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Pink (Pietà) | pt.2

Don’t trust me.”     pt. 1  |  pt.2

Stripper AU: Where Y/N’s brother, Namjoon, brings home a ball of pink haired trouble named Jimin, who twists her life around and makes her regret ever hearing his name.

Rated M/Warnings: slight violence, stripper!jimin, stripper!namjoon, slight minjoon, slight love triangle, sexual themes, asphyxiation kink, rough sex, oral sex

Word Count: 9,570

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Savages: Ch. 2 {Roman Reigns/Jason Momoa/ Tama Tonga x OFCs}

Author’s Note:  People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. This is the story of the Devil’s Breed Motorcycle Club. Devil’s Breed MC, San Diego is a spin off of another MC series I was working on. This is the story of the Kealoha family and the women they love. Please let me know if you like this. Feedback is really, really appreciated!!!

Warning: Smuuuuuuuuuuut! 

Word Count: 4,920 words

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Home Free

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Love & Other Idiotic Tendencies (Rap Monster, OC) Scenario

Happy Birthday NAMJOON! :D Hope you guys enjoy this fic~

OC-  Andrea (Yes, this is the much requested #NamDrea fic :P Our fave couple from Laws of Motion & Attraction)

The first time Namjoon thought he was stupid, he was at the public library near the lab where he was doing his apprenticeship. In that moment, he wished for nothing more than to disappear in and out of existence. 

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Weakness or Power?

Sara Andrea Greater Starter with @barryihavetotryallen

‘‘Say something I’m giving up on you..I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you..anywhere I would have followed you..say something I’m giving up on you” Andrea Sang as she felt of her sisters was away and the other was on the run,she felt helpless and she didn’t have anyone close to her anymore..maybe it was for the best to keep the feelings to herself in a song not sure if she was heard.


[ Are you- Are you Craig? ]
[ Yes? And you are? ]
[ Hayley. But you might know me better as Andrea, Andrea Labonair ]
[ … But that’s not possible ] 

The Originals Coda where Hayley learns that some of her family is still alive, and has been hiding ever since the massacre of the Labonair family. Following a lead, she finds the whereabouts of her older brother, Craig Labonair.
(Inspired by diabolicalmachinationlydiaprettymartin)

You’re Cute (n.m.)

| Requested by anon: an imagine, where your best friend is andrea russett & ur a youtuber and such. you talk to andrea about your relationship with nate & how perfect it is? then she films u saying this & sends it to nate? please?


(Nate’s POV)

“Please make her shut up about you” Andrea texted with a video from (Y/N). I chuckled at the comment and played the video.

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Matt Espinosa Smut

• It’s the first day of Matt Espinosa week! It’s technically the third day, but I had a longggg night Monday, so the smut along with the outfit imagine and imagine are getting posted today. This scenario was suggested by an amazing anon!❤️

“You know I hate going to these parties.” I said to my best friend Matt as he drove. “I know I know, but this ones different, I promise. The Jacks are throwing it, so there will be people you know.” Matt replied, just as we turned into the Jacks driveway. “Come get when you’re ready to go.” Matt said as we got out of the car and walked up the steps into the crowded house. The minute me and Matt walked into the house, all the girls eyes landed on Matt. Every girl wanted to hook up with Matt, and it was seriously annoying me. It’s obvious that I’ve had a crush on Matt since middle school, although we’ve known each other since kindergarten. I’m not sure if Matt feels the same way, so I’ve decided to leave things as they are. Just friends. Me and Matt walked up to where the Jacks were talking with Sam, Nate, and Dillon. They all did some bro hand shake with Matt, and I simply said hi. “So (y/n), Matt showed us your photo shoot pictures, they were A 1.” Nate said to me, making me blush. He was talking about the beach photo shoot I did with Bryant. “Well thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.” I teased, making Nate laugh. “You want a drink babe?” He asked, making me blush again at him calling me babe. “Uh, yeah!” I quickly replied when I realized I was silent for a whole minute. When he got up and left, I took his seat next to Sam. Me and Sam started to talk about how me and Gilinsky got pulled over and I had weed on me, so I had to eat it. I was lucky that it was only a small joint, but it still got me high as fuck. When Nate got back and he noticed I was in his spot, he handed me a Budweiser then sat on my lap. “Nate get off! You’re heavy!” I exclaimed while pushing against his back, making him laugh. When he got off of me, I got up so he could sit down, and when I went to walk towards Andrea and Arden, I felt him pull me onto his lap. “There’s a spot right here.” He said as I turned so I was sideways on his lap. Nate was always flirty with me, and I was flirty back. Nothing wrong with a little flirt. As the night went on, and six beers later, me and Nate were becoming really touchy. I had my arm wrapped around his neck, sensually running my finger tips up and down his forearm. And he had his arm wrapped around my waist. “You wanna go upstairs?” Nate whispered in my ear, then moved his mouth to my neck and pressed his lips to my neck. “Yeah.” I breathed out shakily. When I got off his lap, I turned and locked eyes with Matt. And he looked PISSED. When he turned around and walked towards the bathroom, I quickly followed him, forgetting about Nate. Right when he closed the door, I opened it and stepped inside, locking it behind me. “Are you okay? You look really mad.” I asked Matt as he lifted up the toilet seat. “Yeah, now can you get out so I can piss.” He spat out. “No you aren’t okay, what’s the matter?” I asked with a hint of attitude. “Fine.” He stated, then put the toilet seat down and sat down. “You were just throwing yourself at Nate, like you wanted everyone to know you were gonna be his one night stand tonight.” Matt spat out, making me gasp. “No I was not! I didn’t know we were gonna hook up till a minute ago. And why does it matter to you? I don’t give you shit when you fuck a girl.” I said angrily. “Because I fucking like you (y/n)!” He yelled, obviously still mad. “What?” I said quietly, feeling confused. I never knew he liked me, he never showed it! “I like you. And the thought of Nate getting to be with you tonight instead of me just fucking got my blood boiling.” Matt said with anger in his eyes, clearly mad at Nate. It was silent for a minute before I straddled him on the toilet and pressed my lips to his. Matt stuck his tongue into my mouth and our tongues began to sensually move against each other’s as Matt placed his hands on my ass. Matt was pretty hot when he was mad believe it or not, and it really got me going. I began to grind back and forth on Matts crotch, making him break away from our kiss to groan. I began to kiss on his neck as I ground myself on him, then teasingly sucked his skin, leaving a small hickey. “You’re making me hard as fuck.” Matt breathed out, making me smirk against his neck before lifting my head. “I can feel it baby.” I replied then bit my lip. I got off his lap and teasingly pulled my shorts and panties off, making him bite his lip at the sight of me. Matt simply unbuttoned his shorts and pulled the down with his boxers just enough so his dick could pop up. I straddled him again, and with the help of Matt holding onto his dick, I slowly sunk down on him. “Oh fuck.” I moaned as I stretched around him. I hadn’t had sex since I lost my virginity, which was a whole year ago. When I finally felt comfortable enough, I began to lift myself up and down. “Shit, you feel so good, so fucking tight.” Matt breathed out as I began to grind myself back and forth. Moans spilled out of my mouth as pleasure filled my body. I’d never felt anything like this before. The first time I had sex was painful, so this was definitely a lot better. Matt had his hands gripping onto my ass, and I felt him pushing against my ass, wanting me to go faster. I picked up my pace a bit making us both moan. “Kiss me.” Matt breathed out, and I pressed my lips to his in an opened mouth kiss, instantly sticking my tongue in his mouth. Our kiss would be interrupted by an occasional moan by me, until I felt Matt begin to rub my clit, making me stop the kiss altogether. “Oh fuck,” I moaned as more pleasure engulfed my body. I threw my head back as I got lost in the moment, moving my hips back and forth, then I suddenly felt Matt hit my g spot, making me moan loudly as my orgasm suddenly hit me. My toes curled in my sandals and I lightly spasmed against Matt. “Shit.” I moaned as tremors of my orgasm shook throughout my body. “Fuck, get off I’m gonna come,” Matt rushed out, and I quickly got off of him just as he came onto his hand. Groans left his mouth as he came, making me bite my lip at the sight. As I put my shorts and panties back on, and Matt cleaned himself up, I wondered what would come out of this. As I was running my fingers through my hair to make it less messy, I felt Matt wrap his arms around my waist. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He said against my hair. “Is that all you wanted?” I asked as I turned around in his arms. “Of course not. I actually like you (y/n), for a while now actually. I just didn’t know that we’d end up fucking for you to find out.” He said sincerely, making me blush. “Let’s go back to the party Romeo, I’m gonna see if Nate still wants to hook up.” I joked, making Matt sarcastically laugh. “Kidding.” I said with a smile, then pecked Matts lips before walking out of the bathroom with Matt behind me.

• I hope ya’ll enjoyed this! The outfit imagine will be posted in about an hour so keep an eye out for that. ❤️

Reckless Proposition, Part 11

For the record I’m still team Tayvin, not that it’s important. And the drama continues…


Birth control pills could prevent pregnancy up to 95%, while condom could prevent pregnancy up to 98%. Taylor used both. The chance of her getting pregnant was almost next to impossible, yet there she was staring at three pregnancy tests, all of them bore two stripes.

Fuck you, Adam! And your fucking super swimmers!

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Taylor slammed her palms against the bathroom sink. He just had to go and knock her up. Complicating the matters even further.

She had always wanted kids with Adam ever since he planted the olive tree in her backyard. When she looked into the future she saw Adam as her husband and the father of her children. But not like this. Not when he was nowhere ready to be a father, not when he didn’t even want to have kids.

Her phone buzzed. She took a peek and noticed an incoming message from Adam.

Are you at home rn? - Adam

Speak of the devil.

Taylor ignored the message, she couldn’t handle him right now. She chucked the pregnancy tests in the trashcan haphazardly and went to bury herself under the blanket, curling in fetal position.

The universe was playing a cruel joke with her, they were currently laughing maniacally at her miserable state. They were careless when they were together, skipping the condoms every now and then. Now they were being extra careful, yet pregnancy happened. What kind of sick joke were they playing?

She felt numb. She never thought that she would feel this horrible when she found out about her pregnancy. She always envisioned she would be ecstatic, she would surprise Adam with cheesy pregnancy announcement, he would be surprised but would be as thrilled as her, he would pick her up and spin her around, and they would celebrate the news with sweet lovemaking all night long. Here she was, crying her eyes out and alone.

She tempted to call Adam, but she wasn’t ready. She had to figure out what she wanted first before dropping the bomb at him. That night she cried herself to sleep.


Taylor was the master of ignorance. She had been ignoring Adam’s calls and text messages, and she had been ignoring the fact that there was a baby growing in her womb at the moment.

It was until she started throwing her guts out two weeks later and couldn’t keep anything down for the whole day that she knew she had to start telling people soon.

Her parents, Tree, her management, her girlfriends… and Adam.

She could already see emergency management meetings would be called upon, damage control and contingency plans needed to be drawn. Her personal and sex life would be discussed out in the open once again.

And how could she face her parents? Her parents surely didn’t raise her to be the girl who slept around and got knocked up by her ex-boyfriend, ex being the operative word here.

Her girlfriends would be supportive and had her back no matter what. One thing she would surely be needing in order to go through this pregnancy alone.

Telling Adam would be the hardest. She knew she had to tell him, but she also knew there was a possibility that he would leave her for good. She didn’t think she could handle it. She still loved him, no matter how hard she tried to bury the feeling.

She decided to call her mother first. She had been secretive for the past few months and her mother deserved better. Andrea picked up on the second ring, “hi darling, are you feeling better? I heard you’ve been throwing up today,” her mother greeted warmly.

Taylor held back her tears and tried to be strong, “mom? I have something to tell you…”

“What is it, honey?” Andrea sounded alert

“I… I’m pregnant,” Taylor’s voice cracked and tears finally spilled on her cheeks.

There was an uncomfortable silence on the other end. Taylor held her breath.

“I’m so sorry, Mom, please say something?” Taylor whispered.

Andrea cleared her throat, “I’m sorry, honey. You just took me by surprise. That is wonderful news, Taylor! Why are you sorry for?” Andrea said cheerfully.

Wave of relief washed over Taylor, she smiled happily, “you’re not mad?”

“Well… I’m surprised, but not mad. A baby is a wonderful thing, Taylor.”

“Ooh… mom, what am I gonna do? My career is over! The fans would hate me! The media would call me sl…”

Andrea cut her off, “Taylor Alison Swift, don’t you dare call yourself that! You are everything but that! Your career is not over, we may have to shift something around a bit, but you can still have both your career and raise your baby. Your fans will still love you and support you.”

Taylor couldn’t hold back her tears, “thank you, mom! You have no idea what that means to me. I thought I have to go through this pregnancy alone.”

“Oh honey, you won’t be alone. Never! Do you think I would trust you enough to raise my grandbaby without my supervision?” Andrea joked.

Taylor laughed, “thanks, mom!” Then she realized that she had to tell her mother about the baby’s father, “aren’t you gonna ask me who’s the father?”

“It’s Adam’s, isn’t it?” Andrea said gently.

Taylor closed her eyes, she could never hide things from her mom, “how did you know, mom?”

“Mother always knows, Taylor, you’ll learn soon enough. Did you think I didn’t know about the sneaking around you have been doing for the past few months?”

Guilt ate Taylor up, she wished she could vanish into nothingness, “I’m sorry, mom,” she apologized again, “I just don’t know how it could happen. We were very careful. I take my pills on the clock and we always use condoms,” she said in frustration, finally releasing all the pent up emotions she had been bottling up for the past two weeks.

“It’s just meant to be, Taylor! This baby was meant to be, if it was here against all odds.”

“I guess…”

“So are you back together with Adam? Have you told him, yet?” Andrea asked.

“Errr… no and no,” Taylor blushed, “it was a casual thing,” she mumbled. She had never been more embarrassed talking about her sexual life than she was right now.

Andrea sighed, “you have to tell him, Taylor,” she said firmly.

“I know, mom. I’m just… scared that I will lose him for good,” Taylor whispered.

“Either way, you still have to tell him. He deserves to know, what choice will he make afterwards is out of your control. Just know that we will always have your back and support you no matter what.”

“Okay, mom, thank you! I’ll talk to you later, okay?” Taylor said gratefully.

“Take a good care of yourself, okay? Please go to the doctor and check your pregnancy. Crackers and ginger candy always helped with the nausea when I was pregnant with you,” advised Andrea.

“Okay, I will ask the guys to buy them for me. Thanks, mom, I love you!”

“I love you, honey, everything will be okay,” Andrea said reassuringly.

Taylor felt as if a huge burden had been lifted out of her shoulder. How silly of her to think so little about her parents. She should had known better than anyone that her family would always had her back, no matter what.

She rubbed her lower abdomen, and for the first time she acknowledged the baby growing inside of her. “I’m sorry it took me so long, but you are loved, and I will do everything in my power to protect you,” she whispered as tears rolled down her cheeks.

The Gilinsky Twins - Jack Gilinsky Imagine - Part 4


part 1:

part 2:

Part 3:

*Skipping to friday*

I parked my car in the school parking lot and walked inside of school. Now I was finally seeing how the people had change. I walked to my locker and saw no one beside it. I opened it and got my stuff out. I felt a slap on my ass cheek. 

”What’s up baby girl?” I heard jack say and leaning against the lockers. ”Good morning to you to” I said sarcastically. i closed my locker and leaned up against it. ”So..” he said looking at me. ”I figured if we had keep going with this ‘friend with benefits’ thing then we should make some rules” he said with his famous smirk.

”Rule number one, no one can know” I say. ”Yeah about that,… Cameron found out” his hand scratched the back of his neck. ”WHAT?!” I yelled whispered. ”I told him not to say any one”.

”If he tells anyone I will pull his head off” I threatened. We stood there again in silence, it felt like hours but it was nearly two minutes.

”Rule number two, we can sleep and date other people” He said smirking. I nodded my head and suddenly a great idea came to my mind.

”Rule number three, the first one to fall for the other person loses”. He bit is lip and slit his hands in his pockets. ”Deal” He said. I know it was dumb rule since I was falling for him before this started but I wasn’t going to admit it to him, I just wanted to see if I could get him to fall for me. 

The bell rang and the halls went clear. Jack stepped in front of me.

”I want to kiss you so bad right now” He mumbled. He looked me in the eyes and stepped closer. His eyes darted between my eyes and my lips. I could feel his breath on my lips. He cupped my face and kissed me. He slipped his tongue in to my mouth and our tongues moved in sync. He pulled away.

”Now get to class baby” He said and squeezed my ass. I bit my lip and walked to class. He was something.

*At home after school*

I laid in bed scrolling through my social media. 

”Y/n” my mom called from downstairs. She didn’t answer so I figured she wanted me downstairs. I got downstairs and saw her in the kitchen making dinner. 

”Have you started packing for the collage week?” Shit I completely forgot. ”I forgot, but I ‘m gonna go do it now” I said running to my bedroom.

Collage Week is when all seniors get to spend a week at University of Nebraska at Omaha and have a life like a collage student. That is Collage Week, and all the seniors always look forward to it because there are non stop parties. 

i grabbed my suitcase and start packing. Soon mom called ‘dinner’ so I went and ate. 

I finished eating and went upstairs. I had packed pretty much since I have other two days so I can do it. So I decided to watch a movie on Netflix. I opened my computer and found a movie. As the movie started I felt my phone vibrate. I saw the caller ID was Andrea. I answered.

”Hey Y/n come to the football field, all the seniors are meeting up at here and having some fun”. I didn’t hesitate to go.

”Be there in 10” i said and hung up.  I got into some leggings and threw an over sized hoddie over. I grabbed my phone and headed downstairs.

”I’m going to meet Andrea, see you later” I said and closed the door. i started my car and drove to the football field. 

I arrived and made my way to the field. I searched for Andrea and saw her sitting alone. I walked up the stairs and sat next to her.

”Where is Jenn? I asked. ”She and Aden are getting some” She said taking a sip of her beer. I looked over the field and my eyes locked with Jack. He grabbed a beer and made his way up to me and Andrea. 

”Hello girls” He said sitting down, one row below us. ”Hello Jack” Andrea said and rolled her eyes. She stood up and walked down to the field. Jack stepped over the seats and sat down beside me. He handed me a beer and I took a sip.

”Looking forward to collage week?” he asked placing his arm around my shoulders. ”Yeah” i answered taking another sip. We sat there and just stared at the other kids down the field. He placed his hand on my thigh and I felt shivers go up my back.

”Come” he said patting his lap. I moved myself so i was now straddling him. He lowered his hands on my ass and squeezed lightly.

I leaned down for a kiss and soon our lips connected. i pulled away and grinded on him. A moan escaped his lips and he threw his head back. 

”You make me feel so good y/n” he moaned. I kissed his neck and started leaving hickies. He looked back at me.

”You know i would fuck you right here right now but Cameron is making his way up here”. I looked behind me and Cameron was almost behind me.

”What is up you two?” He said sitting down beside Jack. ”Umh we were in the middle of something” Jack says eyeing me up and down trying to give Cameron a sign. 

”Yeah, so I saw” He said taking a sip from his beer. I was moving myself off Jack but he grabbed my waist strongly and whispered. 

”I’m so hard so don’t you dare to go off me”. 

I gulped and gave Cameron a smile since he was staring at me. 

We were disturbed by someone down on the field calling ”Truth or Dare”.

”Lets go and play” Cameron said standing up and walking down. i smirked at Jack and left his lap following Cameron. He  followed behind me and everyone sat down in a circle. I sat down beside Cameron and Johnson and gave Johnson a warm smile. Jack sat down facing me and tried his best to hide his hard on member. 

The game started 

. There were many dares and probably everyone had done something crazy. “Y/n truth or dare?” Andrea asked. “Dare”. I felt the confidence come over my body. “I dare you to French kiss….” Oh dear what is she going to say. “CAMERON”. I looked. At Gilinsky and saw his jaw clench and his knuckle turned white. He was jealous. I smirked to him and turned my head to Cameron. He leaned in and grabbed my cheeks. My hands went around his neck and I played with his hair. Then our lips touched and he sneaked his tongue in. Our tongues moved in sync and battled. We pulled away and everyone smirked. “Hey can we go and talk somewhere private?” Cameron whispers in my ear. I look at Jack and see him staring at me. “Yeah”. Cameron stands up and offers me his hand. I take it and he pulls me up. We walk out of the field and turn around the corner. “Umh y/n I wanna ask you something…” He says and rubs the back of his neck. “Shoot” I say smiling at him. “I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me tomorrow?” He says looking at me. I look to the field and see Jack playing with his beer bottle looking down. “Cameron, you are really handsome and everything like that but I have another boy in my mind and I like him” I say taking his hand. “But if it doesn’t work I will have you in mind” I smile at him and he looks at me biting his lip. “Fair enough” he says smiling and walking to the field. I stand there for a while and then go over to Andrea. God this was gonna be something. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry for the wait but I was really unmotivated so yeah… Hope you guys liked it!!


Andrea felt sick. She had been carted around in a wooden box for days. Then she had been pulled out, her clothes take, they had scrubbed her and put a thick metal collar around her neck, heavy chains on her wrists and ankles.
She had been shoved onstage, sold like an animal. And now she was in another box, crying and shaking, just waiting for something to happen.


My mom and I run the Susan G Komen Race every year in memory of my great-grandmother. This year, we ran it in celebration of Andrea as well. Although we don’t know what kind of cancer Andrea has, it just felt right. We love you, Andrea! #SwiftStrong 💕