a while since I worked on anything blehhh (≧ロ≦) I decided to sit down and work on something! This was a request I got, but I want to make it clear that I can’t stand it when the boys get attacked at airports T.T Show your love from a distance please >.< Anyways! I hope I can do a good job with this type of scenario! Leggoo~



“Where are you? Where is Chen?”

“He’s over there? Where are you?!”

“Hey! Don’t let go of my hand! Luhan!”

“I’m right here-”

You suck in a sharp breath as you narrowly avoid stepping on Luhan’s fingers as he tumbles to the ground, tripping over a fallen security rope. You grab his arm and help him up, fighting the cameras and flying gift bags that never seemed to stop coming. Going this way was a bad idea, but there was no way to avoid it now.

You had been traveling with your boyfriend Kris and the rest of EXO-M to Beijing, just for a few weeks of promotions. Really, you’d seen very little of Kris in the past few days. You were on business, and somehow he’d managed to convince you to fly back on the same flight with him. It wasn’t hard to resist–so what if it was a few hours on the plane? At least you would get to be with him!

But what had seemed to be a great idea had turned into a nightmare. Fans had gotten wind that the boys would be here, and EXO-M’s manager had been informed that they had been waiting here all night and most of the morning. Now, plunged into the center of the crowd, you were being pushed and shoved, and you had lost Kris’s hand a long time ago.

“Come on, we have to keep moving!”

Luhan grabs you by the arm, locking it with his own. He’d been tripped twice, and someone had thrown a gift at him earlier (thankfully it was just a teddy bear, nothing too serious). You shove your way through, shaking your head at security guards are pulled this way and that. Couldn’t you pass in peace just once? Did the boys really have to go through this every time they traveled?

It was disarming to be in this kind of crowd. There was no way to see where the door was–you were blindly following Tao and the manager, both of whom were wearing black baseball caps up ahead. You had lost Chen and Xiumin long ago, and Lay was no where to be seen.

“I found Kris!” Luhan shouts to you over the shrill screams. “This way!”

You can make out the back of Kris’s jacket up ahead, and when he hears Luhan’s voice, he turns around. “Come this way!” He waves to you urgently, worry clouding his expression. “Hurry!” Luhan leads you over to him, and you reach for his hand, trying to grab it.

“Please don’t grab me! Let go!”

You freeze at the sound of a familiar voice a little ways behind you, barely audible over the screams. Lay is pulling away from a fan who’s grabbed the strap of his backpack, jerkeing him closer to her camera. “Come on!” Kris waves his hand impatiently, unaware of Lay. “We need to get to the van!” You remember the instructions Kris had given you before you had come out of the terminal.

Don’t let go of my hand, no matter what. Find me and let’s go together.

“Kris, I-”

You hesitate for a moment, and he offers his hand again. “Let’s go, babe!” He says. “We don’t have time!” You bite your lip and look back at Lay, who is fighting his way through the crowd. “You go ahead!” You yell at him. “I’ve got to go back!”

You can hear Kris yelling your name, but that doesn’t stop you from forcing your way back through the crowd. “Lay!” You scream. “Lay!” Your voice is lost among the hundreds of others calling for him, so you step closer. He twitches with alarm when you grab his hand, but you hold tight to him anyway. “We need to make a run for it!” You look at him with wide eyes. “Kris is with Luhan and Tao is with the manager! I don’t know where everyone else is!”

Suddenly someone grabs you, and you let out a full-power scream. It’s Kris, and pulls you tightly to his side, turning so that the fans can’t get to you. He blocks the arms reaching for you, everyone trying to get a picture of the two of you together. He grits his teeth as the fans call you names, trying to get you to look their way.

Along with Lay, the three of you hurry through the crowds as fast as you can go. “We lost Tao and manager hyung!” Kris says, seeing the exit coming closer! “I’m going back for them! Lay, take her with you!” You look at Kris with panic and he pulls away, making sure Lay’s arms are around you before disappearing in the crowd once more.

He nods. “Okay, on the count of three!”

You tighten your grip on his arm. “One…two…three!”

The two of you pace through the crowd, shoving past the arms waving out to you. You wince as someone hits you in the eye with a camera, the long lense connecting directly with your eye. This time it’s you, not Luhan, who stumbles, landing hard on the ground right before the door. Lay picks you up, and the two of you dash into the sunny parking lot, banging on the door of the van.

Chen slides it open, and the two of you get in. You panic a little when the van zooms off without hesitation, with the only people in being Chen, Xiumin, Lay, and you. “Where is everyone else?” You sit up, pounding on the head rest. “We have to wait for them!”

“The manager said to go!” Chen explains. “There’s another van coming for them. He told us to leave as soon as someone else made it.”

You bite your lip as the van leaves the main pick-up area, parking in another lot a little ways away from exit. Five mintues…ten minutes…fifteen minutes. Where in the world are Luhan and Kris? Were they okay? Did they make it out?

“Hey, are you okay?” Lay touches your shoulder. “I think you got hurt more than I did-”

“I’m fine!” You ignore the throbbing in your eye, brushing him away unintentionally. Your mind was on your boyfriend right now. Should you have listened to his instructions? You would know where he was right now if you did.

Finally, nearly twenty minutes later, another van pulls up beside you and the door slides open. Luhan and Tao step out first, followed by Kris. You open the door without a second thought and grab Kris in a hug. “You’re okay!” You breathe a sigh of relief, even though it comes out more like a shriek.

“Don’t ever do do something like that again!” You’re shocked as he grabs you by both shoulders, giving you a light shake. “Do you know how worried I was? Didn’t I tell you to take my hand? What if something happened to you?!”

Between the andrenaline and the rush and the worrying, you can’t even stop your eyes from watering up. Kris rarely lost his temper, but you were seeing some of it right now. Xiumin sticks his head of the door, giving Kris a pointed look. “Hey, hey.” He shakes his head. “We’re all okay, so there’s no need to say all of that. I’m pretty sure she gets it. And it was her first time, too, so give it a rest, okay?”

He sighs heavily, looking at you. You bite your lip as fat tears roll down both cheeks. You swore that you would never cry in front of him, but how could you keep that promise now? You had never dealt with anything like that before. “Okay, I’m sorry.” He folds his arms, lowering his hed. “I shouldn’t have said all that. I was worried, and I-”

“I’m just glad you’re okay.”

He pulls you into the fan with the rest of the boys, who make room for you on the front seat. Everyone has battle scars, from Tao’s cap that fell off and got stepped on to Chen’s broken necklace. “Let me see your eye.” He frowns, touching your chin. “What happened?”

“I think I ran into a camera or something.” You sigh. “Is it that bad?”

“It’s definitely going to bruise.” He shakes his head, taking care to lower his voice so the other guys can’t hear. “Are you hurt anywhere else?”

“I don’t think so.” You swallow hard. “Can you just…can you-”

He already knows. He sits back in the seat, fastening his seatbelt, and pulls you into his arms, rubbing his thumb across your shoulder. You pull your hood up, and the manager finally gets in the passenger seat after all the stafff have been accounted for. The van starts for the hotel, and the van falls silent, everyone closing their eyes for a moment of peace.

“Kris, I’m sorry.” You say quietly. “I should have listened to you, but I didn’t want to leave Lay like that…”

“It’s fine.” He says. “I’m glad you helped him. But just…stay by me for the next few days, okay? I don’t want to lose track of you again.”

“Okay.” You laugh. “That I can do.”


Scenario end! What did you guys think? I tried to get everything accurately, but I’m sure that facing the fans is 100% scarier than what I can imagine 0.0 But the request is done!

Til' We Meet Again

Fandom: Big Hero 6

Pairing: Tomadashi (Tadashi x Gogo)

Part: (1/?) And I’m not sure how many parts I’ll make for this, probably a few.

Summary: Gogo was starting to think that masks were this season’s fashion sense, because other than the fact that someone else was wearing one, it seemed that these people had a special interest in her and her friends.

AntiHero!Tadashi yassss. Finally got to post this after some obstacles, been meaning to do it forever. Just so you know, the suit’s design is dedicated to c2ndy2c1d ‘s Antihero!Tadashi design, you should check them out.

Fanfiction // AO3

   Honestly, Gogo thought the hero complex was just a one time thing after avenging Tadashi’s death.

   But after feeling the andrenaline coursing through her veins when she wore that suit, it made her seriously think about whether or not to keep it at the back of her closet and never to wear it again. Because really, saving the world wasn’t so bad.

   At least the speed could clear her head a little after a whole day in the lab. She was working on another project that needed more of her attention than the previous one because she started from scratch, this time it would be a bit more difficult.

   She really needed to find a way how to make her bike pocket size so that people won’t steal it. That included her helmet too.

   Anyway, the members of the Big Hero 6 agreed within themselves that they weren’t going to pull out of the hero business anytime soon, and had express their feelings on how they actually felt about it.

   “Okay so, you guys still want to do this?” Hiro questioned one late night when all of them were at the cafè after another long day at the lab, his voice low so that his Aunt Cass wouldn’t hear from her room. The gang was sitting around a table, mugs half filled with hot chocolate in their grasp. The shop was quiet, exception for the soft whirling sound of the chiller that kept the pastries and the occasional thunk of a mug being set down. “No regrets or anything?”

   “I don’t see why not,” Wasabi shrugged, setting down his empty mug on the table. “We could help the cops, give them more hands-“

   “Uh no,” Fred cut in as he laid back on his chair, hands behind his head. “Sorry dude, we can’t get involved with the cops. They’d just ruin everything.”

   Honey Lemon frowned. “How would they ruin everything? Aren’t we helping them?”

   “Technically speaking,” Gogo spoke up, a finger in the hoop of her keys as she twirled them around. “We’re helping the city. We might lighten their work a bit, but we can’t get them involved entirely in what we do.”

   “Why not?” Hiro raised an eyebrow.

   “You see little man,” Fred rested his elbows on the table, his fingers wringed together under his chin. “Cops won’t take you seriously, they think they’re so good at what they do, they’ll just laugh at us the moment they see us. I mean, come on dude, look at us,” He gestured a hand to himself and let out a grin. “Who would want kids to help them, huh?”

   Gogo was surprised at the way he explained it, but it was correct nonetheless. “I hate to admit it, but Lizard Face is right,” Wasabi grunted, tapping a finger on his knee. “Basically, they would hate us for taking their jobs away, try to catch us and threaten us or something.”

   Honey winced. “They wouldn’t exactly do that to us, would they? We’re just students trying to help.”

   Gogo glanced at her. “Honey, I really appreciate your positive thinking but they don’t care, more reason they’ll hate us because we’re students, thinking we’re too much of a smartass to take over their job,” She shrugged. “So, we just do this between us.”

   “But they’re cops! People who have the authority to throw us into jail if we do anything that could hurt people. And maybe they could understand and let us help.”

   “We’re going to help people, Honey, not hurt them,” Hiro rolled his eyes. “That’s the whole point. But they wouldn’t understand what we’re going to do, and like the others said, if we try explaining them what we’re actually doing in the first place, they’ll think us as a threat.”

   The Latino sighed. “So no?”


   She gave a shake of her head, but a small smile was visible on her lips. “So, what are we going to do?”

   “We patrol, duh,” Fred scoffed, turning over to the clean side of a tissue and took out a pen from his pants. “Okay so, here’s the city right?” He drew a big circle on it, the others leaning forward to see what he was planning. “And there’s like six of us, we just split up in different directions to check out the city and call each other out if there’s some major kick butt to be done,” He leaned back again, a proud grin on his face. “Easy.”

   “Impressive,” Gogo commented dryly, running the digits of her fingers on the arrows he drawn. “There’s just one tiny problem, we happened to be students, and work applies to us no matter what the consequences,” She straighten herself in her seat. “All I’m saying is that we’ll be tired by the time we get back from SFIT, so we can’t patrol the whole of San Fransokyo, every day. We won’t get enough sleep, not enough energy, thus causing us to be zombies when there is real danger to be taken care off,” She set her gaze unwaveringly to all of them. “Plus, I don’t want to depend my life on caffeine and sugar.”

   Hiro rubbed his chin. “Well, we could always take turns on patrolling since there’s six of us, or,” He snapped his fingers, excitement filled in his eyes. “We could just check out one spot of the city one day, and change places on the next. That way, it’ll be easier for us to help each other out if we’re in danger since we’re near enough,” He crossed his arms in triumph, a grin stretched on his lips.

   “Nice, lil Hiro,” Fred cheered as he raised his hand to Hiro, to which the teenager responded with a high five.

   Honey shushed them. “You’ll wake, Cass!” She gazed at the tissue. “It might work, we’ll have to be smart at giving up our time though, there might be emergencies that we might be forced to go,” She finally looked up, a smile on her lips. “And, imagine all the new weapons we could make!”

   “Oh, I can’t wait to start on that, I’ve got a few up here,” Wasabi tapped the side of his head with a finger, both eyebrows raised. Then, he yawned. “Well, I gotta go, got a few things I still haven’t finish at the lab, I’ll see y’all tomorrow,” He stood up. “Yo Lizard Face, Honey, shall we go?”

   “It’s Fred,” Said person protested as he and Honey followed their friend out. The Latino glanced back. “How about you, Gogo? Coming back anytime soon?”

   Gogo nodded. “Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

   Honey waved at her before the door closed. “Drive safe!”

   “So,” Hiro started, standing up as he picked up the empty mugs. “You’re actually okay with this saving the world stuff?”

   She shrugged, helping him take a few as she made her way to the back. “I don’t mind,” Opening the dishwasher with a hand, she put the mugs in. “It’s kind of nice to do something else for a while, take your mind off things.”

   He passed the last of the mugs to her, looking as if in thought. “You’d think he would agree?”

   She paused from closing the door of the dishwasher, before slamming it a little too loudly that it made him jumped, eyes a bit dazed as he stared at her. She gave him a weak smile. “He wanted to help people,” She messed up his hair that he let out a protest. “And you’re already helping him do that.”

   He rubbed the back of his neck, frowning slightly. “Can’t take all the credit, you guys helped me too, you know.”

   She smirked, walking out of the kitchen. “Of course we did,” She grabbed her helmet from where it was perched on the counter, giving him her signature two finger salute on her way out. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Hamada, and this time, don’t be late.”

   He laughed nervously. “Well, I can’t promise that,” Pushing the door open, she walked towards her black bike that was parked in front of the store, and he stood at the doorway. “Hey Gogo, maybe you could teach how to ride that?”

   She scoffed. “In your dreams, kid,” She swung her legs over the bike, and wore her helmet over her head. “Go to sleep, Hiro.”

   He rolled his eyes as she started the engine, shouting a bit from the loud sound of it starting on. “Bye, Gogo.”

   With a single wave of her hand, she shot off.


   The moment she switched on the light of her apartment, she froze.

   Because standing at her desk near the window of her living room was a man in a goddamn mask, going through her desktop like he was strolling in the park.

   He wore a white sleeveless suit that showed his powerful arms, bandages wrapped at his shoulders that probably held the two katanas at his back. More bandages were wrapped around his palms that went up to his elbows, a few were wrapped at his legs. His face was concealed with the mask of a fox, fiery red streaks ran at the sides of it, held by two red ribbons that were tied behind his head.

   What was strange about him was that, he had scars on his right arm. She assumed it was the whole side of his body, because his exposed arm was the only skin he was showing other than his fingertips, and only splashes of skin were covering the muscles, other than that it was just a red mess.

   The man had whirled around the moment she opened the door, clutching something in his hand that looked suspiciously like a small blue disk.

   “What the hell-“

   She didn’t manage to finish her sentence when the man threw one of her text books at her, and she barely dodged it in time when she was snapped out of her thoughts. Quickly recovering, she lashed forward and tried to reach out for the man, but he had already gone out of the open window where he had no doubt used it to go in. She ran towards the window and grabbed the sides of it, saw a glimpse of the culprit disappearing around the corner of an alley, along with the disk.

   Cursing under her breath, she slammed the window close, probably waking up the neighbours but she didn’t care at the moment. Turning around, she tried to find anything that seemed misplaced.

   The TV was still in place, that goes with the speakers that stood at each side of it. All the desktops and a laptop she left were still there, but were obviously disturbed from what she witnessed just now. The place looked no more different than the way she left it.

   She sat down at the stool, glowering at the lit laptop in front when she saw it was at home page. “The idiot hacked in,” She panicked slightly, her fingers furiously flying over the keyboard. She tried reopening what the man had seen, and her eyes widen when she saw that it was definitely not good.

   “Oh, you have got to be kidding me.”


   “Someone what?”

   Gogo slapped a hand on Wasabi’s mouth, a glare shot at his way as she blew a bubblegum in her mouth. If one would wonder how she was able to do that, it was because he was hunched over his counter, working on his project he was half way finished. She wasn’t able to distinguished what it was, and he hadn’t told them what he was going to do. She popped the gum. “Not so loud,” She hissed.

   He shook her hand off, standing to his full height with a frown. “How the hell did someone copied a blueprint of your suit? How did he even get in? Who is he in the first place?”

   She leaned a hip on the counter, crossing her arms over her chest. “Look, all I know is that the moment I came back from the shop, I saw this guy messing through my stuff with this disk in his hand. When he saw me, he threw stuff at me, and left through the window I assumed he got in-“

   “The window?” He interrupted. “Man, how did the guy get out of your floor without breaking both of his legs?”

   “He parkour his way out from the twentieth floor,” She replied sarcastically. “When I looked out of the window, he was already gone,” She huffed. “Even I have to admit that he was fast.”

   “He didn’t even say anything?”

   She snorted. “No. What do you think he’d say? ‘Hi I’m here to steal some stuff?’ Please,” She shook her head. “This is bad though, we have to find out who’s this masked guy is and-“

   “What masked guy?” Honey wondered as she walked towards them, her hair tied up in a bun with her lab goggles strapped on her head. “And why do you two looked like something bad happened?”

   “Honey,” Wasabi greeted as she stood beside them. “Gogo got ransacked.”

   Honey gasped, taking hold of the shorter girl’s arm. “Are you alright? Did you get hurt? Did anything-“

   “Got stolen? Yes,” Gogo pried off her friend’s fingers. “And I’m fine, he threw some stuff at me like a kid with a tantrum, but he had terrible aim.”

   “What did he take?”

   Gogo pursed her lips. “I can’t tell you here, let’s go to Hiro’s lab and hope Fred’s there so that I can tell you, okay?” She then proceeded taking hold of both Wasabi and Honey, dragging them to their required destination. “He better not be busy.”

   They didn’t managed to reach the door when suddenly Hiro bursted it open, eyes wide as he panted.

   Gogo took one good look at him and clicked her tongue. “You’re late.”

   “No shit,” He wheezed, bending over as he tried to catch his breath.

   “Hiro!” Honey exclaimed, lightly cuffing his shoulder. “Language.”

   He took a deep breath, straightening himself up to give her a charming smile. “Sorry, Honey.”

   “Hiro,” Gogo interrupted, her voice firm. “There’s something that you gotta know.”

   He raised an eyebrow, gesturing for his friends to walk towards his lab. “What is it?”

   He pushed the door open, and they all filed in quickly. Once they all settled down a bit, Gogo let out a breath. “Someone just broke in my house yesterday night, and they took a copy of the blueprint that has all the details to my suit.”

   He froze, whirling around in his stool as he faced them with wide eyes. “Oh crap.”

   “Hiro.” Honey warned.

   “Yeah, sorry Honey, but seriously? Someone stole a blueprint of your suit? Oh man,” He rubbed his hand over his face. “Not you too.”

   “Wait,” Wasabi spoke up, leaning forward from where he had made himself comfortable on the bean bag beside the door. “What do you mean her too?”

   Hiro sighed. “Someone just messed with my stuff last night when I went to check out the garage, I reopened the tabs and saw that whoever the person was had did the same thing to what happened to Gogo. He probably sneaked in when we were gone, and left when we got back,” He groaned. “I swear if it’s some druggie-“

   “It’s not,” Gogo confirmed, popping the gum in her mouth. “Some guy in a mask, again,” She shook her head. “I don’t know what’s the deal with people and masks nowadays.”

   “Wait,” Hiro pointed a finger at her, squinting his eyes a little in suspicion. “You saw him?”

   “He managed to throw a textbook at me, to which what I assumed was a distraction,” She used her fingers as air quotes. “Got an aim of a toddler, but he could escape if he wanted to,” She realised they were short of one person. “Where’s Fred?”

   “Dunno, but he’ll be there at our first patrol tonight,” Hiro answered, whirling around to face his desk. She saw that he took a small metallic orb, and threw it on the floor, where a 3-Dimensional version of San Fransokyo popped out of it, floating in the lab in all its glory. “Since we’re going to find out who does this guy think he is, breaking into people’s houses and all,” He rolled the stool nearer to the map as he studied it. “Half of us has to be over at Honey’s house and the others at Wasabi’s, since we don’t know where the guy’s gonna go next.”

   Wasabi let out a low appreciative whistle as he stood up, huddling around the map with the rest of them. “You’ve got to give me one these later.”

   “Fred has to stay at his own house though,” Honey suggested as she stood behind him. “From the cameras at every corner of his house and lawn, I assume his house has a security room, so he can keep an eye on the place from there,” She narrowed her eyes at the floating city, turning it clockwise, and then tapping one particular spot at the outskirts of the city. “This is where I live,” She then zoomed it, and Gogo took a moment to appreciate at how it did, feeling as if she was flying forward to Honey’s house. “And about fifteen blocks down the road is where Wasabi lives,” Honey swiped across the 3-D road, stopping just at Wasabi’s apartment. “It’s not that far, so maybe we can get to each other in time if the other party needed help,” She looked up to her friends. “Yeah?”

   Wasabi hummed in agreement. “And here’s where ol’ Lizard Face lives, among the posh people,” He out zoomed the map, and turned it again so that he could pin point the area among the large mansions. He tapped on the house that was eight houses away from the T-junction, and it zoomed forward to Fred’s house. “It’s exactly fourteen miles from where the both of us live, gotta take a while for us to get there if he needed our help.”

   Then, the door burst open. “Hello, nerd people!” Fred grinned in greeting, stopping short at the doorway when he saw the replica version of his house levitating in the middle of the clearing. “That is awesome,” He walked nearer, stopping just at the edge of the map. “Is that my house?”

  “Speak of the devil,” Gogo muttered under her breath, while at the same time Hiro greeted him. “Glad you could make it, Fred,” Hiro replied instead. “We were just talking about you.”

   “Well yeah, you have my house floating here,” He squinted. “Whoa, I can see my bedroom.”

   “Fred,” Gogo finally spoke, her voice filled with annoyance. “We’re going on patrol tonight, some masked guy just broke into my place last night, along with Hiro’s, and stole a copy of our suits blueprints. There might be a chance of him going to the three of you next.”

   He raised both of his eyebrows. “Seriously? Another villain sneaking about? Nice,” He punched the air. “Now I can test some of the new types of fire you guys made me.”

   She was about to retort a reply when she heard Hiro saying a few words. “How did he know where we live though,” He muttered, and she had to strain her ears a bit to listen. “And who we were. Only Callaghan knows about the suits, and Krei.”

   “Probably some lackey of Callaghan,” She responded, and he glanced up to her. “Krei sworn to never tell anyone, we saw and heard him do it. And despite the arrogance he made people believe he had, he would keep his word,” She pursed her lips, staring at the map in front of her. “I hope so anyway.”

   “We should trust him,” Honey assured, giving them a hopeful smile. “He made some sort of vow to us right? He has to keep it.”

   Wasabi shook his head. “I hope so, Honey.”


   The night was surprisingly quiet.

   While Wasabi was at his room, she volunteered she would be roaming the streets, in case she happened to bumped into the masked man again. She merely stood at the valley opposite to where the apartment was, leaning against the bricked wall of a shop, the faint sound of the bell door rang occasionally after indicating some customers. She was fully geared, gluing her eyes to the four-story apartment as she, unfortunately, listened to Fred’s yapping from the comm., jaw clenched with irritation.

   “In this harsh night of the full moon, we waited in anticipation for our foe to make an appearance once again, hidden by the shadows like the creatures of the dark. As I, Fredzilla, brace myself for-“

   “For some major slap in the face when I get to him or so help me,” Wasabi cut him off, and Gogo could feel her lips tugging into a smirk. “Would you please just shhhh?”

   “Not to worry, Guava Man, Fredzilla will fill this night with-“

   "Did he just call me Guava Man? Yo Lizard Face-”

   “-happiness and joy so to ease the frightening feeling-“

   “Uh, guys?” Hiro’s voice crackled from the comm.

   “-inside you. Do not fear, Fredzilla is here.”

   Gogo let out a quiet sigh of relief when there were blissful seconds of silence, until it was broken again.

   Honey giggled. “Did you just say that?”

   “How original,” Gogo could hear the laughter in Hiro’s voice as he made a comment. “Maybe I should do that when the guy comes, ‘Do not fear-‘”

   He didn’t manage to finish his sentence when suddenly there was some sort of commotion, and she quickly straightened herself in alarm when she heard Wasabi cursing into his comm., the sound of something crashing to the ground could be heard at the background.

   “Wasabi,” Gogo called out to him, her eyes darted at every corner of the building to look for the masked man. “Wasabi, do you read?”

   “Yeah,” He grunted, and there was a shing of metal that sounded alarming close to his comm. “He’s here, got two katanas that’s trying to turn me into sushi now, but don’t come up,” He quickly added. “I want you to be down there if he escapes, cause he’s itching his way to the window now.” There was another crash. “Man, you just trashed my place!”

   She did as he told, hands clenched as she tensed herself. “And the foe has arrived.”

   “Shut up, Fred.” She snapped. Then, Wasabi’s voice could be heard again.

   "He’s out.”

   Her eyes narrowed at the figure crashed out of the sliding door, taking hold of the railing of the balcony before somersaulting his way down from the third floor, landing on his feet like a cat.

  “I see him.”

   She then proceeded to throw one of her disks at him.

   It hit one of his blades, causing him to jerk forward in surprise as his weapon had flown out of his grasp and landed a few feet away. He jerked his head at her way, before making a run for it by turning into an alley, grabbing his katana along the way as the ribbons that held his mask on flew behind him. She chased after him, reattaching back the disk onto her wrist.

   “Wasabi,” Hiro called out frantically. “Are you okay? Are you with Gogo?”

   “No and no,” Came the reply. Gogo could feel her chest tighten with worry for her friend. “I need to wrap myself up,” He continued tightly. "The guy just slashed me.”

   She could hear the sharp intake of breath. “Okay, just stay there and don’t go anywhere, Baymax and the rest of us are coming.”

   “Gogo,” Honey called out. “I’m coming with you.”

    Gogo grabbed the edge of the building, and used her momentum to turn around the corner as she continued her pursue on the masked man, determined on finding out who he was.

   “We’re at the alley beside the building,” She replied, her eyes not leaving the back of his head. “And you better hurry.”

   He was fast even if he was on foot, dodging every obstacle that was in his path. He would slid over dumpsters and jump over abandoned boxes, as so would she as she squeezed her way between them. She couldn’t risk throwing one of her disk again in the tight space of the alley, fearing that it would bound back to her and she wouldn’t be fast enough to avoid her own equipment. And so, chasing after him was the only option left.

   She saw that he turned into another alley, pushing herself forward as she followed his way, and even from the distance, she could see that he was trapped at the end of the alley.

But what surprised her most was that he didn’t stop, if her eyes wasn’t deceiving her, he had instead ran faster, pumping his legs harder. She saw him tensed himself, before leaping up and taking hold of the bricked wall, his breath knocked out of him from the impact of the force that hit him in the chest.

   Her eyes widen in disbelief when he started to climb, causing her to falter slightly. “What the hell?”

   “What?” Fred asked.

   She shook her head slightly, pushing herself forward as she focused on catching him. “He’s climbing the wall,” She replied curtly. “His gloves probably has some kind of ability to stick on things.”

   “So, he’s a Spiderman wannabe?”

   She ignored him, silently calculating in her head on how to throw her disk at him again. She knew it was a risk, but he was getting away and she needed something to bring him down. Her suit wasn’t made for climbing walls, and the limited space of the alley prevented her from making an arc so that she could accelerate her way up the wall, which only led her to the current option.

   She took a deep breath, aiming for his back. She then flicked the disk to his way, it managed to hit his shoulder that he let out a grunt in pain, causing him to fall as he clutched his shoulder with a hand. She knew she hadn’t hit him hard when she caught the disk again, the worst case scenario he could have suffered was a dislocated bone.

   She skidded to a halt above his head, taking hold of his suit as she slammed him to the wall, her fingers curling around his clothing as the anger she felt for what he did to Wasabi was starting to leak. “Just who do you think you are?” She hissed, tightening her hold onto him as he merely stared at her through that fox-mask of his, not even trying to defend himself.  She couldn’t help but think the fiery red streaks of his mask was taunting her for what she was feeling.

   “Why are you doing this?” She tried again, her anger boiling at this point. “Why are you breaking into our houses?” When he didn’t reply, she was ready to snap. “Talk!”

   She was about to make a grab for the mask when he caught her wrist, catching her off guard as he leaned forward. She started to struggle, tugging on her hand as she glared at him. “Let go-“

   “Conscience doth make cowards of us all.”

   She froze, the blood in her veins turning cold at his voice. It was so achingly similar to the one that had been haunting her for months that had past, leading her to sleepless nights and even waking up before the crack of dawn.

   “It can’t be,” She breathed out, wide eyes darted around the mask as she searched for answers. “You’re-“

   She was cut short when he suddenly whirled them around, hitting the back of her helmet with the wall. It had surprised her entirely that she couldn’t even do anything to make herself move when he was suddenly off her, sprinting his way back to where they had come from.

   She was left gaping after him for a little too long, and she was snapped out of her thoughts and started to go after him. She almost didn’t believe it, but her ears were true to her when she heard that voice, it was in fact, the same voice she had been hearing most of her life. She couldn’t be mistaken, she heard it, she was only a breath away from him when he said those words. But it almost seemed impossible, he was supposed to be dead.

   But when she looked around the corner, he was already gone.

   Vanished like a ghost.

   And she was starting to think that everything was an illusion.

*****   Kudos to those who could guess where did the quote came from.   ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  Who knows, maybe I’ll post a short Tomadashi drabble to those who managed to do it, eh?  *wink wONK

And this is why I love adrenaline rushes.