Do you want to know why I love this moment from Frozen?

This is the first time in years that the two sisters have actually, properly seen each other and it shows on Anna’s face. Anna is uncomfortable. She doesn’t know exactly how to react to seeing Elsa. 

Oh, but you can see the love in the eyes of Elsa. You can see that Elsa, through the years spent locked away in her room, never gave up on Anna. You can see that Elsa is very comfortable with Anna. To Elsa, Anna will always be her little sister. 

This scene shows us that Elsa truly is human and maybe the only thing that got her through the isolation was thinking of her family. Thinking of one day being able to control her powers and see her mom and dad and sister properly again. To maybe build that snowman with Anna one day. 

Maybe Elsa thought that one day, she’d control her powers and make it up to Anna and that everything would be fine


Being Norwegian, we were left out of the group of Disney Princesses. We’ve got a majority of Europe covered, we have China, Middle East, America covered with the Princesses. Heck, we’ve got the OCEAN too. But there has yet to be a Scandinavian princess, so this makes me excited. 

I’m glad to have a Disney film that(at least from the pictures of Kirstoff) gives props to the Saami People, Native Scandinavians. It feels good to have a princess like me

The Disney Princess dolls actually had to make a brand new skin color for the Frozen dolls, and I laughed. 


this is my new song and here’s the deal:

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Andrelle - “Things in common, there just ain’t a one. But when we get together, we have nothing but fun!”

I take–2 steps forward 
I take–2 steps back 
We come together 
‘Cause opposites attract 
And you know–it ain’t fiction 
Just a natural fact 
We come together 
'Cause opposites attract


Andrelle; it was a very chilly kingdom at this time of year, but The Merchant wandered as he did all the same. It probably didn’t help that he was trekking through mountains, and in pretty much his only protection from the cold was his cloak.

But, through thick and thin, he spotted the kingdom’s capital far away, lights shining in the darkness. Having decided to reach the place by morning, he trudged on. 

It was morning when he reached the town, more specifically the market. After a morning of scouring the market for anything interesting, he slinked into a side-alley, and began to set up his ‘home away from home’ stall.   

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Nothing like getting into the pool to cool off right as a thunderstorm rolls in. Right before I went inside for cover, I posed for this pic with the rainbow in the sky. 🌈💦☔️ (at House Andrelle)

Don’t fucking leave me for someone else and try to come back in my life andrell pissed me off fr today. I didn’t think he recognized me but come to find out he knew exactly who I was. Like who tf does he think he is. Don’t fucking compliment me and butter me up and shit tryna get me back. I got over you a long time ago. It’s ridiculous how everyone comes back to me trying to prove they’re better but I’m not interested anymore. Leave me alone


@marz_attakk18 practicing her fire dancing! #Saturdaze (at House Andrelle)


@drummerandrew’s light show! #Saturdaze (at House Andrelle)