Teammates: Loktionov and Voynov

The newest feature on is entitled ‘Teammates.’  Each month the club’s official website will sit down with two players and ask each guy the same question.

In this first installment, rookies Andrei Loktionov and Slava Voynov, both from Russia, sat in their locker stalls at the Toyota Sports Center after a practice this week and alternated answers when they were posed with the following 10 questions:

Favorite Place in Los Angeles:

Loktionov – Beach

Voynov – My hotel room

Favorite NHL Player:

Loktionov – Wayne Gretzky

Voynov – Pavel Bure

Favorite NHL Moment:

Loktionov – My first goal

Voynov – My first goal

Favorite Russian Hockey Moment:

Loktionov – Gold medal (under 18s) 

Voynov – Gold medal (under 18s) 

Favorite U.S. City:

Loktionov – LA

Voynov –  New York

Favorite Food:

Loktionov – Steak

Voynov – Steak

Favorite TV Show:

Loktionov – I don’t watch TV

Voynov – Lost

Favorite Movie:

Loktionov – Paranormal Activity

Voynov – Troy

Funniest Teammate:

Loktionov – Matt Greene

Voynov – Matt Greene

Hardest Shot On The Kings:

Loktionov – Jack Johnson

Voynov – Anze Kopitar