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I think going out into the crowd for Taylor is what she needs to do, during a show to feel that connection with her audience. Um it’s…it’s hard for her to just stay on stage. I think that she looks at them and sees these looks on their faces and…she has to get closer.“ -Andrea "Mama” Swift on Taylor walking through the audience

Daryl - looks more like comic Rick than Rick actually does. Is rumored that he might lose his hand this season like Rick did in the comics.

Beth - looks a lot like comic Andrea. Blonde hair, always has a ponytail, is a good shot and has comic Andrea’s survivor scars on her face. Comic Andrea was shot in the head and was thought to be dead by Rick and company but was later revealed to have survived. Beth got shot in the head and is thought to be dead but is expected to have survived by many fans. (fingers crossed)

In the comics Rick and Andrea start a relationship at the Alexandria Safe Zone. The group in the show is currently headed in that direction. Beth is thought to be dead but is revealed that she is alive and catches up to them. (possibly with Morgan) She reunites with the group in ASZ and from then on…… who knows. :)

So, I thought I’d post about my experience with Loft 89!

I’m just going to start at the beginning!

So we walk in, and the very first thing that happens is the Indy Star comes up to us and asks if they can take our picture! (Not going to lie I kind of froze up, startled). So she took our pictures and we got in line waiting to be admitted. 

They didn’t let us in until 6:00pm, so we were standing in line for an hour.Once we were in we made a bee-line to the TN booth. We got there when the line wasn’t too terribly long and we still waiting like an hour and a half, give or take a little bit. We took our photo and then made our way to our seats–which were right by the middle of the catwalk!!

We missed the beginning of Vance Joy’s set, but we got the hear the last few songs, and he was amazing of course! 

Once Taylor came on we totally lost our shit! We sang, danced, and I took some pictures and videos of my favorite songs. It was so much fun!So anyways, Taylor starts singing Bad Blood. Of course, this is what our outfits and posters are for, so we are dancing and holding our posters up nice and high when I see Andrea walking towards the stage. Her back is to us so she can’t see our outfits or posters, but I freak out and hit my friend, thebestestwifey​, and tell her “That’s Andrea!! That’s Taylor’s mom!!!”.

I see her again when she’s walking back away from the stage, and I wave at her (really enthusiastically, not going to lie!) And that’s when she gestured for us to come to her!!!!! I freaked out, was like shaking and trying not to cry!! I looked at my friend and said “GRAB THE GIRLS NOW!!” (My cousin and her friend were with us!) She grabbed one of the girls arms and just said “We have to go now!” 

The first thing I do when I get out into the aisle is hug Andrea. (She gives really good hugs!). My cousin has no idea what’s going on until she sees Andrea. Her face was one of complete shock and excitement!! It was super cute!! Andrea asks us “Have you ever met Taylor before?” And we haven’t so we all say no!!!! Andrea then asks us “Would you like to meet her?” And of course we’re all saying yes; I’m shaking, my heart is pounding, and I’m trying SO hard not to cry. We got our bracelets and ticket and head back to our seats. I’m still shaking and tearing up and honestly am just in shock and my cousin is almost hyperventilating because she’s so excited. 

The lady next to me was super excited for us, but the girls in front of us were a little annoyed because we were pretty much freaking out for the rest of the concert (it was only like three more songs lol).

Shake It Off ends and we wait in the line of congested doom to go to section three, where we are supposed to meet. We get there, and someone from I believe TN is grouping us together and counting heads. Once everyone is there, she went over the rules:

  • Take as many pictures as you want before Taylor arrives.
  • No video recording or you will will have to leave.
  • Don’t follow Taylor, she will come to you.
  • Don’t crowd Taylor.
  • One picture per group, on one phone/camera.

They were also passing around tablets that ask for everyone’s name, DOB, and gender.

Once everyone had heard the rules and filled out the tablet form, they took us back to the Loft 89! There were some of Taylor’s outfits in cases lining the walkway! They also had pizza, cookies, and drinks. (I was so excited/nervous that I couldn’t eat so all I had was water lol). We took some pictures in Loft, and then made our way to the photobooth! 

Finally, we hear “Put your phones and cameras away” and then Taylor walked in! She was wearing this super cute dark pink crop top, black leggings, and cute black high heels! We set our posters down (when we first walked in) next to the first group that Taylor talked to, and couldn’t get them because we didn’t want to get in trouble for crowding Taylor.

Andrea’s walking around and my friend tells her about our posters. Andrea said that we could get them and that nobody was going to give us a slap on the hand (she actually tapped/lightly smacked her hand when said that which made me chuckle). She walked us over to get our posters and then we had someone take a group picture of us with Andrea! 

Finally Taylor came up to us! She gave each of us a hug! Taylor asked us if we had anything we wanted signed! I gave her the Loft 89 ticket and asked her if she would write out “These things will change” for a tattoo that I wanted, and she said yes (!!!!!!). (If anyone is curious why that quote is important to me, it’s because I am a social worker. My job is to help others, and this is a reminder to me that no matter how bad things are for me or my clients, things WILL change. We WILL make a difference in the lives of the families we help–even though they don’t always see it that way. If we do our jobs well and correctly, we will change people’s lives for the better!) She also signed it I 💜 Erika! She signed the back of my friend’s photobooth picture strip, and my cousin and her friend’s t-shirts! 

My friend told Taylor about how her three year old daughter had really wanted to come. The first thing Taylor asked her is “what’s that like, having a kid?”. So my friend answers the best that she can (that it’s weird and fun). Taylor then asked her “So do you, like, want to play with her all the time?” My friend laughed and told her yes.

Taylor then complimented out Bad Blood outfits (!!!!). She could tell that mine was her in the part with Cara, and she joked that my friend was just a little bit of everybody! She then grabbed my body chain and told me that she really liked it, and we talked about how they’re complicated pieces of jewelry, and how mine was all tangled up when we were getting dressed. She mentioned that someone else had a leg chain, which none of us had ever seen before! We also talked about our nail polish. Taylor joked that hers was horrible (it was chipped and coming off half of her nails) and that she went on stage with them like that. I highly doubt that anyone noticed that while she was on stage though!!

Then she turns to my cousin and her friend and compliments their sweatshirts! (They’re wearing the ones with seagulls!). The girls are both kind of starstruck, so I tell Taylor that they actually made their sweatshirts themselves! Taylor talked to them about that for a minute. They were so excited that they didn’t have a lot to say.

Taylor suggested that we take two pictures, one with me and my friend, and one with my cousin and her friend, because of our outfits. So we posed for our pictures (I was actually the same height as Taylor in our heels!). As we’re posing she tells us “I’m doing a surprised face here! That’s the thing I’m doing” So we make surprised faces, too :) After we took pictures with Taylor she gave each of us another hug! She looks at my cousin and says “I love you!” We thought she was going to pass out!! Taylor said “I love you” again to all of us and went on to the next group.

Needless to say I still can’t believe it actually happened! And I’m still alive but I’m barley breathing!! Last night was the best night of my life!!

Thank you so much, taylorswift​, for having Loft 89! Thank you for everything!! I have been such a huge fan since I was 16 and I first heard “Teardrops on my Guitar”. I can’t believe that after eight years I finally got to meet you! You are so sweet, kind, and thoughtful, and I don’t think I could have chosen a better idol! Thank you for giving my cousin the best night of her life!! (She’s wearing the shirt you signed to school today!!)

Your mom is a wonderful woman, and I am so grateful that she gave us the opportunity to meet you! I just can’t thank either of you enough for the impact that you’ve had on my life!!


LOOK I HAVE A FACE and im doing the selfie 2013 thing before the year ends like a boss heck yea

featuring my cat coco because she always sits on my chest/stomach when im in the computer

WHAT DID I DO IN 2013??????? i got into new fandoms, met new friends, had a gr9 season (in a play), read books (more recently), i started working, and idek man a lot of things happened<333

This Love II

“It’s too late for an epidural now. I’d say a couple of hours and we’ll have the baby.” The doctor informed and Taylor nodded her head, absentmindedly.

“Sweetie, it’s gonna be okay, you hear me? I’ll call Adam so he can come here.”

“He’s gonna hate me. We just started talking again. This baby will ruin everything.” Taylor muttered, gripping the bed as pain took over her again.

“Don’t say that. He will not hate you and babies are blessings, honey. You’ll be fine.”

“I’m not ready to be a mother. I’ll be the worst. I can’t do this.” Taylor shook her head, sniffling. “What am I supposed to do? I’m not even with the father of my child! I don’t know how to handle this, mom! Help me!” Taylor sobbed and Andrea wrapped her arms around her.

“Shhh, it’s okay, you’re gonna be fine.”

“Adam’s not ready either. What if he signs off the rights and I’m stuck with the baby by myself?” She rambled.

“Taylor, Taylor, stop, sweetheart! Adam would never do that! You’re not alone, I’m right here, all your friends will support you, you know that!” Andrea told her, her eyes widened, a little shocked at her daughter’s behaviour. She knew right away that Taylor was not taking this the right way. “It’s gonna be fine. I’m sure you’ll love him once he’s born, okay?” Taylor didn’t answer, afraid of what she might answer. Her mind was blocking any feelings she could have for the kid. She was rejecting it.

“Do you think you can tell Adam or do you want me to?” Andrea asked her.

“Tell him to get here and then I think I can break the news to him.”

“Honey, by the time he gets here, the baby will be born already.” Andrea told her carefully and Taylor took a deep breath, the words coming out of her mom’s mouth so strange.

“Then I guess I’ll show him instead of telling him.”

He was in the studio when he received the strange phone call from Andrea. At first, he thought about how strange it was that she was calling him then his mind raced and his thoughts landed on something being wrong with Taylor. He fully stopped what he was doing once he slid his finger across the screen to answer the call. Andrea was seemingly calm, greeting him warmly as always but Adam sense some nervousness in her voice.

“Is it Taylor?” He questioned after all the greetings and how are yous were over.

“Yes, honey. Listen we’re in the hospital.” His heart dropped to the pit of his stomach.

“What happened? Is she okay?”

“I need you to listen to me, Adam. I don’t think I should tell you on the phone but you need to come down to Nashville as fast as you can, okay? She’s okay. She’s not in a very particular danger physically. This involves you both. So please can you make it to Nashville?”

“Is she there? Can I talk to her?” He questioned already gathering his things so he could leave the studio and get to Nashville. He wasn’t even thinking twice. He was fearing whatever it may be because this was the most terrifying phone call he had ever received but he had found that when it came to Taylor, it wasn’t hard to get him worried, even after the break up, even when he was pissed at her and when he hurt her. He missed her and he was so happy when they started talking again. Glad that the dream of getting her back had a chance because he was wrong. They were good together and he hadn’t fallen out of love with her.

“Sweetie, that’s not the best idea at the moment.”

“Okay then I’ll be there soon. Tell her I’m coming.”

“He’s so beautiful, Taylor.” Andrea told her, smiling. “Come on, just hold him, honey” She urged but Taylor shook her head, her eyes fixated on the wall in front of her. “He’s your son. Come on…” Andrea sighed. Taylor had held him once in the whole four hours of him being born, only the minute labor was over but now she couldn’t bring herself to do it and she didn’t know why. She hadn’t spoken a word, stuck in her own mind and in shock of what had happened. Yesterday, she was fine, she knew about what was going to happen in the following days and weeks and now she didn’t. How had she missed this? Something as large as a pregnancy? Especially with the baby being Adam’s because she was sure it wasn’t Tom’s. A whole seven months and she didn’t know she was carrying their baby. She drank, partied, worked out. She kept thinking that she could’ve killed the baby. But he was healthy at least that but she couldn’t bring herself to fall in love with him, couldn’t allow it and she reckoned the shock would take a while to wear off.

Taylor glanced at her mom as she smiled down at the beautiful baby boy, her heart quickening as she watched him yawn, the quietest of sound escaping his tiny mouth. What was she doing? Why couldn’t she just take it? He was just an innocent baby that happened to be the product of a once beautiful and magical love she experienced. She couldn’t do this to an innocent child.

“Grandma loves you, sweetie.” Andrea whispered, smiling widely at the still nameless baby.

“I think I…” Taylor hesitated, speaking softly after a few minutes making Andrea snap her head up at her, quite surprised. “Can I try?” She bit her lip.

“He’s yours, Tay.” Andrea said, carefully standing up. She placed the baby in Taylor’s arms and she choked a sob looking down at him.

“Oh god,” she mumbled. “I’m so sorry.” She cried softly, kissing his forehead carefully. “I’m so sorry.” She repeated glancing at her mom.

“Oh honey, it’s okay. It’s been four hours, you have a lot of time.” Andrea reassured.

“Oh, baby, I’m here, I promise.” She told the small child in her arms, her heart caving in. She felt it crash into her as she realised she had made him. He was hers. Theirs. She was his mom.

“You have your daddy’s nose.” She chuckled softly, tears streaming down her face.

“He has his mommy’s lips though.” Andrea pointed out and Taylor looked up at her and then back to her son.

“Mommy.” She whispered in disbelief. “I’m someone’s mother.” She shook her head, closing her eyes. “This is crazy”

“I know.” Just as Andrea spoke her phone started ringing, Adam’s name on the screen causing Taylor to widen her eyes.

“Room 125, honey.” Andrea answered and hung up the phone. “Are you ready?”

“No.” Taylor sighed, handing the baby over to Andrea. “I don’t know how to do this.”

“It’s going to be fine, sweetie. Just remember, no matter what, you’re not alone.” Andrea smiled softly. “Do you want him here when you tell him?”

“Yes. He’s staying with me.” She offered her mom a small smile. As Andrea sat back on the chair with her grandson comfortably resting in her arms, the door opened and Adam burst in the room, a worried expression on his face.

“Oh thank god!” He breathed out a sigh of relief, walking quickly towards Taylor and wrapping her in his arms. She was surprised, having forgotten what his embrace felt like. It had been a while since she felt it. “Jesus, I didn’t know what I expected after your mom called! What happened? Are you okay?!” He questioned, pulling away to examine her.

“Adam…” She turned her head to her mom who Adam hadn’t even noticed when he walked in the room, too preoccupied with Taylor to even register anything around him and most of all, he hadn’t noticed the baby he spotted once he realised Taylor was showing him something.

“Whose baby is that?” Taylor gulped at the question as his eyes focused on the small child in Andrea’s arms.

“Ours.” She choked out quietly, her heart beating out of her chest.

“Taylor, don’t play with me. What’s going on?”

“That’s our son, Adam.”

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I can’t wait for the finale. We have seen SO MANY parallels between Season 1 and Season 5. Time. A countdown. Finding a false utopia.

The episode starts with a flashback to Rick in the hospital and Shane trying to save him. But then the bomb goes off and he listens to Rick’s heart and assumes he is dead. Also I didn’t realize this before but Rick wakes up at 2:17 (which the clocks are stuck on) AND Dr Jenner says Test Subject 17 (TS-17) turned after 2 hours, 1 minute, 7 seconds.

When Lori and Shane are having their argument about Shane thinking Rick was “dead” and leaving him behind the clock in the room is at 10:10. (Made me think of Beth’s get well soon clock)

Jenner records everything just like Deanna records everything.

Rick’s quotes that are so very Beth.

“There is ALWAYS hope” -Rick

“It DOES matter” -Rick

Dale has that beautiful speech with Andrea “I don’t want to face it alone. You don’t get to do that. To come into somebody’s life, make them care and then just check out.”

I feel like we will see something along the lines of this speech between two people. (Hint hint nudge nudge)

There is so much more it’s mind-boggling.

It will end just like it began…