andrea x amy

What [Gilda] had about her, and what she shares with Amy, is the ability to laugh at herself… When you see those clips of Gilda [on “SNL”], you just knew she couldn’t contain all the creativity and humor and joy inside of her. I met Amy in 1999, when we were both cast in a Judd Apatow pilot called “Sick In the Head” that Fox didn’t pick up – I’m sure they’re kicking themselves now, – but I felt the same way about Amy [as I did when I first met Gilda]. It was her first TV show, she had just done Upright Citizens Brigade and she was just a force of nature; I was in awe, really. She had so much confidence and would do different takes without worrying about what people were thinking and I just sensed inside of her this, “Oh, my God, this is so much fun! I just love doing this!” What it is, really, is a vibration that Gilda had and [Amy] has. It’s a vibration that everyone feels, and you just want to be at that party. You want to be in her vortex. I wish Gilda were here tonight, and I wish I could have seen Gilda and Amy perform together. It would have been a volcano of comedic brilliance.
—  Andrea Martin presenting Amy Poehler with the Gilda Radner Award For Innovation In Comedy at Gildafest ‘15 (x)