888mph asked you: OMG, I'm using my tumblr for the first time!!! One Sentence Meme: Andrea/Michone: if you don't want the 10, I'll take 3, 8 and 10, please. :)

(crack!fic plot)
3. They were supposed to stay behind the wall, Andrea knew, but that Gucci bag wasn’t going to be hers if she didn’t act now; she nodded to Michonne, and plunged forward as a path was cut for her and dove through the Saks Fifth Avenue window with a high-pitched battle cry.

8. Michonne could say “I told you so,” and maybe she should, but with Andrea looking so glassy-eyed and wrecked, as though in a daze, there was nothing to do but take her hands and tell her, not “I told you so,” but “He can’t hurt you anymore.”

10. The heads go flying, one by one, and Michonne is all tense muscle and perspiration as she stands, ready; Andrea fights down the hummingbird-fast beating of her heart and closes her eyes, trying not to see the lines of that strong body, though they’re burned into her retinas by now, a constant temptation.