andrea is creepy

Creepy alert...

So we all know how Cp and Chloe Bennett aka Skye/Daisy Johnson (Agents of Shield) are really good friends and they follow each other on IG right? Well I just discovered that LActose started following Chloe not long after Cp did, and she liked some of the same posts Cp likes, I also found it funny how she follows Chloe when some of GG’s fans have told her that she resembles her (which I disagree with, Lactose wishes she looked like Chloe 😂)

But what really caught my attention aside from all that is how it seems that LActose had tried to imitate or bite off of Chloe (check her IG and tell me if you don’t get the sense that L@ has tried to copy her)

So Lactose tried/tries to imitate Cp, HD and Chloe but fails miserably at it, it’s sad that she doesn’t have her own personality.☕🐸


Here are the two witchy pieces @pepperfernandez and I did for the Periscope stream last night! Thanks to all that came and hung out with us.

If you missed the periscope stream last night, have no fear! We are going to do it again next week.