this had me hanging by a thread. 

will connolly’s voice is breathtaking, you cannot fight me on this.

(((pls know that Once is a goddamn amazing musical you will just love it)))


I’m finally done with this baby. I’m not overly proud of it, I definitely see where I need to improve, but I think I can finally call myself a portrait artist without internally cringing. Now that I’m done with this overly long and stressful project that was about Will Connolly, I’m gonna start finishing my animation of an interview with Will Connolly 👌😑✨ ( I don’t have a problem I swear )

Stalker (1979) dir. Andrei Tarkovsky

Dog: uncredited

This black shepherd is a wonderful symbol for the supernatural power of the mysterious Zone (Зона). However, one is left wondering if there is much substance to the pup’s performance besides just being a pretty face and a good boy. The fact that his performance is in Russian does not help.

Rating: 6.8/10

The Signs as Things I've Heard People Say in Ireland

Aries: I play the bodhrán. It’s a great instrument whose name comes from the Irish verb ‘to deafen’.

Taurus: Bring on the termites!

Gemini: I have two daughters, both in their twenties. Jill’s an excellent, hard-working girl, wants to do well for herself. The other one’s a lazy cow.

Cancer: Something about an octopus in a thick Dublin accent???

Leo: [in response to how are they feeling after last night] Good. But that’s bad 'cos it means I’m a functioning alcoholic.

Virgo: Are they sheep or dogs? I don’t know. They’re dog-sheep. They go baa-rk… Wait, sheepdogs are a thing.

Libra: I am going to do some eejiting on the bodhrán, if you don’t mind.

Scorpio: Wow that milk is just the fastest thing I’ve ever seen.

Sagittarius: [a little girl about 4yo] Mammy, am I a midget?

Capricorn: [in response to whether they want a beer] Does a bear shit in the woods?

Aquarius: He ran over the feckin’ banjo!

Pisces: I’m not accident prone I’m just unfortunate.