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“The playoff atmosphere in Toronto is extraordinary. Everybody shows up, they’re rowdy and ready to rock. The fans here are proud of their own and they’re passionate to another level. It’s every exciting word that you could possibly describe in a dictionary. Toronto’s a great sports city. A lot of the young fanbase probably don’t remember the Leafs when they were great. Fans are extremely excited that the Leafs are in the playoffs. The noise, the passion, that excites people, that gets people onto the edge of their seat. The leafs are number one, they’re at the top. When they’re rolling, it’s rolling. The city is gonna be buzzing, it’s gonna be rocking so these guys better bring it on. Get ready Toronto, let’s go”


I was tagged by the lovely @phantomhive-hakushaku to answer:

Which anime characters am I most like?

Well, from this you can say I am an oblivious, short-tempered tiny person. I’m not the immediately friendly type, I only trust a small number of people, but I’m really passionate about the things I do/like. Oh, and I love eating! ^^

I’ll tag: @masterciell, @lawlietisawesome, @trashbastian, @streets-of-ikebukuro, and @hyakyuyas. (Only if you want to or haven’t done it already. Also, it’s not necessary to make an edit, I just had a little extra time on my hands xD)