andrei sitari


Here it is ! Our Annecy openning short Au Lapin Agile, co-directed with Fabien Corre, Sixtine Dano, Thibault Leclercq, Katie Sung Lee, Andrei Sitari and myself !


I worked during 6 months on an Opening short “Au Lapin Agile” for Annecy festival! (coming soooooon!) I worked with 5 talented classmates : Andrei Sitari, Thibault Leclerc, Valentin Lucas, Fabien Corre and Katie Lee!

Here is an isometric view I did of the bar where the story takes place! It’s inspired from the french Montmartre bar Au Lapin Agile :)

Here is the team that worked on the Annecy Festival Opening Short “Au Lapin Agile”

Front (Left to right) :
Valentin Lucas (Storyboard/Animatic, Layout, Animation)
Thibault Leclercq (Character Design, Animation, Compositing)

Back (Left to right):
Me (Storyboard Research, Concept Art, Animation)

Katie Sung Lee (Concept Art/Fx Design, Animation, Compositing)

Sixtine Dano (Concept art, Color Script, Background Painting)

Fabien Corre (Concept Art, Layout, Background Shading)


My Character Design, Turnaround and Zbrush modelisation made during the courses at Goeblins.
The subject was “Mad Scientist”