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Andre Burakovsky- short drabble 17

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17 with andre burakovsky if possible!👌 have a great day/evening

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I hope you have a great evening as well.

You knew your boyfriend, Andre Burakovsky, would be starving when he got home from the game.  He always was.  You had prepared a couple ham and cheese sandwiches for him.  You had them in the oven keeping warm.  

You heard the door open, from your perch at the kitchen counter.  

“what is there to eat” as usual, it was the first thing to leave Andre’s lips. You never got a hello, or any other greeting after games just what is there to eat.

“Well, I’ve heard the salad here is really good.” You said just as he rounded the corner and stepping into the kitchen.

“Do I look like a fucking rabbit?” He responded with a grin.  It had been a running joke between the two of you ever since your first date, when the waitress had looked you up and down then suggested that you order a salad, clearly implying that you needed to lose a little weight.  You had responded by simply stating that you weren’t a rabbit and proceeding to order a juicy cheeseburger and fries.  

You laughed and pointed to the oven. “The sandwiches are in the oven love”.

Andre Burakovsky- short Drabble 26

Can you do 26 with Andre Burakovsky please❤❤

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“Is it that time of the month?” Andre asked shifting from foot to foot.

“You literally ask me that whenever I’m mad at you!” you responded feeling a little incredulous.

“well” he shrugged.  

“Whether you want to believe it or not, I am capable of having moods that are not dictated by mother nature’s monthly call and asking that usually only makes it worse.” You retorted.

He hung his head, pretending to be contrite.  You both knew that you weren’t really, angry with him more just irritated.  “I’m sorry I forgot to call.  You know how dinners with Willy and Latts go. One thing turns into another and before you know it, it’s three a.m. and they have you plastered.”  

You could help the slight grin that appeared on your lips at that, after all that’s how you two had met, when he was out at a bar with Willy and Latts trying to convince him to get plastered.  You softened, walking over to hug him.

“It’s ok. But stop asking if I’m on my period every time I get mad at you ok?”

You felt him wrap his arms around you tightly returning the hug and nodding his agreement into your neck.