3 and the come back of Beth

After the excellent post of happycookiieblog about Beth and the number 3. I want add fews things (sorry if I repeat but to explain I will be obliged sometimes… so again sorry)

ledanna kindly reminded me the conversation between Merle and Andrea in season 3. so I went rewatch this scene and I wanted to see how it could be connected to Beth. So I rewatched all season again.
And it’s funny becauseI realized  that season 3 was season of the character back than we don’t thought to see again .

So when they haven’t burried (and not beat on screan) a character comes back with a big new character or with what TF needs

Merle season 1 : season 3 with Governor

Andrea season 2 :  season 3 with Michonne

Morgan season 1 : season 3 (weapon)  and season 5 (???)

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