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Juventus FC: a masterpost™

Massimiliano Allegri (11 August 1967)

  • proud dad of 26 children
  • invented 4-2-3-1
  • still loves 3-5-2 way too much
  • always screaming
  • “I’m not going to tell you the line-up, but [spoilers the line-up]“
  • when he arrived nobody believed in him but he guided us to Berlin so WHAT’S GOOD ACCIUGHINA

# 1 - Gigi Buffon (28 January 1978)

  • italian legend
  • deserves everything
  • and by everything I mean UCL
  • always surrounded by beautiful women
  • but he’s in love with iker casillas
  • you better do not mess with him
  • curses a lot

# 25 - Neto (19 July 1989)

  • dani alves’ friend
  • a mess
  • nobody likes him
  • he may look cute but he’s a snake

# 32 - Emil Audero (18 January 1997)

  • ??? a ghost ???
  • little precious flower who deserves better
  • ???
  • he’s better than Neto btw

# 3 - Giorgio Chiellini (14 August 1984)

  • probably in love with Luis Suàrez
  • he graduated and scored against Barcelona in the same week, ICONIC
  • his nose is probably more famous than him
  • plays better against big teams
  • always remembered with love and affection by the fans bc of his performance vs Real Madrid in 2015

# 4 - Medhi Benatia (17 April 1987)

  • scored vs AC Milan
  • he’s in love with Pjanic
  • he may look scary but he’s cute
  • living the thug life

# 12 - Alex Sandro (26 January 1991)

  • juventus’ god
  • criminally underrated
  • deserves better
  • you can get pregnant only by looking at him
  • we dead without him

# 15 - Andrea Barzagli (8 May 1985)

  • italian minister of defence
  • you shall not pass
  • a gentleman
  • loves ladybugs and takes care of them
  • thank you Wolfsburg for him

# 19 - Leonardo Bonucci (1 May 1987)

  • bon bon
  • best CB in the world
  • king of the fair play
  • his son supports Torino
  • deserves all the love
  • Pep wants him

# 23 - Dani Alves (6 May 1983)

  • good crazy in tha house
  • footballer or singer we’ll never know
  • maybe he’s a model?
  • loved by everyone
  • in love with dybala

# 24 - Daniele Rugani (19 July 1994)

  • precious baby that DESERVES BETTER
  • criminally underrated
  • juventus’ defence future
  • secret twin of wart from the sword in the stone

# 26 - Stephan Lichtsteiner (16 January 1984)

  • he tries
  • but still can’t cross
  • speedy af
  • lorenzo insigne can figure him out

(… to be continued)


the detroit red wings (x)


So, if any of you remember my ‘secret project’, this is it!! 

A few months ago, I was asked to make 12 baby-sized mindhat beanies for Playdead’s kids!! 

This has been such and amazing experience for me, and I’m so grateful to have been able to work on it! It was so much fun, and definitely a good learning curve as I’d never made baby beanies before, let alone 12 of them! (fun fact!! my original mindhat beanie was the first knit hat i’d ever made)

I’m so excited to finally share this with you guys, and I hope you enjoy seeing them!!

(bonus: me being extremely happy + embroidery gift for Playdead)

The worst thing about the twin reveals on PLL are that they’re never laced thoroughly enough through the story. They’re never subtle. They only show yo just before they’re about to be revealed, and it doesn’t seem like they were really all that planned — even if they were. It just feels like it was randomly tossed in for the sake of drama.

I personally like the twins, I just wish that they were more subtly integrated over a longer period of time, which would make the overall reveal so much more satisfying.

andrea-lucy  asked:

can you do jikook and 90? pleaseeeeeeeee

Here you go!!!! I hope you like it!!! tysm for sending in a request!! <333

90.  “You’ve been replaced” – “Alright, we’ll see how you feel when you need me to kill a spider in the shower”

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