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How is Klaroline similiar to Damon and Elena?

Both are basically a how to for an abusive relationship. 

  • Bad boy who only cares for one person in particular and this said person is female and usually a heroine for the purpose of the story. [Check]
  • Both females in the ship hate the other party for obvious reasons or at least it starts that way but later both girls come to find that really this person is a wounded soul and suddenly this female is the key to solving all of this man’s emotional issues. [Check]

Both Caroline and Elena have been degraded and discredited as characters because of said relationships. These relationships aren’t about the girls, they are about Damon and Klaus and what they want. What they need, both of them engage in this sort of competition against Tyler and Stefan where they treat the source of their affections as a prize to be won. Hence how I believe that the most disgusting line in the entire Vampire Diaries run is “You got the Girl”. I mean really


Both men pursued these girls relentlessly when said girls were in a relationship. Now before someone attacks me and argues that Klaus never assaulted Caroline or made unwanted advances he did use another method. THE MAN RAN TYLER OUT OF TOWN FOR CHRIST SAKE. He used Tyler to hurt her, so he could then gain entry into her home and “save her life” later he begins to send her gifts and the writers paint this as him being sweet. That one line about how someone who is capable of doing terrible things but cares about one person is so sickening. It’s romanticizing the shitty and abusive behavior Klaus has not only shown against Caroline, but her friends. 

Because the fact that he cares is okay, killers have feelings, rapists and murderers have feelings but do not use them to justify the actions they commit.  Their troubled pasts? Yeah it’s not an excuse for doing them, it can be an influence that’s true but it is not a crutch it shouldn’t be. However TVD is terrible at representing that, they make man pain the focus of these relationships as if somehow having these girls validates both parties as men.  Klaus is a manipulative, and selfish piece of real shit. He’s power hungry and has little regards towards women I mean have you seen the way he treats them? How he killed Tyler’s mother? How he tortured his sister by daggering and undaggering for thousands and thousands of years?

Yet Julie as a writer wants me as a viewer to believe that he’s capable of love? No changing someone male or female to fit your needs in a relationship is not romantic and you know Caroline for a while held Klaus responsible for the things he did and it was great but all of that was thrown out of a window when she slept with him. Her credibility as a character was completely shot in the face. She slept with someone she so preached against. How can one take her dislike for Damon seriously when something like that happened?

So yes Caroline “sleeping and having feelings for Klaus” disregards all of his negative actions despite having held him accountable before. Basically the world according to Plec: A guy abuses you, hurts you, and kills people you love that’s all okay if you fall for them if you learn to accept and tame their monstrous side and that my friends is dangerous and disgusting. And this got ridiculously long and it’s a bit of a ramble but I’ve said my peace.

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Dan Humphrey

  • How I feel about this character: I love Dan, no truly he was the best out of all of them in the series and I’m furious about what they did to him in the end. That was just as a pathetic ploy to make Chuck Bass look better but all in all Dan was honest and he strived to be a good person something that the other characters didn’t concern themselves with. He was a good brother, and excellent boyfriend and he just didn’t deserve to be screwed over the way he was. 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Blair Waldorf.
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Rufus Humphrey because daddy feels<3
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: Dan > Chuckles always and forever
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: A better ending, I mean come on the writers pulled Dan being Gossip Girl out of their ass tbh

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So true, Stefan has dignity and that's a good thing because I'm not sure DE fans would be happy if Stefan would have acted like Damon and be around Elena every time he's not, trying to kiss her when he's not around, trying to make fall in love with him again. Stefan at least recognise that she wanted Damon, respect her choice and their relationship. He respect himself enough to not act like a lovesick puppy and to to try to move on, that's what a decent person do, calling that selfish is wrong.

Exactly and Stefan might not have a nice word to say about Damon all the time but like I said actions speak louder than words Damon is physically incapable of walking away of thinking of anything but his own happiness. I mean we saw it with Elena and the sire bond he never let her go, and the sire bond was all about his man pain and his fear about things not being real.

Then there’s the fact that everyone sees Stefan and Elena’s love for each other and it’s been stated many times and we know why Stefan is in love with Elena. Damon? All he sees is another version of Katherine like Damon is the one that always sees similarities between Elena and Katherine which makes me believe that for him she’s his replacement because Katherine didn’t want him.

Stefan on the other hand has always stated how Elena is different and that’s why he’s in love with her. I agree with you Damon pining over Elena season after season is pathetic and then the fact that he says things like “I tried to win her from you fair and square” like WHAT THE HELL? What is she an object? She’s been reduced to a thing for the sake of building up her relationship with Damon.

Like Elena is no longer a person and yet people who ship them pretend to be Elena stans it’s like PLS… You love Elena only as long as she’s pleasing her master. Damon won’t ever walk away because he’s not a good person. Stefan is and will forever be the superior choice.

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you don't like katherine? dude you're the only one like how?

It’s not that I dislike Katherine in fact I enjoyed Kalijah very much for the most part it’s the fandom that I dislike.. see let me explain you a thing

Everyone treats Katherine like she’s some sort of goddess sent down from heaven because she’s sarcastic, and sexy and well fun. People seem to think that her “survival” makes her this bad ass character when it’s like look at her choices she has betrayed, lied, used and abused people around her and the worst part is that it’s people she claims to love. Look what she did to Stefan and Damon, Elijah, the tomb vampires the list goes on…

She murdered Jeremy, now I’m not saying that Elena is a saint, because she’s not she has many flaws but Elena’s heart is usually in the right place her actions get lost a lot of the time and it’s kind of normal to want to strangle the girl sometimes but I just can’t fathom why the fandom praises Katherine for doing things to survive and yet they bash Elena for doing the same things.

It’s ridiculous, Elena owes her nothing, Katheirne killed her brother now think about it for a second this woman killed her only living relative and sent her into a spiral of doom. Why should Elena defend her? Or why should she have to stop Damon from killing her? I just IDK… I get really annoyed when people excuse Katherine’s behavior and yet turn around and bash Elena’s completely normal reaction to seeing her brother’s killer finally get what she deserves.

I’m the queen of unpopular opinions in this fandom sew me. 

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hi! i don't watch tvd and never have, but i was just wondering why you consider delena and damon so toxic?

Wow okay this is going to end up being a novel or an essay but I’ll try and be as brief and concise as I can so here it goes.

To start this off I suppose I should say that my dislike for Delena and Damon as a character simply started because I’m the type of person who flocks to the hero of every story. I fall in love with the good guy, you know that one who knows how to treat a girl and cares about the people around him and right away that was shown to be Stefan and that was it I latched on to him and held on for dear life. Here’s the thing though I didn’t hate Damon, Actually I’m a fan of Damon in the books and I actually like him more than I like Stefan but the reason for that was because I had just read Twilight and Stefan seemed to be too much of an Edward for me at least in the novels but I suppose that explanation can be saved for another day. But now that I have that clear my problems are with the TV version of Damon and Delena. (Not that I shipped Delena in the books I shipped Bamon, I actually hated Elena right from the start in the books)

You see Damon is presented to us as “second best” he’s always been second best to his little brother, always living in his shadow when it came to his father and when it came down to women. So he makes his appearance the first episode and right away it clicks he’s going to be the villain of the story and sure enough he had come to Mystic Falls to live up to his promise to his little brother, All a part of his plan “Make Stefan’s life a living hell” right away he starts spitting out sentences like “I hope Elena dies” and he finds his first victim Caroline Forbes, and there’s a scene involved which you can watch here and the context of it has been argued more than times than I can count the point of the whole thing is that Caroline is abused by Damon on more than one occasion and this is a pattern we see him repeat with other females on the show. 

Which leads me to believe that he’s misogynistic then as the season advances there comes a scene when he tries to force himself on Elena and her little brother walks in and tries to stand up for her and Damon ends up killing him (He doesn’t die he has a ring, protects him from the supernatural) and you can watch that here and that’s where my issues begin. That alone should be a trigger that something isn’t right with this paring I mean how could I ship a girl with a man who killed her brother because she refused to sleep with him? She was in a relationship with Stefan at the time mind you and that’s the thing Damon doesn’t know about boundaries, and more importantly he doesn’t care after this it’s a constant push and pull with Elena, he does things to make her uncomfortable, and he inserts himself into his brother’s relationship with a girl that he clearly has shown he loves. 

The sad part of it all is that it wasn’t the first time, there was Katherine Pierce who was the woman who turned both brothers and she too was in love with Stefan, so see where I’m getting at with second best? Still I hadn’t come to completely hate Damon yet actually I found him rather intriguing and I understood where Elena’s curiosity came from because in a way I had it too but the season’s progressed and he just wouldn’t back down every time that Stefan saved his life, he was there hitting on his girlfriend and to be quite honest every single move that he’s ever pulled is in fact to get Elena to sleep with him. He doesn’t do it because he cares about her friends and family, everything is about Elena and that is made evident in the show because every person in Elena’s life has a high disdain for this man.

How could they not, her best-friends? Tried to kill both of them, He abuses Matt constantly (one of her best-friends) he almost killed Bonnie, he abused Caroline, and that’s not even where it stops. He was the one responsible for killing and turning Elena’s mother oh and they had sex. That’s right he had sex with Elena’s mother and now is focused on getting into her pants. So that alone should be a trigger right there. Damon has done nothing but terrorize everyone in Mystic Falls including Elena herself on more than one occasion. 

In Season 04 we start the season with Elena as a vampire, she is a newly turned vampire and she starts to have issues with feeding and she can’t accept what she is and she’s basically suicidal because of it. Then there’s a scene where he shares his blood with her because she has trouble feeding from animals and blood bags. Now this is said to be a very private act, kind of alluded to being a sexual act, because it gets vampires off and Elena has no clue as like I said she’s a newbie so she listens and she takes his blood like you expect her too because she’s starving and well clearly she has no idea and you can watch this here  He basically gets off on it, like just look at his expression at the end, like hows is that not vile? Soon enough we found that she’s been sired to Damon which basically takes her consent away from her, and turns into a master/slave relationship and her major desire is to please him. Now the sire bond was formed because of human feelings and yes Elena has always had feelings for Damon but she’s always stated that she loves his brother including in the season 03 finale she chooses to go back to Stefan and tells Damon that she has to let him go because whatever she feels for him isn’t strong enough, she never un fell for his brother. 

The point is that Elena’s consent has been taken away and for a bit I was like okay this isn’t his fault clearly he didn’t know about the sire bond but then some digging happens and you see that he’s done it before with a girl named Charlotte and well that’s where my real problem starts even after finding out that Elena is sired he refuses to let her go and they continue their relationship. Time goes by and Elena’s brother is killed and Damon decides that Elena should turn off her humanity which basically is all of her feelings, and  personality. Turning it off means getting rid of emotions and she complies because once again the sire bond. 

During this time Elena, almost kills her best friends and in an instance Damon actually things it’s a turn on, and he’s actually enjoying Elena as a souless monster that is until she decides that she no longer wants to listen to him and in turns snaps his neck and now she’s a monster that needs to be stopped. You see where I’m going with this? He’s never cared about Elena’s choice, or even remotely cared about what she values. He doesn’t give a rats ass about her friends sure he’s saved them but like I said he wanted to get in her pants. 

Elena has been reduced to an object I mean there’s this line “You got the girl” like she’s some trophy to be won, not to mention that it has never been clear as to why Damon is even in love with Elena side from the fact that she’s something he wants to take from his brother because you know he has a superiority complex when it comes to Stefan. Damon has gotten away with the most horrible things on the show, and a lot of people argue that Elena forgiving him makes her strong but the truth is that it tears her down as an empowering female character. A lot of what’s happened to her is because of him.

She’s been emotionally abused by him, and he just wants someone he can control so how is this romantic? Damon is said to just want love like this whole thing wasn’t even about Elena being a slave, it was presented to us as a “OMG are her feelings for Damon real, Poor Damon he never catches a break” kind of deal, like forget Elena, is her sex genuine that was the question and sure enough Elena chooses him in the finale but she says something like you’re the worst choice I ever made and it’s like wait?

 They don’t make sense, and they aren’t healthy sure passion is interesting but in the end it destroys everything in it’s path and nothing is left. Elena is always trying to change Damon, she always wants him to be the better man because she isn’t okay with who he is and it wasn’t until the sirebond that she began to accept it. That she began to believe that he was okay. Like they needed some magical bond to finally have them together? The way they happened is disgusting to me and with everything else?

There is also the fact that the writers try to sell him as having character development and they are on the fence with him all the time. Every time he does something positive he does something even worse and he takes a million steps backwards. To be honest he is a terribly written character and not remotely anything to be proud of. Oh and this brings me back to Jeremy Elena’s little brother who is constantly abused by Damon 24/7 he’s been brought back to life and now is expected to live with him… so you understand my annoyance with the writers? Not to mention that Damon fangirls go around acting like Damon is Jeremy’s father or big brother.. and its like UHH… sure nothing like murder to really bring two people together.

It boggles my mind as to how anyone finds it in their heart to ship them I swear I weep for the female population, they should be enraged but instead they paint Damon as being misunderstood and think it’s oh so romantic that he’s the bad boy with a heart of gold which personally I find so overrated and disgusting because there are going to be girls who think it’s okay to be in a relationship like that. Oh my god I should stop now this is so long I’m so sorry, not to mention a bit all over the place but I hope this gave you a glimpse into my reasoning for being so against them as a couple and loathing Damon completely.

Klaus’ siblings don’t trust nor believe in him because he’s build that pattern himself he’s responsible for what he’s built. He’s terrorized them, made them so afraid to want something outside his own self interests because it’s treason.

How can some of you not see it? Look at what he just did he just guilt-tripped them into feeling sorry for his pathetic self. He threw out this bullshit story about how he wanted to do right by his child, when he didn’t give a rats ass at the start. And before you call not daggering Rebekah growth  no the idiot only had one dagger and if he used it on his sister he’d still have Elijah around and he would be problem. 

He isn’t a good brother, he isn’t a good person and Elijah and Rebekah deserve better than his whiny and paranoid ass. I just can’t even believe that some of you are excusing his shitty behavior. 

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Rebekah Mikaelson

  • How I feel about this character: She’s my princess and I kiss the ground she walks on, no seriously. My love for Rebekah developed over time and I have to admit at first I was irritated because of the whole Stefan thing, and I was just like great someone else is after the d but the more I got to know her the more I realized how complex she truly is. Rebekah is damaged goods, because she’s been betrayed her entire life by the one person she has loved and chose above everyone else, she’s been abused emotionally and at times even physically by this very same person yet she still chooses to believe in romance and that she can find it. She wants to be human and she was willing to give up being a powerful creature to get a choice to have a family, to grow up, just to be the person she wants to be. Her walls are high and her trust is hard to gain but isn’t that almost everyone in real life? She’s a girl worth fighting for and in my opinion much more so than some of the other characters on the show. There will never be enough words to express my love for her.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Matt Donovan on TVD & Marcel Gerard on TO
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Elijah Mikaelson & Hayley Marshall
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: A lot of idiots whine about how Rebekah should just leave Klaus because she’s an original and can’t be killed and she can do whatever the hell she wants. What they don’t seem to realize is that one she’s co-dependent because Klaus is all she’s ever known and she’s a victim, she’s in an abusive relationship with her brother and the bastard get’s kicks out of stabbing her with a dagger and keeping her in a box. IT IS NOT HER FAULT SO STOP WITH THE FUCKING VICTIM BLAMING. On that note Rebekah not wanting to be around Klaus is so understandable that I laugh at the idiots who chastise her about it, because clearly your blind worship of Klaus has impaired your brains.. I should stop there because I tend to get angry about this subject.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Happiness and every joy humanly possible, I just want her to find someone to love, and to be loved in return the way she deserves.

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caroline forbes

  • How I feel about this character: Caroline is my queen and my favorite female character on TVD right now<3 She’s everything. Especially her hatred for Damon Salvatore, that is like the best ever because the douche bag deserves it. I’ve loved Caroline since the start even as a human because to me she seems like the most relatable character in the series, she’s an over achiever and she tries really hard for the things she wants. She’s faced rejection multiple times but instead of becoming bitter about it she’s moved forward and she strives to be a better person every day there are just a million reasons to love Caroline Forbes.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Tyler Lockwood, FORWOOD FOR LIFE OK
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Stefan Salvatore, BFFS
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t ship Klaroline, and the thought of them together really makes me want to barf.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I want her to be happy, and I want her to get the college experience of her dreams. I want her to have fun with Elena and Bonnie and I just want her to be the happiest she’s ever been because baby girl deserves it. Oh and I want her abuse to be addressed and not just by playful insults I really wish she’d talk about it clearly and openly because it was just pushed aside like it was nothing and that’s so gross.

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hayley marshall

  • How I feel about this character: I liked Hayley during her introduction and I never understood the fandom’s hate for her at all still she wasn’t someone I loved right away in fact after the Tyler thing I was just like WHAT? But I understood why she did it and while it doesn’t make it okay I can’t fault her as all of my favorites have done shitty things. Now moving onto The Originals, she is such a badass and I’m loving her more and more like she seriously is becoming one of my favorite people ever and her fierceness is everything like don’t even try and argue with me.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Elijah Mikaelson, because of all that sexual tension between them, I mean come on all of that eye sex not to mention the fact that Elijah seems to genuinely care about her like outside of the fact that she’s carrying his brother’s child he has a concern for her and her needs and it’s just perfect.
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Rebekah Mikaelson because they are everything.
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: I like her? I know there’s a pattern with me but oh well.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I don’t know yet

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Do you ship Elijah and Katherine AND/OR Elijah and Harley? LOL

I ship Elijah and Hayley I only ever shipped Elijah and Katherine because Elijah wanted Katherine. I could care less if Katherine dies, or lives tbh. I don’t even care if she’s breathing her constant worship from the fandom get’s on my nerves. She’s the worst person on the show and people kiss her ass. Like don’t come to me with that basically I don’t like her, never have never will.

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WOW You don't like Katherine? That's like a first everyone in the fandom likes her, how come you don't?

she’s rachet, no really? must i go into detail? I just don’t all right i think she’s vile and a total traitorous bitch and yet people worship her ass? i just no i can’t…

i honestly could care less if she lives or dies and i am way beyond bored of her story line. 

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Yeah, I knew some Delena and Chair fans who know it's wrong , but a huge majority think it's ok and that it's something to worry about. GG, what the hell they did to Blair and Dan? They were my favourite characters in the show and the writers ruined both of them for the sake of Chair who was one of the most abusive relationships I ever saw masked as "love". And Dan being GG? I honestly think it was some kind of punishment to Penn for saying GG was shit and Savage being an idiot.

UGH DAIR, don’t even get me started like destroying Blair was one thing but what they did to Dan? Dan Humphrey being Gossip Girl isn’t even believable and I agree I’m pretty sure that it was punishment for Penn but still like it made no sense Dan spend all of his time not wanting to be a part of that world and he broke up with Serena over that and then it turns out he wants to be just like them? That he wants to be the “ultimate” insider? like I don’t even… 

It was ridiculous and like I said it was designed to make Chuckles look better, but seriously come on that show ended the same way it started they are all horrible people. Blair married Chuck so she wouldn’t have to testify against him for murdering his own father, Serena is still a clueless idiot, Nate is still well WTF did Nate even really do LOL, Chuck is gross, Jack Bass is a creep and I’m pretty sure that Jenny Humphrey is terrorizing kids where ever she is.

Gossip Girl’s potential dies past season 02 like for serious…