andrea marcaccini

This is… almost certainly not the most obscure thing I’ve ever done, but it’s still pretty nerdy.

But yeah. My Second Age babes. Trans dwarf lady Narvi, nonbinary Celebrimbor, Annatar, and Galadriel. I used Andrea Marcaccini, David Chiang, Andrej Pejic and Jessica Plummer for face reference.

@determamfidd, christmashippo, fae-of-the-rose, I know I’m just a weird random stranger but you guys are the only people I know who are interested in Narvi and Celebrimbor so yeah. *sheepishly contributes to microscopic fandom*

Galadriel’s way too saturated but hey, it’s Galadriel, it works.

ETA: I didn’t know at the time but her name is Andreja Pejic sorry about that