andrea marr

But it seemed so hopeless because I had already changed so much and broken so many pacts and it just seemed like the older you got the more corrupt you became and really, if you thought about it, in terms of your morals and stuff: you were dying from the day you were born.
—  Girl//Blake Nelson
I told her I felt like I had been totally fucked. I told her it was so weird because with Kevin I had sex but now I’d been fucked. It was different, you know? When someone fucked you, it made you understand that you are female. They were male and you were female and they fucked you. You know, fucked.
—  Andrea Marr, Girl.

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relationship status: listen at this point i’m basically walking around wearing a shirt saying ‘ask me about my boyfriend’ (but 4 real i’m in a v happy relationship and It’s Nice)

favorite color: cherry red

last song i listened to: anthems for a 17 year old girl by broken social scene

last Movie i watched: heathers or the prestige, I can’t remember which was more recent

top 3 characters: andrea marr always, remus lupin, veronica sawyer

books i’m currently reading: the myth of sisyphus by camus, today will be different by maria semple, theft by finding by david sedaris

fun fact: when i’m bored i plan my dream roadtrip where i drive from seattle to salvation mountain and at this point i have every detail planned out

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Todd Sparrow Appreciation Week

“After I saw Todd Sparrow something deep inside me began to change. It was not a big change and I didn’t shave my head and I didn’t really think any differently about my life or Hillside or anything like that. But one glimpse of Todd and you immediately realized how limited you were and all the things you could do if you could just break out of your normal existence and stop worrying about what everyone thought.” -GIRL, by Blake Nelson (the sequel, DREAM SCHOOL, is out now)

What’s your favorite thing about Andrea Marr’s first love?