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I was planning on cosplaying Andrea, and I saw your post about her birbs and I was wondering something. Does she ever wear birb things other than on her clothes, such as jewelry and keychains, etc?

sCREEEEEEEES IM SO!!!!!!! EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes!!

She has bird earrings, necklaces, scarves, socks, everything you can think of tbh haha!!


day 2 of animenext! holy shit i had such a fantastic time!!! if yr’re in any of these pictures feel free to run by my inbox omg everyone was super cute!

Summer!Jade: swimshota

Casual!Rose: bootyroastsupreme

Bruce Banner: yungsomething

Clear: pastycake

Casual Human!Terezi: scalemate-boxers

Ryuko Matoi: what-the-heckquius

If you are or know the Rose, Bolin, or Lin, feel free to comment their url!