• Very visual! Categories of images available are laid out simply on the home page.
  • Flickr doesn’t force you to sign up to use its search engine unlike Pinterest that hides the rest of the images at a certain point until you register.

  • Searches can be narrowed down by photos, people, groups as well as by color.


  • Flickr’s go-to social media connect is Yahoo, which is uncommon. Most applications are connected through Google+, Facebook or Twitter. I don’t have nor want a Yahoo account and find it inconvenient
  •  Its purposes are limited for the user. You can buy prints of your photos, upload and download folders and make a group (album) but that’s about it. Flickr doesn’t have a live feed that can display on Wordpress blogs like twitter and Instagram which is a shame since it’s a photo gallery.

  • ·Flickr is popular but not a household name or app like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat so it’s hard to find any of my friends to connect to. Since I don’t have a Yahoo account, I can’t connect to my contacts from my phone either.

Flickr can be beneficial to libraries as a photo album displaying all events and programs. Librarians with consent from parents and children can take photos and videos of the programs like Boys’ and Girls’ Read and Story Time. The Flickr account can work as publicity to make others aware of all the cool and fun things happening in libraries!


Caring without a cure: Dementia

We welcome Guest Blogger and Freelance writer @IM_AndreaBell Guest Blogger on The Purple Jacket. Caring Without A Cure:#Dementia.

Greetings everyone!  Today we welcome guest blogger Andrea Bell to The Purple Jacket. Caring without a cure: Dementia

When you realize that you or someone you love has been diagnosed with dementia, a progressive disease that has no cure whatsoever, what do you do? After a decent amount of panic and existential crisis, you begin to understand that the right kind of care is necessary in order to…

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Hi everyone! 
A quick update now that I have crawled out of my hibernation hole. 
It’s becoming Spring! Warmer weather, more skin showin’, and more conventions! 

I’ve been working on the second installment of Fair Voyage, my online comic series featuring a not-so-typical magic girl traveling to find, “something.” I’m really excited to be premiering the second chapter of FV at Portland’s Linework NW festival, April 18-19th! I’ll be posting more details as to where you can find me, and my work as the date approaches! 

As for the month of MAY, it’s a BIG month! Not only is my dad turning 55, but I’ll be at two LOCAL CHICAGO comic shows that I am super excited for!
May 9th I’ll be displaying some work at Chicago Zine Fest and May 15th-17th I’ll be experiencing my first ACEN with some of my good buddies Kasey Williams and Gene Goldstein! More details will be posted soon.

Very excited for the upcoming months, I hope to see a lot of you when I’m out and about! In the meantime, here is a piece I put together for some very nice friends back when winter was unbearable. 
Here’s to looking forward!

Andrea’s Post:

1) The image post on tumblr appealed to me because of the gif (The Graphics Interchange Format)! I love gifs because they a moving image without sound and doesn’t take as long to load as a video clip would. Plus, the #TheLibraryisOpen made me giggle inside.
2) Its type of post is key, since images attract the eye naturally for advertising. Also, using hashtags is all the rage on social media. Add in the pop culture tidbit of Ru Pal and you’ve got a “trending” post.
3) Other libraries could follow this example by learning about and using gifs appropriate for text  posts and image posts. Also, being aware of trending hashtags would help library bloggers on social media stay relevant in news, lingo and trends.

Dementia Patients at Home: Care Taker's Guide

#GuestBlogger @IM_AndreaBell provides insight on #Dementia Care at Home #Caregiving #seniors

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The Purple Jacket welcomes back guest blogger Andrea Bell 

Dementia Patients at Home: Care Taker’s Guide

According to the behaviorist perspective, the environment plays a key role in how people behave. The impact comes from the people as well the type of house or even inanimate objects that are placed there. Dementia is not a disease in which a patient can admit himself into a hospital and…

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Christmas is all about tradition (and the joy and giving I suppose). Calling back to my Creepy Christmas Postcard from a year ago I, by request, attempted to out-creep myself and others in comparison to last year’s card. Success.

Happy Holidays everyone–be safe and be nice to everyone.

Note* I used the reindeer names, “Doner” and “Blixem” in respect to the original names found in the 1823 poem, “The Night Before Christmas”. I wouldn’t hold it past you if you thought I misspelled them though–I misspell often.