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some part of tumblr is like “ belle fell in love with a beast. “ it’s not realistic and i’m sitting here like and cinderella rode in a pumpkin, had a fairy god mother, talked to rats, snow white practically died because of a poisoned apple, sleeping beauty pricked her finger with a spinning wheel… rapunzel has magical glowing hair, ariel was best friends with a fish and gave up her tail to go find love. jasmine had a pet tiger and rode on a magic carpet…

do you know what that’s called? it’s called fiction and you know how you enjoy it? by having an imagination.


Miss Quill + personality types

Like A Disney Princess

Request/Prompt: KASKDEIWJKSI I saw your post and I just had to request something! *in my New York accent pretending to be ordering something from the corner store* yeah, so can I get a fluffy Pietro x Reader where for their first date he brings her around the world using his speed! Also, I loved that Pietro pic ‘There Is Space On Me’! K, I’m done bothering you now, bye! - @quicksoldier
Note: okay, I lovoeoeo this request but i think… i did shit at it. I don’t know if it’s too cheesy. Also I had to change the around the world bit because i had no fucking clue on how to write that shit so yahh!! I hope you like it??? Also, i fucking described him as blond when the gif i used shows brunet, wtf andrea, get your shit together girl.
Summary: a date with Pietro, nothing goes wrong, and everything is perfect? Unrealistic, right?
Characters: Pietro Maximoff, Reader
Word Count: 775

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Anonymous asked: “Yooo jk!! What do you like to do for fun???”

jk: i’m a serious guy!

~ M

ps: excuse my handwriting. i tried to draw on paper and i like it bc of my pens (and paint’s annoying). how did it turn out?

  • RAPHAEL: *takes a deep breath*
  • RAPHAEL: i lo--
  • LILY: yes, you love simon lewis, i know, you love simon lewis so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love simon lewis, i KNOW, you lovesimon lewis you fucking love simon lewis ok i know, i get it, YOU LOVE SIMON LEWIS. I GET IT

I noticed that a lot of accounts on twitter (particularly the verified ones) are spreading incorrect information about Barzagli. This is the original interview. He never said anything about “Pogba and Vidal leaving to win the UCL, yet Juve is in the semis but Utd and Munich aren’t” or whatever misquote they’re spreading. Also, knowing Barzagli, or even just listening/reading a few of his interviews, you’d know that he’d never say such thing. Just an fyi :)

The correct quote is in the 3rd column (he didn’t even mention Vidal..)