andrea castrogiovanni

“You touch her and you’re dead.”

nope Andre’s gone cracked…

this was just supposed to be a doodle with andre having his wimp face…but…//cries

idk what heppened–I just got depressed all the sudden and this came out…coloring that butchers your eyes ahuhuhuhu–seriously I’ve been inconsistent with my coloring foweifweiofwfjsdi–


She’s crying because her author can’t draw couplestuff or RP.

Jkjk, she knows she’s weak and worries about since Andre is weak too– and feels responsibility to take care of him as his mom.

Haji always draws so much our OTP stuff I feel guilty ‘cause I can’t and I can’t even RP properply, I’m sorry Haji. /lazycry

another week old doodle

idek how I am supposed to draw this pose omg Andre

guys I just want you to know that Andre is half a-hole and half wimp
 in the RO universe tho he really is an a-hole sometimes in HS101 fjeiwfkda– but what I meant to say is in the ROverse he has a MPD at times he’s the wimp you know of who dotes his cousins and forever loves umi-chan then his other side would be him being a total basterdd who’d claim any place he stays in temporarily his and having the mafioso accent in a way his bad personality changes to a wimp when Umi is gets to talk to him or someone talks about an Umi related to a topic–//slapp’d// I told he’s a baddy–He’s supposed to have 3 personas but I ttly forgot what’s the third gfhwejfsa okay let’s forget about it and have only two lolololol

He is engaged to Umi-Ishii E u E