“La Maison Cartier” announced the international release of its new “L'Odyssee de Cartier,” a three-and-one-half minute film that chronicles Cartier’s 165-year history. The film debuted online in the U.S. on March 4 and will air during prime time on national TV networks.

The film, directed by advertising director Bruno Aveillan, was screened for the first time at a special premiere hosted by Cartier at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on February 29.

LoL, Andrea

CHANEL ‘Paris-Bombay’ Pre-Fall 2012 Collection Métiers D'Art

Karl Lagerfeld names his latest CHANEL Metiers D'Art Collection 'Paris - Bombay’, and speaks about 19th century India. “I like the idea of the Vice-King, that’s fun. That’s why I came out with Stella Tenant, because  she looked very much like Lady Curzon, the famous Vice-Queen around 1900 who was a very beautiful woman. She is so English, but in the nice way, in the good image of England mixed with India.” … Enjoy this December 24th CHANEL-story to be continued here by clicking the tiny arrows >>>>>>

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