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some part of tumblr is like “ belle fell in love with a beast. “ it’s not realistic and i’m sitting here like and cinderella rode in a pumpkin, had a fairy god mother, talked to rats, snow white practically died because of a poisoned apple, sleeping beauty pricked her finger with a spinning wheel… rapunzel has magical glowing hair, ariel was best friends with a fish and gave up her tail to go find love. jasmine had a pet tiger and rode on a magic carpet…

do you know what that’s called? it’s called fiction and you know how you enjoy it? by having an imagination.


i’m finally finished with my resurrection animation! and while i could have done certain things better, i’m actually really proud of the final product! and i’ve definitely learned a lot during the process of making it, i rlly hope ya’ll enjoy watching it!! also in case your confused about anything in this, in the video’s description theirs a list of which tales are being referenced during which time stamps. just in case some of stuff isn’t super clear or obvious





Miss Quill + personality types

I just died a little💖

30 day challenge | motogp edition
you can also anwer them at once if u feel like it x

01: your favorite rookie in moto2
02: your favorite yamaha rider
03: your favorite motogp race
04: your favorite italian rider
05: your favorite quote said by a rider
06: your favorite rider in motogp
07: your favorite helmet design
08: which accent of which rider do you like the most
09: your favorite rider in moto3
10: your favorite anthem
11: which rider has the cutest pet
12: your favorite bike livery
13: which rider has the best hairdo
14: your favorite rookie in motogp
15: your favorite moto3 team
16: your favorite rider in moto2
17: your favorite spanish rider
18: your favorite thing a rider said or did that still goes around
19: your least favorite track/and why
20: which rider would you feel most comfortable with to join him on his bike and do a fast lap
21: your favorite moto3 race
22: your favorite ducati rider
23: your favorite rookie in moto3
24: your favorite moto2 race
25: which laugh of what rider do you like the most
26: your favorite motogp team
27: which rider has the nicest butt patch
28: your favorite honda rider
29: your favorite moto2 team
30: your favorite track/and why