Do you want to know why I love this moment from Frozen?

This is the first time in years that the two sisters have actually, properly seen each other and it shows on Anna’s face. Anna is uncomfortable. She doesn’t know exactly how to react to seeing Elsa. 

Oh, but you can see the love in the eyes of Elsa. You can see that Elsa, through the years spent locked away in her room, never gave up on Anna. You can see that Elsa is very comfortable with Anna. To Elsa, Anna will always be her little sister. 

This scene shows us that Elsa truly is human and maybe the only thing that got her through the isolation was thinking of her family. Thinking of one day being able to control her powers and see her mom and dad and sister properly again. To maybe build that snowman with Anna one day. 

Maybe Elsa thought that one day, she’d control her powers and make it up to Anna and that everything would be fine