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Last Thursday evening, I was lucky enough to get invited to Nickelodeon’s premiere party of their newest cartoon Sanjay & Craigcreated by Andreas Trolf, Jim Dirschberger, and Jay Howell at Tony’s Salon in downtown Los Angeles.  The evening was filled with libations & celebrations from food from Pizzanista to an open bar. Hey, even some break-dancing broke out.  Congrats to everyone who worked on the show, including our three buddies - Andreas Trolf, Jim Dirschberger, and Jay Howell!!!!  

Make sure to check out this LA times interview.


California by Datarock

Directed by Gerald V. Casale and Andreas Trolf


California show your teeth.

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2-Rude!! Check out the second full episode of Sanjay and Craig! E-Z Victory!

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Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson goes inside Nickelodeon for a look at the technology used to create the new animated series “Sanjay & Craig," created by our buddies Andreas Trolf, Jim Dirschberger, and Jay Howell.  Find out about how they draw, animate, and use technology to make the show!