About Blooks - Discovering the book as object, Mindell Dubansky (ongoing)

This blog is devoted to the subject of BLOOKS, objects made in the emulation of books, either by hand or commercial manufacture. […]

The transformation of the book is an inescapable theme of contemporary life. As a result of the advancement of computer technology, the book as we have known it is experiencing a major cultural shift and many question the future of the physical book. Simultaneously, we know that there are many kinds of books for which there is no substitute and more than ever, artists, designers, collectors, and librarians are attracted to books for their physical beauty, historical significance, structural properties and emotional currency. Interest in rare books, the book arts, the use of the book in works of art, and book re-purposing is flourishing. Blook-objects have a prominent place in this reinvention of the role of the book, as you will see as this blog develops.

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via Andrea de Franco