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Fall/Winter 2017 campaign

Unia Pakhomova, Andreas Kronthaler, Henry Kitcher, Harald Smart, Anne-Sophie Monrad, Erwan Pichon, Shaun Holder and actress Emma Breschi by Juergen Teller


Andi Wellinger delights crowds of fans gathered at Mühlenkopfschanze with his victory and two excellent jumps (147.5 and 135 meters), Willingen 29.1.17 (Andi wins, gets hugs from eveyone, and everyone is happy 💖 😍 😌)

ok but like I’m so worried about Nicole because there’s no way the show would kill her off (Emily Andreas is a smart smart woman) so that means waverly’s going to save her but before she does Nicole will probably go through hell because otherwise it won’t be as dramatic because they had the fight and waverly hasn’t apologised yet so it’s way worse that Nicole gets taken (probably because of waverly, that would make it worse) and will be tortured or some shit and waverly will bust in with wynnona to save her before it’s too late and Nicole will live and they’ll make up and be all happy and love each other and shit but for it to mean more nicole will be half dead when they finally find her so now my mind’s going crazy because wtf will they do to her to get to that point???

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I am writing to you as a concerned reader. I have subscribed to your magazine for a number of years now, and have often been impressed by its keen insight into the world as experienced by a professional woman. As a female executive, I value having a resource that is created by women like me, for women like me.

I was concerned when I read you were taking over - a man running a magazine that caters to high-level women in corporate America, after all, seems a bit backwards. I’m sorry to see that I was correct. I’ve noticed the beginnings of creeping misogyny in some of your columns. “Corporate life, after all, is not for everyone - more women should be open to the idea of a life at home, if it makes them happier.” Really now? I know it’s only one line buried in another article, but it’s insulting and has no place in this venue.

Please correct this sort of statement in the future.

Ms. Andrea Madison.


Dear Mr. Thompson,

I admit, I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from you personally. Especially so quickly. So thank you for that.

You claim to harbor no misogynistic tendencies, but your writing, again, paints a different picture. “For all executives, appearance is important. Be sure yours is immaculate. Women in particular get more respect when they are pleasing to the eye.” Pleasing to the eye? I worry most for the women reading this and taking it at face value. Truly irresponsible stuff.

Andrea Madison.


Hi Mr. Thompson,

You raise a lot of good points, I have to admit. But still! Even though I agree now, a woman has to look her best both in and out of the office, that doesn’t mean she needs to change herself or her style dramatically. Women can look good without having to be some sexy stereotype. I mean, I’m a brunette - that doesn’t mean I should dye my hair just because men like blondes best, you know?

But what you said about acting too serious is really smart. “Andrea” is a kind of severe name, I guess. So, on those lines…

Andi Madison


Hi David,

You were totally right, I do look way hotter with blonde hair! Thanks for that.

So the more I follow all the suggestions you gave me for female executives, the harder work gets! It’s weird! Do you think maybe I’m one of those girls you talked about who isn’t cut out for executive work?



Hiya Sir!

I got rid of my boring work clothes, like you said, and bought some pretty, new stuff. Now I am just waiting around for the guy you said you’d send to pick me up! Just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you again soooo much, and I can’t wait to see you!


the signs as walking dead ladies
  • aries: michonne (strong, intelligent, loyal, protective)
  • taurus: maggie (chill, fun, generous, smart)
  • gemini: andrea (adaptable, friendly, polite, agreeable)
  • cancer: sasha (tolerant, empathetic, honest, reliable)
  • leo: rosita (caring, self-assured, ambitious, sympathetic)
  • virgo: carol (attentive, hard worker, trustworthy, clever)
  • libra: tara (sweet, humorous, balanced, diplomatic)
  • scorpio: lizzie (intriguing, intense, confident, agog)
  • sagittarius: enid (curious, witty, fearless, bright)
  • capricorn: beth (sensible, motivated, rational, levelheaded)
  • aquarius: alisha (intellectual, funny, relatable, adventurous)
  • pisces: jessie (kind, creative, optimistic, intuitive)
  • comic book andrea: smart, strong, skillful, one of the best in the group with weapons, constantly saving lives and just being generally badass
  • show andrea: *accidently shoots daryl*