Victoria's Secret: Make Andreja Pejic the first VS trans angel
Look what a French Andreja fan has made: "Hi everyone!! The reason I'm creating this petition today is because I am a transgender girl and I love Victoria's Secret. And I know that VS is a brand who wants to show there buyer they support all kind of girls, that's why there are VS angels of all ethnicity, sexuality, etc... But as trans girl, it really bother me that there is no trans angel I could look up to. That's why I'm calling on Victoria’s Secret to ask Andreja be their first transgender model. As a lover of fashion, I've seen Andreja's rise as a supermodel ever since she was known as Andrej Pejic, and I always really liked her. She as this thing that only iconic models have, not only an almost perfect beauty but also charm and personnality. She has, I think, the body and figure of a perfect VS angel, and I really would love to see her rising even more by joining others like Miranda, Karlie and Candice. She really has what it takes to be a VS model and the fact that she is trans could show the world that there is not only one kind of beauty but that every girl can be beautiful.I'm sure it would also whos that VS support the LGBTQ community in general and that we are all equal. I hope Victoria's Secret will see this petition and that the answer will be positive. I'm sure that by making Andreja their 1st trans angel, they would show the world how open they are about the subject, and certainly make history."