andrea likes to draw

super fast and rough, but i needed a break to draw not work and not rwby angst, so here’s team evil mom raven

(based off of @theoriginalmysteryincorporated‘s tags about raven being a shitty mom who leaves first family, only to end up with an even worse second one)

Scan - Klaus Voormann‘s drawing of the wrong Beatle in the Davidwache cell, scanned from Warum spielst du Imagine nicht auf dem weißen Klavier, John?

“I had no idea that this would become my most time-consuming oil painting. The reason being that I had stuck the wrong Beatle in the prison cell. Just in time, before the picture went to the printers, George cleared up the mistake, and I could spend another three weeks at the easel in order to correct the mistake. Because when I showed him the picture, very emotionally and a bit proud as well, and asked, ‘do you remember?“, he was overcome with the memory as well.

'Oh, great picture… but who is it?’ George gave me a questioning look.

'That’s you. That’s you, remember? Back then, when they threw you in prison, little Georgie, you were just seventeen, lonely and alone you cowered on that prison bed, freezing and far from home. I felt so sorry for you!’

'Did you really? Oh Klaus, I think that’s wonderful. You’re a true friend… only… I wasn’t in prison.’


'No, it was Paul!’

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Dakota had volunteered to pose for a group of artist. He was pretty nervous considering strangers were going to draw him nude... Gathering his confidence he quickly undressed and pulled on the robe they had for him and waited to be called

Andrea hated life drawing classes. She liked drawing people but not so much when they were naked. She hadn’t been able to do anything good for a while anyway. She looked up when the volunteer, a hearing boy came in. He was…. Cute.