Opens Saturday (Nov 19) 4-6p:



Andrea Meislin Gallery, 526 W 26TH ST #214, NYC

“Through Ettun’s travels – reminiscent of both the journeys in Homer’s Odyssey and Around the World in Eighty Days – she collected materials and experiences that later formed the basis for her sculptures. In the end, there are forty small sculptures all based on the theme of transportation and movement – one for each day of her journey. Along with the sculptures, the secondary gallery space will feature a video installation projected onto an inflated Israeli Army parachute. In the video, Ettun slowly crosses a field in Vermont as she guides an enormous hot air balloon along with her. The balloon appears to float above Ettun – defying gravity and even pulling her upwards, but at the same time her movement reveals the balancing act she attempts in moving this heavy object along her charted course. Walking in a Field Holding a Hot Air Balloon was filmed in Vermont in conjunction with noted balloonist Brian Boland.” - thru Dec 17, 2011