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a concept: blaise zabini, luna lovegood, and the plot of the iconic coming of age tale, she's all that (1999),

  • okay so
  • blaise is clearly dating pansy
    • who breaks up with him to date cormac maclaggen because he just got an offer to be on some football team after he graduates
      • like, REAL, PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL, blaise
      • do you know what this could do for my fashion line
      • if I’m the wife of a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL STAR
  • and Draco clearly goads him into #jokingly bringing loony lovegood to prom
    • because the weird ones are always the freakiest in the sack, zabini
  • so blaise is like, fine. i’ll even do this girl a solid - I’ll date her AND make her not loony anymore
    • blaise also puts a bet on it, because draco is rich and blaise might have just a tiny gambling problem
  • she could probably be pretty, if she didn’t have strange vegetable earrings and perpetually mismatched shoes
  • luna is QUITE CLEARLY having none of this
  • and she tells blaise so, in her Luna Way (™), and he doesn’t quite get it
    • because she doesn’t really make sense
    • not in the way he’s used to, anyways
  • so he keeps trying
  • this devolves into Draco trying to befriend Hermione Granger and crew in hopes that it will make Blaise look better by comparison
    • nevermind the fact that draco was clearly deeply in love granger’s weird sob-story-orphan best friend
    • and blaise just could not deal with that
  • anyways
  • blaise follows luna to an open mic night hosted by student newspaper
  • and somehow ends up on the stage doing a solo balldancing routine because his mother made him take lessons and he has to do something
    • luna loves it
    • everyone else thinks he’s ridiculous
  • anyways time passes and they study together and blaise realizes she’s actually kind of brilliant, in her own way, and definitely pretty weird
    • but he hasn’t every met anyone who cares about the same thing she does
    • or who doesn’t care about the stuff that is central to his entire life and world
    • money means nothing to her, fancy shoes and good clothes - worthless
  • she is different, and unique, and blaise…. might have a small problem
  • (the problem, of course, is that he is falling in love with her)
  • draco, being the absolute moron he is want to be, tells harry (who he is now sleeping with, in a strange twist of events that no one is entirely sure of) that he had made this bet with blaise, and blaise is gonna bang luna after prom and tell the whole school about it
  • harry is, naturally, horrified, and breaks it off with draco, and goes to rescue luna
  • luna is unconcerned, though understandably upset, and tells blaise that she enjoyed their time together very much 
  • blaise is very concerned, because he’s pretty sure he just got dumped
  • by the time prom rolls around, everyone is an absolute mess
    • draco shows up alone in scruffy tennis shoes as a misguided method of seduction for the boy-who-is-definitely-not-fucking-him
    • pansy dumped mclaggen, decided that men are and always will be worthless, and has brought daphne greengrass as her date
    • luna also turns up alone, and she is wearing radish earrings, and her hair only up in some places and not others, and her dress might actually have lights in it
    • and when blaise finally makes it to prom, he is captivated
    • as, he realizes, he always has been
  • harry continues to play the saviour, telling blaise he can’t have anything to do with luna if he doesn’t care about her
  • draco tries to apologize, and fucks it up royally, and still manages to leave the dance with harry before the prom royalty is crowned
  • pansy wins prom queen and makes an epic speech about misogyny and the male gaze and storms off the stage in a huff
  • blaise finds luna in the crowd and explains that he knows he was misguided, that he definitely ruined everything, and asks what he needs to do for a second chance
  • luna seizes her opportunity and tells him to go through with the terms of the bet - he lost, after all, and didn’t bring her to prom
  • blaise strips
  • the entire crowd cheers
  • and luna, giggling, pulls him out of the dance, hands him the large sunflower from her hair to cover himself, and says something brilliant and poignant about life imitating art


I have been seeing a lot of Sonic fans feeling down due to some of the negative talk about the Sonic franchise that has been going around recently.

I just want to say, that there is no need to be ashamed about being a Sonic fan. Sure, many people have it out for the blue blur, but that should not stop us from enjoying a franchise that brings us happiness. Just because a group of other people do not like Sonic does not mean that we should stop liking, feel bad or feel ashamed about liking the franchise.

Being a Sonic fan harms no one, and even though the internet likes to act like it does, and that Sonic is the worse thing to happen to video game history. It is really not. Sonic has had its many downs, but it is always the positive and fun aspects that keep us coming back, and waiting for more. 

Keep enjoying what you love, Sonic fans, and do not let non fans get you down. 

Don’t google your name.  Ever.
Don’t “search” for yourself
on anything that glows in the dark.
Don’t let your beauty
be something anyone can turn off.
Don’t edit your ugly out of your bio.
Let your light come from the fire.
Let your pain be the spark,
but not the timber.
Remember, you didn’t come here
to write your heart out.
You came to write it in.
—  Andrea Gibson