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I speak italian fluently, and the translation for the italian pasta thing is actually even better than you think. It's "We don't care who you do it with, as long as you cook it al dente." (It's also a sex thing, because of the whole "doing it" thing.)

awesome, i updated the post with a correct translation. wouldn’t want to miss that innuendo!


This is Suzy and my cover of Big Star's Thirteen. Enjoy, share, etc!

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How do you feel about these disembodied Joyce quotes? I have a tough time with them. Generally, the quotable parts of an author's work is when they editorialize, but Joyce does so magnificently little of that. For instance, the love loves to love love speech is only interesting if you understand the context of Joyce poking fun at Bloom for his thinking love is a political strategy. At least, that's what it feels like to me. How about you?

Oh, I agree - to me the worst offender is the “mistakes are portals of discovery” one, which comes up on any Google search. I refuse to reblog it, particularly as the actual quote is:

A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals to discovery.

(Ulysses, JJ)

Even that is without the original context of the comment, which is from Stephen, which says a lot in itself - but only if you are aware of his character.

That said, the difficulty of quoting anything is that by quoting it you are taking it out of context, perhaps for your own purposes. With ‘Finnegans Wake’, for example, it can be difficult to isolate phrases which are only funny or meaningful when surrounded by all the other words or sounds in the (usually) long sentence or paragraph and repetitions get lost, so I do understand the difficulties.

While I’d like to think that these quotes help promote a writer’s work (I reblog tonnes of them, although I try to avoid being repetitive), on the internet it doesn’t really work that way - something out of context can seem brilliant and meaningful until it is replaced by the next reblog or you scroll further down your dash! I get the feeling that a lot of these people have no idea about Joyce’s work (not all, I must stress - most of my followers do, whether they want to or not, I hope!),  but that is not really my issue with it - rather, it is that they may not have any curiosity or desire to research him further. (I will not be so unreasonable as to suggest that everyone should know about and love Joyce, particularly as I have only been aware of him for a year or so and do not think that there are authors one must have read.)

Disembodied quotes are not unique to Joyce though: the George Eliot tag is overrun with the “it is never to late to be who you might have been” quote, and the Samuel Beckett seems only to have ever said “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” if you judge him by his tag on Tumblr, which is a shame because it distracts from other quality posts that people have made.

So yes - I agree with you: Joyce is particularly “victim” (excuse the harshness of the word) to this, as so often the humour of his work comes from the wider context of the situation being described (particularly in ‘Ulysses’) or even the wider context of the sounds of surrounding words (as in ‘Finnegans Wake’). 

A thought-provoking question, thank you!

how’s the internship?
hanging out with al?
have his number?
go see movies together?
Rent boats for picnics in the lake?
share hot dogs?
hate the same kinds of cheeses?
have each other’s spare keys
collaborating on a new project?
thinking of adopting a cat together?
throw dinner parties?
split cabs?
go grocery shopping together?
are learning french together, for when you go to paris?
stay up till four in the morning just talking?
have clothes at his place?
write theme songs for each other?
does he bring you breakfast in bed?
do you go halfsies on a pizza and stay in and watch Downton Abbey?
have inside jokes?
brush each other’s teeth?
thinking of getting a joint bank account?
do you laugh the same way yet?
do your hands interlock perfectly
Do you read the times while he reads the wall street journal
Do you fart with him in the room
have you tended to each other’s bloody noses?
have you started a band together
have you had a ouija board night together yet
Do you know where all his birth marks are?
Does he run his fingers through your hair?
Do you get brunch together on sundays?
Does he appreciate you as a writer?
Does he get freaked out when you talk about going to protests?
Does he makes jokes about very deep secrets you tell him?
Does he poop at your place?
Do you take cooking classes together?
Do you read books aloud to each other?
Have you sky dived together?
Have you ever spoken about God?
Have you met each other’s parents?
do you go people watching on saturday afternoons together?
Do you know how to critique each other in a way that isn’t heartbreaking?
Do you lend each other money?
Does he know how to make pie?
Do you try new restaurants together?
Do you volunteer together?
Do you arrange your schedules for maximum time together?
Do you know how he likes his coffee?
Do you help each other clean your apartments?
Do the tabloids know?
Have you gotten matching bracelets?
Do you buy disposable cameras and get the film developed together?
—  Andrea Goldston, aka the idiot who thinks he isn’t funny or a good writer

I was trying to unwrap a Starburst in
my mouth, when you said you wanted
to leave. I swallowed it. But you kissed
me goodbye, and I swear I ingested
so much of your saliva that I shat out
a red Starburst origami. And who the
fuck gives goodbye kisses anyway? I
looked at us through a camera in my
head, in an attempt to stop the rivers
of memory from letting this moment
slip downstream.

I remember you were wearing someone
else’s clothes, shoes, and freckles. And
my fingers didn’t sear your skin. And your
face surprised me one last time.

But every now and again, I see a new
photo, and I see him pull you closer than
I ever did. He tastes like an October
afternoon, when I could only be an April
morning. Good afternoon, goodbye.

I’m asking this again, because nobody actually cared last time.

Can somebody please explain to me why, when defending feminism, shaming people off of tumblr is accepted and encouraged?

I’m not looking to start a fight. I’m not trying to offend or hurt anybody. I just want to understand. Please.

Hello there

This message is for my roommate, Andrea

I’m still using your computer


I’m getting a new charger tomorrow

But I can’t promise I’ll stop taking advantage of being able to tumbl and watch Netflix at the same time with this huge ass screen

I love you a bunch