Cosplay: Tsubasa Misudachi
Series: GATCHAMAN Crowds -insight-

So, on the final day of NärCon Sommar 2015 I cosplayed Tsubasa from the second season of Gatchaman Crowds. It was an outfit I wanted to do the moment I saw her and I’m glad I got the chance this early. Very happy with the NOTE I made from scratch too.

Tsubasa Misudachi cosplay on WorldCosplay

thenightdreams asked:


1: What was your first cosplay?

Sailor Moon when I was around five or six. My mom helped me make a headband and stuff, I was really cute.

2: Favorite thing to cosplay? 

Virus from Dramatical Murder, or Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

3: Have you ever been in a panel at a convention? 

Nope! But it seems like fun.

4: How many people do you think you met because of cosplaying? 

Oh god.. so many..

5: What do you think makes a ‘good cosplay’? 

Having fun.. and a good wig.

6: Have a cosplay blog? 

I’ve considered it. That and a Facebook page, but I don’t feel like it would go far.

7: Ever done a group cosplay? 

The largest group has been Virus, Trip, and Sei with kimzeth and elemony. I’m trying to plan a bigger group for MetroCon next year.

8: Couple’s cosplay? 

My ex-girlfriend and I have cosplayed APH Canada and fem!America as well as Cecil and fem!Carlos from WTNV. I’ve done ViTri too. We weren’t dating, but we joked around a lot. I’m also planning Clear and Aoba for AFO this year, Aoba and Noiz next year, and maybe Aoba and Koujaku.

9: When did you start cosplaying? 

I started cosplaying seriously around my sophomore year of high school, so I guess 16?

10: Would you consider yourself good at cosplaying? 

Yeah. I can put some things together, style wigs, and do make-up, and I think I look pretty good. People get excited to see me, so I guess I do a good job.

11: Which cosplay took you the longest time to make?

I want to say the black and white outfit for Virus. It has a lot of detail and I never spiked a wig like that before. It was annoying, but I think it really paid off.

12: Shortest time to make?

Cecil or Canada.. I didn’t have to do much for either of them.

13: Do you like Genderbent/AU cosplays? 

Yeah, I think they’re fun. I’ve never done one personally, but I’m not against it.

14: List all of your cosplays.

  • L - Death Note
  • Marshall Lee - Adventure Time
  • Casual APH Canada - Hetalia
  • Tourist APH Canada - Hetalia
  • Casual APH England - Hetalia
  • School Uniform Stocking Anarchy- Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
  • Three versions of Cecil Palmer - WTNV
  • Black and White outfit Virus - DMMd
  • Clear - DMMd
  • I think that’s it..

15: Are you currently working on something?

They’re only in the planning stages right now, I haven’t started them.

16: Would you, if given the chance, cosplay at school/work? 

I never passed up character day at school, and on Halloween I take full advantage of the fact we can wear costumes at work. I don’t cosplay anime or anything I can’t explain to work though.

17: Do any of your IRL friends cosplay?

Yee, the ones I did the ViTriSei group with.

18: What does your family think of it? 

My sister thinks I’m a loser, but my mom doesn’t care as long as I’m happy.

19: Do you consider cosplay an art?

Of course.

20: Have you ever had to get help with a cosplay? 

When I made antlers my mom had to hold them at some points, but that’s about it.

21: Least favorite thing to cosplay? 

Probably APH Canada. I’m cute as fuck, but the majority of the fandom here is just so obnoxious, and I don’t have the patience for a joke that has never been funny.

22: Ever been in a cosplay contest? 

Noo, but I want to when I do Rhyme Ren and Usui.

23: First con that you cosplayed at? 

MetroCon 2012, I think.

24: What’s your definition of 'cosplay’? 

Making and wearing a character cosplay, not necessarily acting like the character.

25: Favorite tumblr cosplay ask blog? 

I don’t have one.

26: Ever cosplay an inanimate object? 


27: Who is your cosplay headcanon of your favorite character? 

Who would my favorite character cosplay? Canada’s Naruto cosplay is canon, so there’s your answer.. But I would like to see Trip and Virus cosplay Dio and Giorno from JJBA because why not.

28: What is your 'Cosplay First Aid Kit’ (what you use to repair a cosplay)?

I actually bought a little travel sewing kit this year. It’s in a cute green case and has almost everything you need in it.

29: Would you go pro? 

I wish.

30: Who is your favorite professional cosplayer?

I don’t know if I have one, whoops.