andreanne poulin


2016 Skate Canada Challenge, Andréanne Poulin / Marc-André Servant, first place free dance (88.62)

thisisabeautifulway  asked:


Yay!  This is a great one.

What I like?

EDGES.  Their edges are just insane.  They also put such power behind all of their movements, yet still look controlled.  They have fun personalities on the ice.  I also admire how they keep fighting back from injuries without giving up.  They seem capable of being comfortable with any genre, and don’t shy away from unconventional music choices.  Also, they’re adorable.

External image

What I dislike?

They tend to skate programs that are on the simplistic side technically (and in terms of transitions).  I think they need more content to become highly competitive, but I truly believe this will come once they get a full, injury-free season of training under their belts.  They have all the skills needed to be great technical ice dancers.

Favourite costume?

This awesome ensemble from their equally awesome Killer’s SD.  Bonus points to Andreanne for her awesome hair and the perfect colour choice for the tulle under that skirt.

External image

Favourite competitive program?

This was tough.  I really liked both their programs this past season (how perfect was that FD for them?), and have a special appreciation for the great Flamenco FD that they won junior nationals with.  I also have fond memories of that Killers SD (the first program I saw them skate live).  But I have to go with their junior FD to Somewhere in Time.   It was so unexpected after that intro segment, but the music goes soft and flowy and so do they.  I loved it! (BTW, their Youtube channel is filled with gems.  Check it out!) 

Favourite gala program?

I’ve only ever seen this one, and it’s STUNNING.

Favourite element?

Probably their footwork, due to the big, gorgeous, deep edges and great speed.